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How to become a vet?
Hi! I'm a Grade 12 student in Ontario. I was wondering what programs in university or college would help me in terms of becoming a vet? 

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vet science
I am considering a career in vet sciences and want to know about which university would be best for this program?

I am in grade 11 and wanted to know which courses i should take in high school and the program requirements needed for this program. 

Is getting into veternarian school harder than med school?
Considering that there is only one veternarian school in Ontario, will getting admission to veternarian be harder than getting one to med school?
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advice on vet school?
I'm about to go into McMaster next year for life science but I just recently realized that I want to be a vet. I know I'm a little late to the game but I do really want to pursue this career and become a vet. I really want to get into OVC next year and I'm not going to guelph because there are just too many pre-vets there and I like McMaster better. 

Anyone been in my situation and how did you pick the courses to take for prereq if you didn't go to u of Guelph??? PLEASE HELP im so confused and scared right now. 
University of Guelph: Non-academic requirements for Ontario Veterinary College
Hello everyone,
I am a Gr.11 student in Ontario and I am extremely interested in becoming a veterinarian. However, what causes me some concern is the amount of experience I will need to get into OVC. I understand that both animal experience and veterinary experience are necessary to get in. This is where my questions come into play. Firstly, do you need to log the total number of experience hours that you have completed when you apply? Secondly, how many hours for each would be reasonable for acceptance? Thirdly, are there going to be many opportunities at Guelph for acquiring volunteer hours (this is significant because I am trying to decide whether to go to a more local university or Guelph for my undergrad)? Lastly, how many different places should I try to volunteer, in my local area there is potential to volunteer/shadow at LA and SA clinics (the latter which I currently do), work in pet stores, and work in animal shelters, would a decent amount of experience from all of these combined be enough variety? 

Thanks for reading, I am trying to get a good understanding of what I would have to do to make the requirements for this part of the program.
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Vet Technician
I am hoping someone that is or was in the vet tech program at st Clair college could tell me how great or bad this program is. and anything else that would be beneficial to my knowledge on what to expect as a grade 12 student. 
Thank you(:
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Veterinarian school's
Besides Guelph, does any other universities in Ontario have a good veterinarian program? As well as, which universities are best to get 2 years of undergraduate?
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Need Help Deciding between Guelph, Western, Queens or McMasters
I'm going into my senior year this September and I'll be applying to all 4 of these Universities. 
I aspire to be a vet when I grow up and I want to attend either Cornell or UPenn's Vet schools or even UC Davis or Guelph's Vet school.
I need some help deciding which University would be best for me and what sort of program would be ideal for undergraduate if I'm going to be doing Vet Med.

Any information or advice is appreciated, I'd love to know your thoughts.
Thank you xx
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uOttawa vs Guelph?
I'm currently deciding between uOttawa's biomedical sciences and Guelph's biological sciences. In the future i'm hoping to either go into vet school or medical school which is why I'm stuck between the two! Thoughts?
OVC Questions
Hello! I am a grade 11 highschool student wanting to become a veterinarian. I want to apply to ovc in the future and I just had some questions. Any advice would be much appreciated! 

1. Does the choice of undergrad program matter when applying to ovc? I was looking into the programs at University of Guelph but I can't decide between biological sciences/animal biology/zoology and even biomedical science. Which one would be best in terms of experience and courses if I want to apply to ovc? 

2. I know ovc requires vet and  general animal experience so if i volunteer at an animal shelter or do co-op at a vet clinic, could I include that in my experience when applying to ovc or is there a specific time limit? Also, is getting volunteering positions difficult at guelph since many pre-vet students are competing for the same positions? 

3. What would be the average required to get into one of the programs listed above? I am quite worried about that since currently my first sem average is 88%.  

4. How is the campus life at Guelph? Overall, how is Guelph compared to other universities such as western, queen's and waterloo? 

Sorry for all the questions but I am just hoping to get a better idea of path I want to pursue. Thank you for the help! 
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Grade 11/12 Course Selection!
Hey! I've been looking into programs fro veterinary sciences and I'm having trouble choosing my courses for grade 11/12... I know this career revolves around bios and chems so I'm not sure if I would need to take physics... Its a lot of heavy work so is it really worth it? My Plan B is probably nursing (not practical). Long story short, should I take physics?
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Pre-vet: Biological Sciences or Health Sciences?
Hello, I'm a high school student hoping to apply for UofC's Veterinary Medicine program.

1) does the program prefer applicants from University of Calgary?
2) What undergraduate major should I choose (if I go to UofC for my undergrad)? I was thinking of choosing between Biological Sciences and Health Sciences. I know health sciences is much more competitive, so it'll be more difficult to get a higher GPA. However, I'm also concerned about the preparation I get. 
3) Are the programs pre-vet dense (meaning are there lots of people wanting to go into Veterinarian Medicine in the programs)
4) how easy is it to find places for vet experience around UofC?

Thanks a lot! Any info would help!
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