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Co-op Linguistics Programs?
Hey everyone, does anyone know any undergrad Linguistics programs that offer coop? I'm currently going to Carleton and looking to transfer my major to LING but they don't offer co-op.
UofT Linguistics?
When I was at the uni fair, UofT St. George provided me almost no information on their Linguistics program because there was no specialist in that field of study. Is there anyone in the program? If so, I'd like to hear your experience because it's not the most popular field by any means. Does anyone want to study Linguistics?
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Hello everyone,

My name is Max. I have been living in the UK for five years. I tried to enter the University of Kent in England which I did. I relied on government financial help which I was entitled to but did not receive for some unknown reasons. They explained it that I did not have enough evidence for my address history in the UK. That was strange because I presented all the necessary proof of addresses. I don't know it might be Brexit and change in the regulations of Great Britain that became an obstacle for obtaining student finance. I am married and have two kids and it's very difficult for me to find money for education. My passion is languages, literature and history. I read a lot. The other day I was watching the opportunities of studies in the United States. Could someone help me, please? I really want to get a PhD. At the moment I hold a Master's degree in Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation. My search led me to this website. Could you, please, tell me how it works and whether it is possible to get any help?

Many thanks in advance

BA- Languages
Anyone here apply to the Languages program at Laurier? And if you're currently in the program, could you tell me more about it (courses you take, difficulty of classes, if you took Grade 12 French)?
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Linguistics; Bachelor of Arts
I am in the process of applications to both UBC and UVIC for a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics. Which school would be best opportunity wise, as well as educationally for linguistics?
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Linguistics Programs in Canada
I am currently in grade 12 and am seeking some advice as to which Universities in Canada, preferably in BC, are good for linguistics as I am an aspiring speech language pathologist. Any personal tips, or information about the programs would be ver helpful to me
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Cognitive Science Jobs/Coop?
Hi, I'm taking cognitive science in the fall, and I'm wondering if there is anybody else on here either currently taking it/planning on taking it or graduated that could tell me what they did for coop? Or even what they are planning on doing after school. It's a course that really interests me but I'm not sure what I can actually do with it :/ I'm not planning on getting into psychiatry, so I'm wondering what else is out there :) thanks!
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I want to apply for Applied Linguistics at Brock University but I heard there's no jobs for Speech Language Pathology. What should I do?
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Is it possible for UBC or Queen's to accept me through ILC?
Hi everyone, 

I'm extremely stressed and nervous about university applications, I'm worried if universities will care if I finish grade 12 through ILC. I have moved high schools three times and I have decided to finish grade 12 through ILC, will they ask for a reason why I chose ILC? My marks were not the greatest in grade 11, I failed some courses so I also have to take three grade 11 courses through ILC. I am trying my hardest to achieve amazing grades for my top six uni marks, will they review my mediocre history or do you think I can still get accepted if my top six marks are high averaged? I am especially looking into University of British Columbia or Queen's University for the linguistics programs. 

Advice please and thank you!