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Writers Craft Tips Grade 12
Has anyone taken the grade 12 writers craft course. Right now we've been having a pretty heavy course load and I'm scared my marks aren't going go be the best with all the work we are given to complete in such little time! If you took the course what was your mark and how was it?
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Grade 12 Courses
Has anybody taken the Writers Craft in grade 12? What kind of work do you do-I know writing, but more specific? 

How about Exercise Science? It sounds pretty interesting. 
I've been having a hard time being able to sign up for scholarships and I'm not sure which ones would be a good choice... is there anyone who would be able to help me out with this??
How to improve my writing skills quickly?
- i have horrible vocabulary ( its not formal)
- I still can't write a proper essay

I'm more of a math person. 
What should I do? I want to pursue business in University 
hopefully schulich  but I can't write! My average for english is a 74 right now. Its not only english I'm struggling with though, I have other courses that involves writing such as international business and psychology but my work sucks!! I don't know how to write better or to improve. My english teacher recommends that I read more books but I don't think that will help.
I believe there are a lot of essays in University, I don't want to fail.
what should I do?
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Essay Writing
I was wondering if anyone had some tips for writing a good essay for English class? I'm not the best writer but I really want to get better!

Thank you
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Creative but stable career paths?
Hi all! I'm considering going into a creative field but I really want a career that has a steady pay flow. Any ideas? I'm interested in communications, social  media, photography, film and design.
Applying for BFA (at UBC)
Hey, everyone. I'm trying to apply for a BFA to study Creative Writing (at the Vancouver campus), but on the application it says I need to select a specialty and Creative Writing isn't listed. What gives?
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writing tips?
i struggle writing essays at school and i get poor marks on them . i have trouble thinking creatively, any tips?
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Early admittance and acceptable grades?
I'm in grade 11 and although it would seem I still have a year and a half to worry about all of this, I'm afraid anxiety has already claimed me. My parents are on me to try early admittance to some universities/colleges and because i'm going into journalism, as well as wanting to take courses in cultural, religious and sociology studies, i'm not fretting about getting into harvard with my grades.

However, i'm not a suberb student with 98 percent averages. In fact, i've been enrolled in the french immersion program offered in my home town since i was in kindergarten. Because of this french program, which has had several negative effects on 70% of the kids i grew up with considering all our other courses are in english, my average this semester is a 79.5. The rest of my classes, English 20-1, Math 20-1 and Chemistry 20-1 are all above 80, but between 82 and 84%. In french i'm sitting on a 71%, which is pretty good since most of my class is failing with 40's.

My question is if i apply for early admittance, will they consider my french mark even if i plan on not taking french past this semester? And also, i'm continuously struggling with this suffocating fear that I'm not good enough. Should i bother? My parents keep saying to just do it, but I'm nervous. My studying time throughout all of highschool had to be divided between 5 team sports, tournament traveling and spending my spare time grocery shopping and running my sister around to her activities as well. I live a very busy and well rounded life, and i now am very good at adapting to any situations life can throw at me.

Also what schools would be good to apply to? I can't seem to choose any other than uofvic, and i'd like to go to school out of my home province (alberta) so any suggestions would be great. I really am grateful for anyone who has been able to struggle through this and is able to excuse any gramatical errors.

Thank you.
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Scholarship help
I was wondering if there are any scholarships that involve submitting a poem or a piece of writing, please help!!
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Media Programs :)
Hi! Who also applied to media/journalism programs? I would love to hear what schools you applied to or if you have gotten any acceptances yet!
I applied to:
UTM - CCIT (Professional writing)
Western - MIT
Waterloo - English 

I wish everyone the best of luck and that you will get into your top choice! :)
I want to go to school for writing, as I've always been interested in it and I know that I'm willing to take less money doing something I love, rather than more doing something that bores me. However, I know that being an author, poet, etc. may not be the most stable of jobs. Does anyone know what jobs I could get in New York City or near the area (my top 2 colleges are withing 20 minutes of NYC) with a writing major?
Any Kind of Scholarship!
Hey there! I'm in my last year of high school, as many of us are, and I was wondering if any of you found a good scholarship to enter. I've applied to a few already, and I don't care how much work needs to be put in them. ANY Scholarship is fine, whether they have an essay or not! I love writing essays! I love writing anything! I aspire to be an author, or maybe a filmmaker. I haven't completely decided, so any Scholarship to anywhere, if you have a recommendation, would be amazing.

Thanks so much.
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