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Law clerk training College
Do you know which college offers the best law clerk training in Canada? One of my friends recommended Cestar College of Business, Health & Technology ( http://www.cestarcollege.com/courses/law-programs/law-clerk)  to me. I'm looking for more options so that I can choose the best out of all. Please help me out here.
Law School
If there are any present/former law school students on here or if you know someone who is/has been one:
-How was your gpa in undergrad studies? (Even though that's not all that counts (LSAT) ) 
-What university did you do your undergrad in? 
-What's your advice for future students trying to get in? 
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University of Toronto
I recently have been interested in studying social sciences at UoT to later on apply for law school. I am a 90 average student, and want to make connections during uni so Toronto is great. However I've heard how hard people drop in the sciences/maths but I don't know anything about social science students. Do you think I'll do good enough to be able to get into law school? What have you heard or experienced? Is it worth it or should I just go somewhere mediocre?
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UofT, McMaster, Waterloo or Lauier for political science
I'm between Waterloo Co-op, UTSG and McMaster for political science and I intend to do post graduate studies or law school after my bachlor's so  I was wondering what program would be the best for that path
Best undergrad degree for law school hopeful
Which degree would best complement a law degree?
Please note that I am not asking which degree would be the easiest to get a 4.0 in; rather, which degree would be most helpful when practising law, or attending law school?

I was thinking maybe econ/finance..? What do you guys think?

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Average salary of a Lawyer who comes out of U of T and Osgoode Hall law school
I've been reading up on how the legal market has taken a turn for the worse and more lawyers than ever are graduating because they brought in new schools like Lakehead, TRU and are planning to build a christian law school at TWU. 

How do you guys think someone who goes to U of T or Osgoode law schools will fare in Ontario's job market? What is their average salary? I heard from a friend that the employment rate from these schools was near 100%. 

Who else here is going to try to get into these schools? I think all Ontario law schools are good though personally I would never go to Windsor, Lakehead or Ottawa. 
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Osgoode vs UT Law
Okay, I've done some googling and saw certain people say U of Toronto is the best in Canada meanwhile others say Osgoode(York) is great as well...

U of T may the most prestigious university in Canada- but I heard it's VERY hard to obtain a high GPA in U of T to go on to U of T Law School. So would it be better to get a higher GPA in York and go on to Osgoode Law?

I've applied to both UT and York...still in a dilemma..I don't want to transfer so I want to make the right choice... Osgoode Hall of Law or UT Law?
My dream is to become a Crown Prosecutor or just a lawyer who works at a big firm...
Which university would be better for my career options?

Please help me out..share your information and offer some advice?
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What's the best law school to go to in Ontario?
Next year I am going to western to study criminology for my undergraduate degree for law school. I know that Western and Queens both have really good law schools, but what law school is the best? If anyone could help me out that would be great!
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Where Do You Want To Go To Law School?
^ What the title says.

I would love to go to Dal Law, because I plan on working in Halifax.
A photo of kaloolah kaloolah
Who wants to go to law school?
What program are you in/ going into and at which university?

What are the top 3 law schools you wish to attend?

Do you want to practice law in Canada or elsewhere in the world?

Is your family and friends receptive to your decision to go into arts/ law?

What is your backup plan if you don't get into law school, or atleast the top schools? Would you settle for Windsor or go abroad?
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Paramedic AMA, Ask Me Anything!
Ever seen someone having a medical emergency, and everybody's looking at each other with no idea what to do? Or even worse, you're having a medical emergency and nobody knows what to do. This is what inspired me to become a paramedic.

I drove past an SUV that was stopped at a pedestrian crossing. In front of that car, a young woman lay on the pavement. She wasn't moving. A small crowd had gathered. The faint sound of sirens echoed in the distance. Well, at least somebody called for help. If only someone knew what to do in these crucial first few minutes.

In another instance, an elderly woman carrying a small bag of groceries felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor at the sky train station. Someone had knelt down to talk to her, and asked me to call 9-1-1. It was my first time dialing 9-1-1. A pretty nifty experience, although I was terrified at the time.

Anything can happen at any given time. I felt that it was so dumb that nobody knew what to do. 'Well maybe I can make a difference. Maybe next time, I'll know what to do' I thought.

I started with a 3-week advanced first aid course. I didn't plan on becoming a professional, I just wanted to know what to do if something happened. I discovered that I loved the course, so I decided to go through paramedic school.

If you're curious about becoming a paramedic, I would suggest taking an advanced first-aid course to try it out and see how you like it. The best thing is, even if you decide not to take it further, there are plenty of jobs out there as first aid attendants. I worked an entire summer earning $17/hr (Canadian dollars!) doing first aid for warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities. You can even volunteer at rock concerts, raves, marathons and sporting events, and see all kinds of fascinating emergency medicine scenarios behind-the-scenes.

Read about the most compelling and deeply moving experience that I've had as a paramedic on my blog: http://wayneskickasswebsite.com/

I hope you've found this interesting, but perhaps you have more questions? Go ahead! Ask me anything!
Advice to high schoolers: Think carefully before you pursue a BA or BSc Degree









Take the time to read through these if you want to be informed about how the job market is for new university graduates. Most BA and BSc holders cannot find work, they have to resort to doing jobs that pay just a little above minimum wage. In case you don't make it into professional school, which has less than 10% acceptance rates, consider what other career opportunities are available to you with your chosen degree path? Why are you going to university in the first place? Who is financing your education? What do you hope to make out of your degree?

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Since everyone is becoming an engineer...
Since everybody in my school is wanting to become engineers because of the money it pays and the demand for it would it not be smart to major in something else? I always wanted to become a lawyer and I enjoy classes like law and philosophy but a lot of people have told be that the legal market is stale right now and it would  be a bad decision. Won't all of these huge tech companies need lawyer to defend them? I just want to make the right choice and not be screwed for my future.
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Law School Life?
Hi everyone! Is law school really that bad and hard? Also, many people say it's a huge waste of time and money-is this true? What careers would be available for those with a law degree? Thanks in advance! :)
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Lawyers ?!?!
So I was thinking of going into law and I had some questions.
1) Is it harder to get into law school or med school
2) what do u need to be good at to get into law school
3) is being a lawyer an in demand job ? what are the prospects of lawyers
4) is it essential that u need to be extremely good in ur english  classes
5)what is the acceptance rate of people getting into law school

answer any thank u!
Criminology? Psychology? Forensics? Law?
Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone was taking or completed any Criminology, Psychology, Forensics or/ and Law courses. If so and wouldn't mind answering my following questions, I would be very grateful!!

- What were your thoughts on the courses?
- What did you enjoy the most about the courses? 
- Did you do any practicums or field experience?
- I'm currently in Canada but I am thinking about studying  internationally. Could any international students, exchange students or international people (for a lack of a better word)give me some pointers and tell me a little about your experience? 
- Any books/studies/lectures I should read/ watch before signing up or attending the class in the fall?

Thank you all for your time! 
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Safest undergrads for Law
What would a undergrad be that I could work hard at to get a high GPA but if I didn't end up going into Law I could fall back on it or go to grad school.

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Got into law school. Should I go?
Was accepted to Queens, Osgoode, Western and Ottawa law schools. Been having second thoughts if I should go. It's another 3 years of school and 1 year articling period. The tuition is also around 25k/ year. I just want a stable, well reputable job though end of the day, with room to reach a six figure salary. 

I've been reading up on the poor state of the legal market and how many lawyers can't find jobs. I know many of you here are high schoolers and undergrad students, but what would you guys do in my situation? My undergrad was an arts degree, so I can't use it to fall back on a career either. 

Is the investment worth it? Thanks everyone, much appreciated. 
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Western HBA Program
I am going into grade 12 and my parents have been telling me I should have an idea of what I want to do for university they kept telling me engineering or science and then go to grad school after but I have enjoyed my business and law classes in school and I was wondering if I went to western university and started a political science undergrad and took the LSAT in my sophomore scored high enough I could continue my degree and apply to law school but if I did not have a good enough score to get into UofT, York or McGill I could join the HBA program and maybe do an MBA/JD after at Western? Has anyone done this, heard of this or are planning on doing this?

Grade 11 Marks:
Eng 91%
Functions 93%
Advanced Functions 89.5%
Biology 95%
Chemistry 90%
Law 98%
Accounting 94%
Hockey 82 % (We messed around the whole time)
Computer Science 94%
Philosophy 95%
I took CS and philosophy online during semester 1 & 2.

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How I Score Straight A's with Minimal Effort
Don’t get me wrong, it takes effort. Knowledge doesn’t magically enter the brain. Whether you’re a straight A student looking to free up more time, or someone who hates studying and wants to scrape by with minimal effort, an organized approach can get you more for less.

Visit my blog for the most reader-friendly version: http://wayneskickasswebsite.com/

1. Prepare Early

Early preparation is the bomb. I love early preparation. Avoid the huge stress of midterm week by studying a little bit every day, starting from day 1 of the semester. By the time exam week rolls around, you’ll already know most of the material.

You don’t have to go all out. If you just read one chapter, or even half a chapter of a textbook per day, you’d be surprised how much you already know (and therefore don’t need to study) by exam week.

2. Flashcards

Oh god, do I love flashcards. It makes memorization sooooo easy. Do you ever feel like there’s so much stuff to memorize, that there’s no possible way you could do it? Try flashcards.

The hardest part of using flashcards is making them. You can buy packs of blank cardboard flashcards, or you use my personal favorite, on-line flashcards. The best part of on-line flashcards is that once you make a set, you can easily send them to all your friends. Even better, they can send their on-line flashcards to you.

I personally use http://www.flashcardmachine.com/ . If the ads get annoying, just install an ad-blocker.

3. Exam Period organization

2 weeks before exam week, I print a calendar for the month. First, I mark off which days my exams are on, then I mark off what I am going to study on each day leading up to the exams. This ensures I don’t miss anything, and that I don’t over-commit to just one course.

I look at all the chapters that are covered in the upcoming exam. I decide how much time I have (or am willing to spend on) each chapter, and I write it on my calendar.

I use the printable calendars here: http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/create.html

4. Practice Problems

Some courses require a lot of practice problems. The best use of your time is to do practice problems that you have an answer key to. Doing practice problems without being able to quickly check your answers is a huge time waste.

Bundle up all the practice problems and answer keys and set them aside. Do this before you do any of the problems. Place your practice problem bundles in the order that you plan to do them.

Desk organizers are fantastic. It works like a to-do list. Put things in order of priority, left to right or top to bottom. That way, you don’t have to worry about the 500 things you need to do, you just worry about the 1 thing you need to do next.

5. Study Groups

I don’t use study groups because it just doesn’t work for me. I know other top students who are very successful with study groups. Different people learn best in different ways. Study groups are definitely something you can try, and it might make a big difference. If it doesn’t work for you, hey, no sweat. If you find that study groups work for you, you can start a Facebook group for your class to help coordinate study group times.

6. Textbooks

It pains me to see dirt poor students spending $200 on a beautiful brand new textbook (that they probably won’t read). Unless you have a few hundred dollars to throw around, don’t buy new textbooks! I get straight A’s using textbooks that are up to 7 years old. Older versions are just as good as the shiny new one.

I actually get some of my textbooks FREE, with minimal effort. I don’t want to publicize this method widely, so if you want to know, send me an e-mail at WayneINTJ@gmail.com .

Hope this helps, and please subscribe to my e-mail list for more great tips! Sign up here: http://eepurl.com/bs2yaP
How I Score Straight A’s with Minimal Effort
Don’t get me wrong, it takes effort. Knowledge doesn’t magically enter the brain. Whether you’re a straight A student looking to free up more time, or someone who hates studying and wants to scrape by with minimal effort, an organized approach can get you more for less.

I write extensively about this on my personal blog. I offer it all free, but It's too long to paste here and the formatting gets all messed up, but take a look if you're interested:

COMMERCE or ARTS for my undergrad leading to law school???
Hey everyone! As it is now time to apply to university, I find I'm caught in a big dilemma. I know I want to go to law school and that I can take any undergrad to get in, so I'm trying to decide whether I should get my undergrad degree in commerce or arts. I maintain an average in the mid-90's and do well in both math and humanities based courses in high school. I want to decide whether I want to eliminate the option of commerce before I apply so I don't take calculus next semester if I decide to only apply for arts. My parents keep telling me I should do the degree I'd enjoy more, which would probably be arts seeing as I don't LOVE math. I have a few specific questions regarding my problem:

#1) Would having a business degree give me an advantage as a lawyer over having an arts degree?
#2) Is it easier to get better marks in Arts or Commerce?

Thanks a ton! Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated :)
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Best majors for law?
I've heard about economics and philosophy being great majors with high acceptance rates, but in the case that I don't get in, philosophy probably won't land me a job...So does anyone know good majors with decent job prospects that would be beneficial for law school?
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Grade 11 to 12 transition
Is there anybody here in this forum who slacked off heavily in grade 11 and pulled it together in grade 12 and got into the program they desired?

Sorry for the very specific question lol
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Law schools that specialize in international law?
Ive been looking over some canadian law schools, but cant seem to find the ones that specialize in international law/human rights, etc.
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