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Is it possible to change career choices if you are not satisfied with it once you are in university.
So i was just wondering, is it possible to change programs once i get accepted into uni? I applied to ottawa, york, toronto, queens for either political science and a Juris doctor program. Im afraid i will hate law even though i find it interesting. 

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Business or Law?
So I am currently in grade 12 and I am considering Laurier, Western, York and (possibly McGill).

I am planning on studying Business Administration. However, I have another option of interest which is  corporate Law. 
Truly to me, it comes down to which field would be more profitable. 
I heard that even if you do get a law degree it is still extremely hard to become employed in the GTA. 
I'm just wondering which route is more ideal and what I could do with those degrees? 

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Best undergrad degree for law school hopeful
Which degree would best complement a law degree?
Please note that I am not asking which degree would be the easiest to get a 4.0 in; rather, which degree would be most helpful when practising law, or attending law school?

I was thinking maybe econ/finance..? What do you guys think?

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