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Dropping a course? Waterloo math
I was wondering is dropping a course now would affect my chances of getting into waterloo math? I have a 94 average and i got into management engineering and i just found out how useless economics is. I'm one month into the course, so is it too late to drop? I wrote the course on my AIF and I know waterloo math recommends a full timetable. Thoughts on dropping economics?
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McMaster's Mathematics & Statistics vs. Business Programs like Brock BBA
I got accepted to McMaster's Math & Stats program as well as its Business program but I also received an offer over at Brock University for the BBA Honours: Business Administration (co-op). as well as other programs that I'm not too keen about.  I applied to quite a few programs since no one advised me (and I didn't do any research which is my fault) to be more selective (and that a 89/90 Grade 11 grade would be fine) but I'd rather err on the safe side.  I could have save a few hundred dollars but that is already spilled milk.

With first semester grades (90, 90, 94) plus top 6 Grade 11, my average is around 91/92.  My EC's are not spectacular but it consists of full year tutoring, two employment stints (realty and adult care facility) and a few others.

The only other Business / Math joint programs I applied to are over at UW and Laurier and haven't heard from either school and have applied to Ivey, York, UofT, Queen's, Laurier but haven't gotten a rejection or offer based on information found in the OUAC portal.

Because I live in Oakville and can drive but just wondering how good McMaster's Math and Stats program is.  I know its science and engineering are quite decent.

From here, it says there are co-op opportunities:

I prefer to get into a dual degree program but it's going to be very competitive with my average just around 91/92.

So until I hear back from any of the other programs, it's looking more like McMaster's Math & Stats program vs. Brocks' BBA although of course, it's probably easier to supplement a math program with business courses and even MOOC's whereas with a business program, it may be more difficult to get into applied mathematics courses and exposure to a math lab.

For now, I don't see myself going the CPA/Accounting path.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

What do you guys think that the applicant average for math at Waterloo will be? I know it says high 80's but what I mean is what do you think the average mark of the kids that got accepted would be? I have a 94 average and I'm reading about kids with a 97 average who haven't gotten in?????? Is there any certain mark that will guarantee acceptance???? IM SOOOOOO STRESSED PLEASE HELP
Hi everyone, I'm taking AP Calculus right now and I'm worried it will affect my EA to McGill, UBC and U of T. Do these schools count AP classes towards your average? I have more more than 6 approved grade 12 academics and I'm really only taking the class so I don't fail it in university
university application
Hi there,

It's now March and I'm looking ahead to university applications in December. I just want to clarify one things that my friends or family can't seem to answer: in the first round of applications, what exactly do universities look at? Do they take your top six 3U/M courses and/or your first sem 4U/M courses? What classes is your average based on? If possible, please avoid by responding with "depends on the university", as that is the answer that literally everyone that I've asked this question gives me. Thanks so much and have a good one,

Can I get into Ryerson,York, and/or Guelph for engineering (Civil Or mechanical) 
English 81% 
Advanced functions 90%
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Physics second semester 
Chemistry 70% 
Tech Design 83% 
Challenge and Change second semester 
French Second semester
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Questions about EngSci and admission
Hello, I am currently applying to EngSci, and would like to know more about other student's first-year experiences, like how much harder it is compared to grade 12 courses. I would also like to ask if any of you have any recommendations for me before going to UofT. Finally, I would also like to ask if you guys have any tips for studying or what you recommend me doing once I am in the program. 
Here are my marks just in case you guys want to know them:
Adv. Functions : 98% (Completed)
Calculus and Vectors: 98% (Completed)
Physics 12: 98% (Completed)
Chem 12: 97% (Mid-Term)
Stats: 99%(Mid-Term)
English 12: 96%(Mid-Term) (Went down also)
Thanks, everyone!
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What are my chances-URGENT
Hey Guys, I'm really interested in the actuarial science program and was wondering if I have a good chance of getting in. My school of choices would be Waterloo, McMaster, UC Berkley, UofT, or University of Michigan. My school of preference would be Waterloo or Michigan. Any replies regarding my admission chances or tips to do better would be greatly appreciated!!!
I got 1510 out of 1600
I got a 33 out of 36
 GRADES (grade 11)
I haven't started grade 12 yet so idk but the classes im taking are 
 -expected around a 90-95 average
-Also should I drop law for a spare? I know that ill easily get 100 in the class but am not sure if it would be beneficial. 
 Extra Curricular's 
 -DECA, I have an executive position, and have made it to provincials.
 -Womens empowerment club 
 -Announcement crew 
 -2 years of debate club experience 
 -Helped organize a fundraiser event to raise money for a new hospital in my city 
 -Executive for school event that offered less fortunate children a fun weekend 
 -Tutoring for 2 years 
 -I've gotten over 80% on all the Waterloo competitions I have written so far 
 -Helped organize the blood drive at my school
 -A part of my schools eco friendly club 
 -100+ volunteer hours 
-did an internship at roush industries
 -organize school trips to amusement parks 
-badminton team
-volleyball league
NOTE My school has one of the best math programs in Canada, theres even a campus at Waterloo named after one of our math programs founding fathers (Mr. White)
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What should I take in university to eventually become an investment banker?
My grade 12 average will range from the low to high 80's, so based on this do you guys have any program/university recommendations?
Chances for me to get into the Waterloo math program coop
Adv Functions: 83
Calc: 97
English: 88
Physics: 92
Religion: 93
Leadership: 96

I have two jobs and am on a sports team and I have been on the team since grade 9, I have gotten two MVP awards. I go to a self directed school as well. I was just wondering what my chances were and what I need. Do I need to bump up my grades still? I cannot change my advanced functions mark
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Functions and AF in Grade 11?
I need to take Calc, and I feel like my course load will be too heavy if I take it in grade 12. Is it hard to take Functions sem 1 of grade 11 and AF semester 2? Will I forgot everything by Semester 2 of grade 12? (the only time that my school offers Calc)
What is the advantage of going to a business school rather than getting a math/economics degree
What is the advantage of going to a business school rather than getting a math/economics degree at McMaster, Guelph, Toronto, etc. I want to become an investment banker so which would be the better option for me?
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Functions and Advanced Functions in Grade 11?
I need to take Calc, and I feel like my course load will be too heavy if I take it in grade 12. Is it hard to take Functions sem 1 of grade 11 and AF semester 2? Will I forgot everything by Semester 2 of grade 12? (the only time that my school offers Calc)
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Does McMaster not like English Summer School in grade 12?
I want to get into degroote school of business or take Mathematical statistics and was wondering if Mcmaster has anything against english summer school
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Is summerschool better or repeating the course better?
I wasn't sucessful in grade 11 university functions first semester and I just got a switch to a university functions to redo it, but now second semester is already 3 weeks in. I was wondering at this point would switching back to the original class I had be better or keep doing the functions(which means I'd have to catch up, and deal with the same teacher again, and fyi I didnt have a good experience with that teacher). I emailed my guidance counsellor again to ask for her advice, as I also have chemistry, physics, and accounting.
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Data Management for BA
Hello yconic community!

I've heard some people say that having Data is something universities look at positively when going for a BA (let's say PoliSci or something).
Aside from the "it's good to have it anyway for year 1 stats" argument, do you think admissions officers really care whether you have it when it's not a prereq? 
Sorry if this is a silly question!
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Dropping math in school but taking it in private school
Hi so I’m currently in gr 12 I’m going to be dropping the math course from school and I’m going to be private schooling it... if I drop it from school this semester will universities be able to see I’m not taking it by looking at ouac? But also I’m going to be dropping it after ouac transmission date.. so after that does my high school have no control on accessing ouac ?
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Data management vs Advanced function vs Calculus
I did very poor on advanced function. I got a 82 which is terrible because of massive careless mistake and my teacher is a tricky marker; however, I can understand all the concepts and had no problem at all.

Upcoming semester I have both data and calculus, for those who completed either one of them or both, can you describe the course difficulty?

Thanks for replying!!
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Waterloo Euclid math contest
Hey guys, i want to go to waterloo math and i'm hoping to do well on the euclid. However, i've only done the hypatia (and got 19/40). I want to know some tips from those that have done well on the exam. Is it just practice that gets you a good result? how much detail should you go into for the full solution questions? And how important is the "relevant work" for short answer questions?

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Freaking out
Ok so I’m in grade 12 and I’m taking my math exams tomorrow which I know without a doubt I’m going to fail. I have a 63% in advanced functions at the moment. I’ve applied to york and Carleton University for psychology. So basically I received conditional acceptance to Carleton and I just need to keep my grades up. Yes I know there was no point in me taking math if I didn’t need it but I initially had wanted to go to uoft before I knew about Carleton’s program. Anyways Carleton’s only prequisite for arts the program is English from 73-76% I know that I’ll be getting above a 90% in Englis  because that’s what I’ve gotten every year in English but I just want to know if Carleton would retract their offer of admission due to a barely passing mark in math even though it’s not a prerequisite  my marks as following at this moment before my exams are added in 
Math 63%
Kinesiology 87%
Sociology 94%
Biology 83% 

I take English next semester:  so yeah please if anyone knows anything because I’m stressing out and trying to study for my math extomorrow and just nothings sticking in my head and just ugh!
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I got a 55 in gr 11 functions by not doing my homework that much and not asking questions when i should have and not going to extra help and not reviewing. If i fix all these could i get atleast an 80 in gr 12 advanced functions.
Would I get in Laurier/Waterloo Double Degree?
I applied for both Laurier/UW double degrees from Laurier side because I heard they do early acceptances (i.e. the 3 rounds of offers) and my grade 12 marks are lower than g11 :'( 

mcr3u: 100
sph3u: 100
sch3u: 95
eng3u: 94
cie3m: 99
mdm4u: 100
fsf4u: 97
cia4u: 100
Bless the IB boosts

1st round: "Admissions during this phase are based on your best five 3U/M courses. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses for admission." so I would have a 98. 

2nd round:  "Admissions during this phase are based on your best six 3U/M and/or 4U/M courses. You must have a minimum of three 4U/M courses calculated as part of that best six. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses for admission." 

If this is solely based on the highest six 3 or 4 U/M courses, and does not have to include prerequisites, then I would have a 99. My school is not semestered so I wouldn't have finished any prerequisites by then. It only says "enrolled" in prerequisites, and does not specify that these prereqs must be included in the mark calculation. 

I'm pretty screwed for all Waterloo math faculty programs because they don't look at grade 11 marks, so this is my only chance LOL would I get in laurier side double degree? The website says cutoff is 93. Apparently they don't look at the "ABS" until April so would it be ok if I don't do it? 

there is no Christmas for g12s. There is only UNI APPS :'( 
Math Vs Bio Major
Hey I'm currently a grade 12 student in Ontario and hoping to become an optometrist. I'm debating between a biological sciences major or math major with my bachelor of science. I heard that with a math major you can go into engineering, medical, and business after. However, with a major in bio sci you can basically only do med after. Any advice is appreciated :)
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