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Current Ryerson Bcom Students
hey I was just wondering what the average first year in ryerson looks like in regards to math classes for bcom? Also how do you like the program at the school? Thanks :)
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Which is better?
Hello, I’m in grade 11 and I’m taking university functions at the moment. My average is a 78% (midterm)  which in my opinion is horrible. And with course selection week at my school occurring, I am considering enrolling in data Management rather Advanced Functions cause I fear that I’ll get an average in the 60’s. For possible careers, I really want to become a nurse and go to a university like McMaster or Ryerson for their nursing programs. So with all of that said, what should I take?
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rotman commerce colleges?
I'm confused.
Even if I won't be living on residence I have to apply to one of the colleges but whats the purpose of it? what good does it do? what are the benefits? I heard that some are more prestige than others because of the curriculum or something.
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Will I get in to my program with a bad math mark?
My top choice program is Queen's science, however my advanced functions mark is horrible. With about 5 weeks left plus the exam, I'm sitting at a 64%. I have 2 more tests and 2 assignments plus the exam left to bring my mark up, but even then it will likely end up in the mid-70's range if I really bust my ass. With that, clearly my calculus (another prereq for queen's) will likely not be that great as we can clearly see that math is not my thing. I do have a tutor that I meet with for 1-2 hours per week, go in for extra help when I don't understand the homework, but for some reason I just tank every test. Getting to the point, anyone know how bad a mark that low will look even if my average of my 6 courses is above the required average? (85 in sbi4u, 93 in eng4u, currently sitting at an 83 is sch4u then I have calculus and I am taking SNC4m (health sciences) as my 6th course as I know it will be an average booster) ALSO if anyone has any tips for getting through these last few evaluations to get my grade as high as possible, in addition to what I'm already doing, it would be appreciated. Thank you for reading my long winded rant.
Would I get in Laurier/Waterloo Double Degree?
I applied for both Laurier/UW double degrees from Laurier side because I heard they do early acceptances (i.e. the 3 rounds of offers) and my grade 12 marks are lower than g11 :'( 

mcr3u: 100
sph3u: 100
sch3u: 95
eng3u: 94
cie3m: 99
mdm4u: 100
fsf4u: 97
cia4u: 100
Bless the IB boosts

1st round: "Admissions during this phase are based on your best five 3U/M courses. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses for admission." so I would have a 98. 

2nd round:  "Admissions during this phase are based on your best six 3U/M and/or 4U/M courses. You must have a minimum of three 4U/M courses calculated as part of that best six. You must be enrolled in all 4U/M prerequisite courses for admission." 

If this is solely based on the highest six 3 or 4 U/M courses, and does not have to include prerequisites, then I would have a 99. My school is not semestered so I wouldn't have finished any prerequisites by then. It only says "enrolled" in prerequisites, and does not specify that these prereqs must be included in the mark calculation. 

I'm pretty screwed for all Waterloo math faculty programs because they don't look at grade 11 marks, so this is my only chance LOL would I get in laurier side double degree? The website says cutoff is 93. Apparently they don't look at the "ABS" until April so would it be ok if I don't do it? 

there is no Christmas for g12s. There is only UNI APPS :'( 
IB HL Math Grade Boundaries
Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any IB student in Ontario who's taking an HL math course who can tell me what their boundary for a level 7 is.
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Canadian Senior Math Contest
If anyone wrote the contest, how did it go, and when can we expect results by.
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Canadian Senior Math Contest
If anyone wrote the contest, how did it go, and when can we expect results by.
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Stressing over Advanced Functions
Alright before i go into detail. I KNOW Advanced Functions is supposes to be an easy course however sometimes my brain just doesn't tick. 

We finished Rational Functions and i'm horrible at Fractions, yes this is a basic skill I should know but I didn't learn about much about fractions in middle/elementary school or I just forgot everything about it. My memory isn't great. 

I've tried Multiple times studying for this test, and everytime I study bu watching YouTube videos I just don't get anything. I know how to do basic stuff like find v.a/h.a and all that but I have no idea how to solve using ineq or graph or even use rates of change. It's literally making me want to cry. I asked my teacher to give me an extension but time I used up isn;t getting me nowhere. I really am struggling with this unit. I have a high 80 in the course which will drop obviously. I just need guidance on how to understand the material better becasue I dont know, my brain doesn't even tick when for example when your finding the LCD, or using the sign chart.
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Waterloo AIF question: Why did you take a certain class online or in night school?
Hey guys I took my two maths online and one in night school, waterloo is asking why I took it. What do you guys think would be a good reason for that????
I ended off with 80s in those courses

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i am so done with this course tbh...when i try the homework questions at home..i get the concepts but during tests i dont know what happens..they dont match the homework question and i get a low score...my current math mark is 42...is there any way i can get to a 70????? PLZ HELPPP..i wana apply to ryerson's business management
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I'm Failing 12U Chemistry and Advanced Functions...
I don't know what to do. I genuinely feel like my life is over. My only 'okay' mark this semester is English at an 82%. However, Math and Chem... come midterms, they're both going to be sub 50% and I don't know how to fix it. I've been searching for tutors, but everyone just points to online resources like Khan Academy or PatrickJMT; even my guidance counselor has said the same things. Not that they're bad resources, but I need someone with me to keep me in check and make sure I understand the material.

In hindsight, I should have expected this. What precedes these marks are a 53% and a 57% in 11U Functions and Chemistry respectively. I know that I didn't do well, but I thought it was due to other factors in my life that were hindering my ability to study, but it turns out it was just my bad habits from my earlier years that resurfaced, resulting in such horrid grades. Hell, last year my overall was a 68.6%...

Nowadays, I can't even bring myself to look at my work. I become immensely stressed and then I just start crying because I don't know what else to do. I want to go to university. I really do. I want to be a successful student and return to my parents who sacrificed to invest in both my well-being and future.

I no longer care for exorbitantly high marks, at least not in these two courses. Flat 60% in both is my goal, as that is the lowest mark I can get in order to be eligible for Carleton U's IMD(Interactive Multimedia and Design) program. My dreams before were UfT or UW's CS Programs, but those are so distant that they're no longer plausible.

I've been saying that I'll get myself together for years -- just saying it is not enough anymore. I need to take action, but I don't know how to, and I'm just so afraid that I won't be able to. Everyone around me is sobbing about their low 80s which doesn't help either.

What do you guys think I should do? What course of action do I take? Do I take a victory lap? Do I summon up some sort of godlike willpower and dedicate all of my free hours to studying? Please, if any of you were in a similar situation before and somehow climbed out, let me know how, cause I really can't afford to fall further into this hole I've dug for myself.

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night school for caculus
Is it worth taking Calc in night school? I've heard from others its a good option if your schools math teachers are really bad.
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I don't know what Im doing wrong
I study really hard for a test and i get a bad mark, especially math.  Maybe because its the lack of focus.
Should I just study harder? not the day before but 3 days before? longer hours? more practice tests?
that log test brought my average down to a 70%, luckily I have another log test this friday. Hopefully that will bring it back to a 80 or higher

edit: I go to Mary Ward by the way
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Ivey Dual degree vs UW/WLU Dual degree
I'm planning on applying to both WlU BBA/UW BMATH as well as western with AEO for software eng or CS with the Ivey HBA and plan to complete the fifth year to receive both degrees
Struggling with Functions
Hi everyone, 
I'm a grade 11 student hoping to become a pediatrician and am struggling a LOT with the grade 11 functions course. I'm doing very well in my sciences (99 bio, 97 chem) without any trouble and did decent in grade 10 math, finishing with a 90. I spend HOURS doing functions each day, see a tutor once or twice a week and complete all of my homework daily + pay attention in class. My teacher is not the best  and our class average is a 52. My mark is at a 67. I feel so demotivated after receiving my mark update because my teacher is so bad. I fly through quizzes and do pretty well as well as easily get through most of the homework but when it comes to tests I'm struggling HARD which is really affecting my mark. I have no idea how to improve - my teacher is very unhelpful when getting extra help at lunch/before/after school.  It's too late for me to drop the course and take it next semester or switch teachers to the better teachers :(. Please help guys! Any study tips, review tips or basically anything to help me improve would be really appreciated - I went into this course hoping for at least a 90 
I'm good at math, what university program should I go into?
I am good at math, and very much enjoy the subject.
My marks in senior mathematics were 98% in advanced functions and 99% in calculus and vectors.
I am on gap year, so I still have time to decide what university program I want to enter. 
My overall top 6 average (including english, the two maths, and my 3 highest electives) is 95%.
I was wondering what university program I should enter.
I have stated my marks so that you guys will have a good idea of what programs/univeresities I would be able to get admitted to.
I am not looking to study beyond the undergraduate level, so I would like to enter a university program which has good employment prospects for those who only hold a bachelors degree.
I am ruling out engineering programs, because I have no interest in chemistry or physics and engineering requires a strong foundation in physics.
Another obvious program that people may suggest is computer science, but I do not particularly like programming. I enjoy the problem solving aspect, and coming up with an algorithm to solve a problem. I get headaches trying to decomplie errors in code, such as fixing small sintax errors. Even a missing semi-colon can cause your code to not work! However I am still open to people suggesting this program if they can justify that I would do well in it.
Other than Engineering and CS, what undergraduate programs would be a good choice for me that would have good employment prospects?
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U of T St. George physical and mathematical sciences
I took calculus ap exam & g12 6U courses average is around 89%, is it possible to get in physical and mathematical sciences? 
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Low math marks in grade 12
I have a really stressful problem. I would say I am fairly good at math. In the past years I always maintain between 75-86% on my tests. However, since grade 12 has started, I'm doing miserably!!! I'm taking Advanced Functions and even though the textbook questions relatively easy, the tests aren't. Or I should say, the tests my teacher gives requires a lot of thinking and to be honest, my thinking skills are lacking so much. I keep getting 50-60% and midterms are released November 15th and it's honestly making me so stressed because I know I can do it but I'm not able to think as I am required to. There was an instance where once I finished writing the test, I knew the answers to the questions but I hadn't known the solution method while writing the test.

What can I do to improve my marks? Once again, I'm not lazy, I'm very concerned about my marks so I always am organized and consistent with my work. I'm just unsure how to acquire better thinking skills.

When I think about my relatives and my friends, I actually feel stupid. They always get high 90's and I usually do too in business or social science. I've always had an interest in math so what are ways to study effectively
Also, I'm not just moping around. 
Civil Engineering at Carleton
Can someone give me a realistic average for Civil Engineering and Software Engineering at Carleton? Their website says 75% - 85% above, and this averages may varies on the competitions and how many students apply. What was last year cut off average for Civil and Software, that is a for sure acceptance?
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Waterloo Math Contest Question
I was thinking to apply to a program, in which it was recommended to take the Euclid contest. But, the contest happens in April and my AIF should be submitted until then? So, how can I show that I did the contest?
Math in Ivey (AEO)
Hi all,

So I'm in high school planning to go to Ivey but I'm not so good at math. I'm planning on doing History for my first two years. Firstly, Is Ivey very quant-heavy, and what type of math is required? If this is the case, what math courses do you recommend I take in first and second year university before going into Ivey?
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