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Am i f****d?
The more i think about university the more i get worry about my future. Here is my dilemma. In grade 10 my math teacher forced me to take math applied because he didn't think academic was the right class for me. At the time, i didn't know or care about the difference or the impact it can have on your life. Now i find that i can't apply to any programs that require math (adv func, calculus etc). This really closed a lot of doors because now i can only apply to arts programs which are useless most of the time. I applied to mostly poli science as that's the only path i see myself taking without math. The problem is that i know i will dislike poli science as i am more interested in business and i know i'm not the the poli sci type of guy. What do you guys think i should do.
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House of Commons Page Program 2018-2019
Hello, there are many threads about this program from the past years so I decided to create one for this year. 
So interviews are happening right now, how’s it going for everybody so far? 
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House of Commons Page Program 2018
There are threads from the past years so I decided to create one for this year! 
So far, it’s time for the interviews, how’s it going so far for everyone?? ^.^
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herq or pols
has anyone taken POLS classes or HREQ classes. I have taken both and like both. but am having trouble deciding whether I want to dbl in POLS or HREQ. what is better and more interesting and social based rather then theory
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Political Science -- what University?
Queen's Western or U of T for social science?  I'm looking to study a combination of political science, economics, and history. I know most say it doesn't matter, but just looking for some opinions.

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Carleton PAPM vs UOttawa Polisci
For students considering/have applied to either of the two programs & for those in either program - hows the experience in both? Which is better?

I'm trying to decide between the two programs - 
Carleton offers a specialized program with specialized opportunities and a chance to build a network with a smaller student community going into the same field as you.

UOttawa offers French Immersion along with their program which is a huge advantage if you're going into politics. I believe it's your basic PoliSci program, nothing specialized but what really gives it that extra edge is to add in french immersion and co-op.

If you're debating between the two, feel free to leave a comment below w/ your thoughts!
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Carleton, UoOttawa or Queens
Ive been accepted to Carleton and UoO for political science and I'm still waiting on a response from Queens. Got an entrance scholarship from both. I would love to know which school is best for the program that i want to study.
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University of Toronto St. George Poli Sci (Political Science) Admissions???
Hi everyone! I applied to the Poli Sci (part of Social Sciences) program at U of T St. George in November and have heard that a few of my friends have gotten in with 90+ averages so far for February (first round of admissions).

I have an 85.6% average (top 6 courses) and am wondering how likely it is for me to get an offer during the 2nd round of admissions in March, or even an offer at all. 

For everyone that has already been accepted first round, would you be able to share the following:
1) date of application
2) top 6 average
3) date of acceptance

Will I be able to receive an offer with this average of ~85%? Has anyone already gotten in with mid-high 80s?
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Best University for Political Science
Hey everyone,

I'm having a lot of trouble deciding which university to go too for Political Science. I've already been accepted at the following universities for this Program:

1) University of Ottawa
2) Queen's University
3) University of Toronto
4) Western University

For the University of Ottawa, the program includes co-op. Also, I have been accepted into Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Which university is best for studying this field and also which one will increase my chances of getting employed?
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Transferring from Ryerson Politics and Governance to Laurier PoliSci?

 I'm currently a second year student in the Politics and Governance program at Ryerson University, considering transferring into Laurier's Political Science program. My main reason for transferring is simply quality of life/experience. I've felt lacklustre about Ryerson since my first semester of first year, but decided to throw myself into clubs/groups on campus in order to achieve the "college experience" I wanted, while being a commuter.

 I still feel unhappy with Ryerson, in my second year, after honestly trying to enjoy it, and I think transferring is my best option. I've chosen Laurier because I have some friends who go there, and I've visited them (on normal weekends, not just HOCO or St Paddy's), and think that I would really fit in there. 

 My ultimate question is, has anyone transferred from Ryerson's Politics and Governance program into Laurier's Political Science program, or does anyone know someone that does? I've looked it up on ontransfer, but I know that that site is not always 100% accurate, and am wondering if anyone has any personal/anecdotal experience with this. Another question, more a matter of opinion, it is possible that I may lose a semester or more, is it worth it, in order to be happier? My goal is law school, so money that I spend on housing and tuition is important, as law school is expensive. 

 Thank you for reading this long, if you have, and I greatly appreciate any help or advice, I've been dealing with these negative feelings for over a year now, anything helps!
is it possible to change undergrad during your first year of uni
I wanted to know it if it's possible to change your undergrad during your first year of uni if you have all the prerequisites. I would like to know if it's possible for uOttawa. 
Thank you 
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Process to change program after first year ?
If you decide that you'd like to change your program (polisci) or take up a second major in biomedical science after first year - what would the process be like? I'm ensuring that I have all the high school prerequisites in line for biomedical science if I do decide to change my mind but I'm wondering if anything more is needed? Since the biomedical science program is pretty rigorous (to my knowledge) would the change in program prolong the time it takes to earn your degree?

While I am very interested in the political science program, I am also interested in what the biomedical program has to offer - just hoping for some idea on what would happen if I did decide to change my program of study.

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Political Science Students: what's your experience like?
Just really wanted some insight into the actual polisci experience as a prospective polisci student. It would be awesome if you guys could answer the following questions based on your experience within your program & anything else you'd like to add/wish you'd known before entering the program.

1. Institute of Study & year
2. Was co-op available? Where have your placements been? What has your experience been like at those placements and how have you been able to grow networking wise from those placements?
3. Other networking opportunities available at your school of study + unique experiences that have been made available to you through your program of study/institution of study (guest speakers, courses abroad, conferences, bilingual program etc.)
4. How have you enhanced your degree (clubs, volunteering etc.) and how has it helped you build skills & experience in the field?
5. Best & worst parts about the program in your opinion 
6. Ways the program has challenged you (critical thinking, essays, assignments etc.)
7. Advice for prospective students 
8. Hardships in the program/institution (profs, courses, lack of student support, financing experience/studies etc.)

Thanks guys! All the best to you 
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Is it possible to change career choices if you are not satisfied with it once you are in university.
So i was just wondering, is it possible to change programs once i get accepted into uni? I applied to ottawa, york, toronto, queens for either political science and a Juris doctor program. Im afraid i will hate law even though i find it interesting. 

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Is your Admission Scholarship subject to change?
If you've been accepted into a program with a set admissions scholarship based on your grades (say, $3000 for 90+ average) if you finish high school with a 95+ average will the admissions scholarship go up as well?
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Chance me UOFT, McGill, UBC
International Student. Applying Social Sciences. 

Chance me UOFT; UTSG; UTM; UTSC, UBC and McGill

International Bac;

HL English Literature  6
HL Business Managment 6
HL History 6
SL Maths 6
SL Chemistry 5
SL Spanish 5
Core 2

Total:  36/45

Decent, mostly Bs, some As, some A*s but some Cs. 
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Grade 11/12 Courses HELP!!
I'm looking to keep my options open for uni (aspiring to go to McGill or McMaster for ArtSci) and I wanted to know if this plan will be too stressful! has anyone ever done this successfully??

Grade 11:
English: ENG 3U1
Religion: HRT 3M1
French: FSF 3U1
Anthro/Socio/Psych: HSP 3U1
Law: CLU 3M1
Accounting: BAF 3M1
Biology: SBI 3U1
Chemistry: SCH3U1
Functions: MCR3U1 (Summer School between Grade 10-11)

Grade 12:
English: ENG4U1
Philosophy: HZT 4U1
French: FSF4U1
Law: CLN 4U1
Biology: SBI 4U1
Chemistry: SCH4U1
Accounting: BAT 4M1 
Calc and Vectors: MCV4U1 
Advanced Functions: MHF4U1(Night School, 2nd Semester Grade 11)

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2018/2019 University Admissions
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to start this new thread for current grade 12, senior students applying to universities this fall. I myself will be applying, and I think this is a great way to help each other out.  

Feel free to post:
Any Questions
Universities applied to
If you've been given offers yet
Grade 12 current average right now
Favorite Universities

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Carleton PAPM or UOttawa PoliSci (w. French Immersion)
Overall I love Carleton's PAPM course b/c it allows you to choose an overarching specialization as well as a concentration within that specialization geared more towards what you love so it's more tailored to you as a student and your exact preferences that range within that area of study but UOttawa offers French Immersion which is invaluable. It ensures that you learn the second language which is a huge advantage in this area of work. Along with PoliSci i'm also interested in International development which is what I'd choose as my concentration in the PAPM program. Because UOttawa's program is less specialized i'm not sure whether that equates to less opportunities etc.

Overall which is the better choice?
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Can I Get In!?
Here's some information and I'd love some opinions on whether I could get into the following schools for BA (either PoliSci or International Studies depending on the school).

Schools I'm applying to:
UofAlberta, UBC, McGill, UofT, Queen's, Waterloo, UVic, Dalhousie

Grade 11 Average - 92.6%
Grade 12 courses taken:
Law - 96%
Earth & Space - 90%

My current very preliminary sem. 1 looks like:
English - 92%
Chem - 85%
Business Leadership - 95 %
(91%ish average so far)

I'm in my second year as Student Senator of the school and second year as one of two student trustees in my school board, I volunteer with heart & stroke and cancer society, I've done six years of work with Me to We, I lead the Gender/Sexuality Alliance within my school... etc.

What do you think my chances of getting to those schools are? Scholarship possibilities? Thanks! 

PS no "trolls" please
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Humanities and Social Sciences University Applicants for 2018/2019
I've just noticed that there aren't many Humanities or Social Sciences forums. Have any of you already gotten acceptance letters? What are your top choices? What are your prospective majors?
Personally, I would like to double major in History and Political Science. My top choices are UofT, McMaster, and York.
Queen's admissions averages?
First time doing this! Let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Here's the scoop: Looking to apply to Queens for Political Science. I meet the requirement in terms of the prerequisites required. My average at midterm was 88.5. I tried looking for the average of accepted Poli Sci students, i would be directed to a link but the page is not found. Any help?
What other schools would you recommend for Political Science?I have 7 U courses and 1 M. Thanks!
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Joint Honours BA in Communications and Political Science at Ottawa
Does anyone have any feedback on the Joint Honours BA in Communications and Political Science at University of Ottawa? I'm interested...
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Law BA+J.D programs, undergraduate schools for law school pursuit
Hello, everyone. 

I am currently in grade 12 and want to go to law school after my bachelor's degree. Are there any BA+J.D combined programs that one of you would suggest? I know western used to have poli sci+J.D, but it was removed, I know uOttawa has one, but it's only available for French immersion students, and I know Wilfred Laurier has one with the University of Sussex in the U.K, although I've heard bad things about having a U.K law degree in Canada... Does anyone know of any other programs like these? 

Also, assuming I just pursued my bachelor of arts do you guys have school suggestions? I want to study political science/history/english, that sort of thing. Right now, my top choices would be Western, U of T, and Queen's. Thoughts?