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Which is the better university for the Social Work program
York University or Ryerson University based on

- courses
- work load
- campus life
- professors
- theoretical or practical 
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Social Work
I want to go into Social Work and i have already gotten accepted into a few programs but I was wondering what the best program is in Ontario in terms of courses and jobs once school is finished? I would like to try and apply one more place

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which school is better to go to
which school is better to go to.  so i have to decide if i stay residential or not but basically york is the closest so.  not in order, these are the universities and colleges ill probs apply to

western university kings

then humber and seneca just to be safe

I plan to study social work BA and have like a minor or double major with psychology, criminology, english or history or something lol.
what courses to take?
I wanna be a social worker so  I was wondering what classes do I have to take in high school
How easy is it really to get into university?
Everyone always tells me the easiest schools to get into are york and ryerson. But is that really? or just luck? Someone said that they got suspended and had 2 courses in the 60s and got into york. Are there people in the school that really left high school with that kind of transcript? I can't seem to get my average any higher than a 78 and I'm scared I won't get accepted into any universities. I've applied to UOIT forensice psychology and criminology, york criminology and criminology, laurier criminology and ryerson criminology
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Hello! Did anyone here get into king's social work program? How was it?
I also have a few questions...
1. Is it hard to study? A lot of hw/assignments?
2. What kind of average is needed to get in?
3. Is there diversity and is it easy to make friends if you are a visible minority?
4. What is the interview like during2nd/3rd year??
5.WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU DID THE FIRST GENERAL 2 YEARS AND DIDNT ET INN???? I am extremely worried of going into another program at kings then not getting accepted into social work and then having to keep study a field I have no interest in.
Any Social Work/ Child and Youth Work Oriented Scholarships?
My feed only shows me 4 scholarships that I filled out but im curious if there is any that I can fill out that is currently not on my feed (non on my feed are related to social work or youth work :( ) Im a Canadian Citizen and am currently in my grade 12 year. I live in Ontario. (these bits of information is to just help out with checking the requirements of the scholarship before being recommended n.n )
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Universities for Social Work - Carleton University vs others
Is anyone at Carleton University for the Social Work program? I'm thinking of applying and would like to know what you think of the program and Carleton U in general (residence, student life, etc.). Also anyone taking Social Work at other Universities what are your reviews? Looking at a Bachelor of Social Work.
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Any 105D applicants got any acceptance yet?
I applied in March at Laurier Brantford to the BSW program, Fall 2017 intake. No response yet. I applied to Brock and Ryerson and got admission offers from both.
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Anyone got any *recent* acceptances From Ryerson U? When will I hear back from Admissions?
Hi all!!!!! I applied to Ryerson University and was accepted into their Honors Child and Youth care program, Sociology and Psychology programs. I also applied to their Bachelor of Social Work program but Im still waiting to hear back from them... Is this Normal? I applied as a 105D applicant so the only mark that is of great importance is My Eng4U and I am currently upgrading it. The school sent out my mid term mark (91%) about two-three weeks ago but still nothing... Application is still under review...Any info or advice would be appreciated! I am checking my portal everyday!!!!! So worried about this :(
Extracurriculars: Quantity and Quality
Quantity vs quality is an age-old question for students everywhere trying to find a balance for their student portfolio. This isn't a post about how passionately you should invest yourself in your extra-curriculars but rather how you should allocate your time so that when application season comes for scholarships/programs, you will find that you have no problem filling out your supplementary applications

Before I share my own method of approaching ec's, it's important to understand how they are often structured. More of than not, major supplementary applications ask for 1-3 essays with questions like "Describe what you consider to be your most significant volunteer contribution to date in terms of its value to your school or larger community. Why was it important to you and to others (word limit:300)?"-(Loran Scholarship 2016). In addition to essays, supplementary applications may ask for a list commitments ranging from school activities, sports, artistic pursuits, awards, employment etc

The goal is to strike a balance between your extracurriculars so that you maximize your ability to apply for every scholarship/program without having to invest an unreasonable time on extracurriculars at the expense of a social and academic life. 

Over the last four years, I have taken an approach that my mentor shared with me. It encompasses how you should differentiate between major and minor commitments as well as how varied each should be.  By no means is this an exhaustive or foolproof equation but I have found success, having been invited for interviews with major scholarships as well as winning several smaller scholarships. 

Major and Minor Commitments

Major Commitments (Have 2-3)
-Hours Committed for each: 100-300+
-Should be used for the major essays
-Should be a major part of your student journey (e.g. entrepreneurship, volunteering at a hospital weekly, etc)
-Demonstrate commitment, other important qualities, etc 
-References from major commitments tend to be stronger

Minor Commitments (Have 8-15)
-Hours Committed for each: 5-10+
-Should be used for the lists (Refer above)
-Can be a one-time thing (e.x volunteering at a parade)
-Will not be discussed in detail so time commitment it is not a big issue 
-Should be varied

-Should not only be school activities. Extra-curriculars should encompass commitments with out of school organizations as well. 
-Having employment/entrepreneurship experience demonstrates time commitment, maturity, amongst other things
-Artistic Endeavors: Whether this might be being part of band, art club, etc. Artistic endeavors can usually help demonstrate that you are passionate about something beyond the usual scope of extra-curriculars that other students may have, therefore setting you apart. 
-Physical/Team Involvement: Being part of the school team or something as simply as a playing  badminton as a hobby can show that you are invested in working well with a partner, or a team trying to achieve a common goal. 

By no means is what I shared going to guarantee you admission to a program or acceptance for scholarships. At the end of the day, having a variety of major and minor commitments is important. But equally as important is how well you portray yourself in your supplementary application so that you will distinguish yourself from all the thousands of other applications.

What did you think about my list? Do you agree or disagree? Have your own approach that you have found success? Share in the comments below!

-Benson Law 
Yconic Student Ambassador
Switching Majors after the first Year?
Hi all! I was recently accepted into the Bachelor of Arts, Child and Youth Care Program at Ryerson University and I wanted to know what might be the smartest route/way I should take in order to end up in the Social Work Program (advanced standing etc) Second year would be ideal. I have applied to the BSW program but have not heard back from them as of yet so Im asking this question in the event that I don't get accepted into the BSW program. I am still hopeful, but anyone who has done something similar to this, your answers and insights will be greatly appreciated! :) Thank you
Carleton Social Work
I applied to Carleton University's Social Work program. To those who have been offered acceptance to the program in previous years, what was your admission average and human service work? My first semester average was 90% with extracurriculars.
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Awkward Science / Arts Divide at McMaster?
Hey, I was looking at social work programs and I was pretty excited about the one at McMaster, so I visited the campus and all, but found that many of the students frowned upon anyone majoring in anything outside of science/engineering. I am fully aware a lot of its funding goes into the sciences....but still..... 

Can anyone validate or invalidate this for me? I mean, it wouldn't be a the ultimate deciding factor in where I go, and is probably not as a big of a deal as I think it is, but I'm still taking it into account!! 

Any opinions on this would be helpful, especially from current McMaster students. Thanks :)  
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Can I get into Ryerson? (MATURE STUDENT)
Hi there! I would really appreciate some apt and swift advice regarding my impending University application. Im am 28 years old and going to University has always been an aspiration for me (Ive only just realized that it is an ATTAINABLE DREAM). Unfortunately I grew up with little family support and as a result of my socio economic status for most of my adolescence and adult life, it created many barriers for me and has impeded my ability to thrive academically. That compounded with the Fact that I will be the first person in my family to even apply to university because school wasn't exactly a topic of discussion growing up as I was raised by a single Mother with six siblings. She was always at work and assumed that we didn't need any real guidance as we had each other. I really didn't understand or value the importance of education, however now that I am an adult and I've been able to learn and grow from my Plight, I acutely understand the significance that education will have in my overall success professionally and my growth as a person. Without getting too abstract, my question is this; What are my chances of getting into University? My grades weren't a priority and education was not important to me in high school and as a result my poor grades truly do reflect that. I have a good Job with the City (working with Children) and I have a Family and all the support I need. I am also enrolled in a Eng4U Class to upgrade my english as it is Paramount (So I was told) to my (potential) success in the application process. I plan on excelling and getting NO lower than a 97% But I fear that despite these variables I wont get into any program that Ive applied to. Ive applied to Social work (competetive) Sociology and Child and Youth Counsellor. All BA programs. I know now that I have the capacity and tenacity to do ANYTHING I put my mind to; I believe in myself and Ive grown and learned from all the adversities I have faced in life. Do Universities consider this also? I am writing an essay or supplemental letter entailing the text above. Will that and my Upgraded English Mark make a difference? ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all :)
Waterloo (Social Development Studies) vs York (Social Work)
Hi! Recently, I received an offer from the two schools I wanted to go. Which school would be the best choice to become a Social Worker? Should I go to Waterloo's Social Development Studies instead of York? What would be the better choice? Thank you!

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Jobs during First Year
I will be taking Criminology next year and will need to make money during the year to help pay for school, how difficult is it to manage a job with uni
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Will I get into McMaster SOC SCI?
My average at the end of first semester is 80%, will I get into McMaster social science? I want to do Social work so I chose that as my area of specialization on OUAC, but does that even matter since it's just called "Social Science 1"? And if I'm likely to get accepted will I get in during their rolling basis (February - March) or will I have to wait longer? Thanks!
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McMaster Early Acceptances
Does anyone know when early acceptances from McMaster start?
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How did you decide what program you are doing in university
Heyy people, I am a going-to-gr12 public hs kid wondering what to do in life.

A brief info about myslf:
1. Live in GTA
2. Like interior designs, fascinated by tech, love to eat, outgoing, enjoy flying and driving
3. my favourite YouTube video is "A Day Made of Glass"
4. i studied because of others, not for myself (aka I got good grades but I didnt enjoy them)
5. my ultimate goal is to retire asap (at 45) [I know it may not be feasible, but still...)

Here's my gr11 grades
English 83
Functions 99
Accounting  94
Marketing  96
Chemistry 86
Physics 82
Biology 90
Broadcasting 87

And my only grade 12 grade is physics (completed in summer school) - 94

As above, how did you decide what you are going to do in the future??? Like how do you figure out what you want??
I like interior designs, tech, food, sports, but the thing is - i can't see myself in the future
I dont know what to do? Despite trying to get good grades and apply every single university in ontario....
I really need some advice. Please give me some advice :) :) :)

Thank you very much
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Does UFT have a social work program?
I haven't been able to find any social work program under University of Toronto. Does anyone know if they have the program? Is anyone in something to do with social work at UFT?
I'm very confused, please help me!!
I was supposed to go start university this year and go to social work at Ryerson Univeristy but I have decided to take a year off and take some more courses and upgrade my marks 
since I am very confused about what I want to do in life. 

I like social work, but I know its not the best choice career wise. Now I am leaning towards computer science which is a completely different route but opens a lot more doors for me in the future.

 I am not very good at math and science but I am hoping that if I work hard enough I can hopefully succeed in computer science. I took advanced functions last year and ended with a 80. I also took comp-sci last year and I dropped out because I found it pretty difficult. Should I continue to take calculus this year and work hard at computer science to have a better future, or should I continue with social work since that is what I am more interested in. I know this is very confusing but what do you think? Do you have any advice? 

I'm just very scared because I don't want my degree to go to waste, and I want a job in the future. 

Please help me out!!!!!!

If someone has done computer science in uni, can you please tell me your opinion on the program?
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A new laptop for university
Hello everyone as the title stated, I would like to have a new laptop for y post secondary education. I have been browsing different models and puzzled by all the options. Right now, I am using ASUS S56C... and it only lasts for 4 hours (without internal browsing) .... 

So here's some specs I would like to have in my future laptop, and hopefully tech gurus can help me  :)

1. Long lasting battery (at least 6 hours, the more the better , if possible)
2. Graphic Card
3. Intel i7
5. DVD drive
6. Window Operation (I still don't know how to use Apple laptops)
7. At least 8 GB memory
8. 3+ USB Ports and 1+ USB-C port(s)
9. 256 GB+ Hard drive
10. 17" screen
11. Bluetooth

May have: 
1. Touchscreen
2. Good sound system
3. Glowing keyboard (cuz I think this is cool but it's not necessary at all)

Major usage:
1. Normal tasks (PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel)
2. Video editing (Premiere Pro - it freezes when I use my current laptop)
3. Photoshop
4. Tons of internet browsing at the same time (can up to 100 pages at the same time)
5. Graphic Design (Inventor and AutoCAD)

Price: As long as it is under $3000

Thank you very much :)
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Ryerson Social Work
Anyone get into social work at ryerson yet? If you did, please tell me what your average was haha. Thanks
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BSW program as transfer student
Comment here if you got accepted into a BSW program as a transfer student (previous college/ university courses or holder of a completed degree/diploma) and what your average was!
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