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Urban Planning Acceptances 2018
Has anyone been accepted yet? Seems like Ryerson has sent some early acceptances but no word from Waterloo. If you have, what were your marks/average? Also, if your waiting, what marks/average do you have?
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Waterloo Urban Planning
Hi, so this is for people that have either received early acceptance or applied to the planning program at Waterloo. So what was your average for last year and how's this year going? and do you think that they would care if someone took a U/C math instead of U in grade 11 or would they expect the average to be higher?
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Waterloo Urban Planning 2018
For anyone who applied, what avg did you get in with and when did you get in? Good luck to everyone who applied! 

I am planning on applying to the planning program at Waterloo. My marks will be at a mid 80's by January, with pretty good EC's. I'll keep you all posted.

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Urban Planning 2018
Much help would be appreciated!
     So, I'm basically just anxious like everyone else and had a few questions:
1. What averages have previous students got accepted for (Waterloo and Ryerson)?
2.  Is there actually much of a difference between UW and Ryerson other than Co-op?
3. When do acceptances usually start? When did it start last year?

Good luck to everyone! Feel free to share your averages and your status!
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Waterloo Planning
Has anyone gotten into Waterloo school of planning for fall 2018? If so with what average?
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Waterloo Planning
Anyone got an acceptance to Waterloo Planning yet? Other Env faculty programs have started accepting but I haven't seen anything for Planning? Last year they sent out first acceptances this week (for Planning)
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Urban planning/ city studies in UofT/ york university/ ryerson university??
I need to apply for university in this coming January 2018 and I am curious that which uni should I choose for studying urban planning/ city studies.  here are some questions that I wanna ask. 
1. which uni should I go to among these universities (UofT/ york university/ Ryerson University) and why?
2. is there any co-op / international exchange/ internship?
3. what is the average mark that people usually get accepted? 
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Urban and Regional Planning (BURPI) at Ryerson University
I'd like to start off by saying that I am going into to Grade 12 this school year, and I am having a really hard time picking a program for university. 

I go to a Science and Technology specialty high school, but I actually excel in English, Social Science, History, and Design. I have been trying to push myself to go into Health Sciences, but I think I should re-evaluate... 

As for this program above, I was researching about it and I think it looks quite interesting... So my question is: Do you need to have experience in visual arts to do well in this program? 

I took Visual Arts in grade 9, then Media Arts in grade 10, and then Technological Design (which allowed me to play around with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD) in grade 11 and I am going to take it again in grade 12 , but I was just wondering if I need more artistic experience to do well in this program. The Program Website does not disclose that you have to submit a portfolio but I was just wondering if there was anyone on this site that has gone to or is in the program that can help me out? 

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Ryerson urban planning waitlist
I am currently on the waitlist for Ryerson's Urban and Regional Planning program with a 82 average, is it possible to get in??
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Ryerson Urban Planning suggested courses?
I have been accepted to Ryerson's Urban and Regional Planning program. Any advice on what Liberal studies course to pick? http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2017-2018/liberal-studies/table_a/
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Laptop for Planning students at Waterloo
What's the best laptop for a first year planning student at Waterloo, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or anything else? What are the requirements for a good laptop?
General discussion for ppl applying to urban and regional planning. its my first pick so im really interested, if any current students or alums can give a little insight on their experiences. I applied to OCADU for environmental design, also architecture and urban planning at ryerson.
Waterloo Residence?
Going to Waterloo this Fall and wasn't too sure whether to just commute or live on residence. Commuting usually takes approx 1-1.5 hrs and I'm doing Planning at UW. Suggestions and/or advice?
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Urban Planning or Architecture
Ive narrowed my program choices to either Architecture or Urban Planning and I was just wondering if anyone could help me in this decision. Which profession is better job wise, which is more enjoyable and how much do each make as I havent been able to find a solid number for either

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Ryerson- Urban planning acceptances
Was wondering what peoples mark were when they received conditional offers?

My final average is going to be a 78% but I haven't received a conditional offer yet and im afraid I won't be able to make it since it's so competitive this year 
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Ryerson Urban Planning
Discussion for people to share acceptances to Urban Planning at Ryerson and their averages if they feel comfortable. I applied late to Urban Planning and Ryerson and still waiting for reply. Currently a 90% average.
Do I still have a chance?
Hello hello! I applied to planning at Waterloo and still haven't heard anything from them. At this rate my average will drop from an 87 to a 85 and even lower because my school is brutal wth marking, haha. Do I still have a chance if the cut-off is "low-80s" ? I'm looking at old threads and most of the people who got in are in the higher 80s- low 90s range. I'm lucky in that I got into ryerson back in January but waterloo is my first choice, thoughts?
What are my chances of getting in to these Architecture programs?
I applied to:
Ryerson Architectural Science
U of T Architectural Studies 
OCAD Environmental Design
Ryerson Urban Planning

My grade 11 average is around 79 but an 82 if not counting 2 gr 12 classes i took
Currently My gr 12 first semester avg is about an 80(Religion-84 Commtech-94 Physics-62) but I'm retaking Physics in night school to aim for a 75-80 and all my classes seem easy next semester i'm expecting an 85-90%+ average 
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Is Economics worth it?
I'm thinking about the possibility of applying to law school after my bachelor's degree but of course I need a back up plan! I applied to Urban Planning and Public Affairs and Policy Management because they seemed pretty practical (Urban Planning is a professional degree). I think Economics would definitely useful in the general knowledge sense, but would the actual piece of paper be practical? I applied to general arts at McGill and Queen's if anyone is wondering! (and Urban planning at Ryerson/Queens -(geo)-, PAPM at Carleton)
Urban Planning Folks! Admissions, Outlooks...
I'm starting this thread for people who are applying to various Planning programs across Ontario, more specifically the Planning programs at the University of Waterloo and Ryerson University (since they're accredited).


1. Which programs did you apply to and why? Are you considering grad school instead?
2. Admissions average and ECs... Stuff like that.
3. How you feel about Planning and what you want to do when you're older.

I'll start!

I'm applying to Planning @ uWaterloo, Public Affairs and Policy Management @ CarletonU, and Social Sciences @ uToronto St. George. My average so far this year is hovering around a 91%, but I am really not sure if I can keep that. I'm fairly active with school clubs, and volunteer with my religious community on the side.

I'm a little bit torn between the three programs, since I don't know if I want to work in education, in international development/global studies, or planning/community development/public affairs... But I guess I'll see where life takes me :)
Hey, I applied to Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson and its my first choice, these are my first semester marks:

Adv Finctions: 92
English: 90
Forensic Science: 95
Art: 87 :(

What do u think my chances are for acceptance after first semester? Do u think I'll have to wait til mid term??
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Urban Planning
I applied to waterloo planning. Right now i have a 94 average, but im taking chemistry and physics next semester which might make it go down... are these courses useful for planning or should i just switch into easier ones to up my average?
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Waterloo Planning
Who's applied and has anyone been accepted yet? Waterloo planning is my top choice so i'm a little nervous...
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