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Best Roommates: Friends or Classmates?

The following tips, originally posted at StudentAwards Conversations, were contributed by students in our membership.

Is it better to have roommates who you are really comfortable with or roommates who are in the same program? (posted by: Nexus111)

I would suggest living with a friend, but if - and only if - you know what his or her living habits are like. You're friends because you have mutual interests, which is a great start to being good roommates, but to actually be a good roommate pair you also need to have mutual living habits. e.g. will this person be in the same classes as you (as in, will you have similar schedules)? As a corollary, does this person have the same sleeping habits as you? Is he or she an early riser or someone who likes to sleep in? Is he or she a partier? Is he or she a neat-freak or a slob? Does he or she like blaring loud music? Does he or she study a lot or barely at all? Most importantly, is he or she courteous? A courteous, reasonable person would be very hard to hate as a roommate. (posted by: mynameismattgotmlgo)
I'm an only child and I'm currently sharing a room with one of my best friends. Normally you hear horror stories about the friends hating each other more and more as the year goes on, but we've actually grown closer. (posted by: megaiken)

I would say be roommates with someone in your program, you'll find a new friend and can ask for help. Also from seeing other people in the past, after rooming with your close friend you guys might end up not being friends anymore. (posted by: TheLaw)

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