Guelph Humber or Ottowa University?

Posted: 7:03AM March 01, 2012 UTC
Hi all, Hoping to get some help for my son.  He is interested in the criminal justice course both at guelph humber and Ottawa.  He has been accepted at both and is waiting on acceptance to Western.  Can anybody tell me what course would be better, as I want him to get the best bang for my buck!!!!!  In his future he sees himself as a detective and is interested in the military too.  As far as future employability, is one university better than another and why?

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Posted: 7:03AM March 18, 2012 UTC
From my experience Ottawa University is the better place. My friend graduated not a long a go.
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Posted: 7:03AM March 27, 2012 UTC
I also recommend uOttawa as it is in the nation's capital. If he is interested at all in the military, there are many drill halls as well as the National Defense Headquarters within walking distance. I have a few friends who are in the Canadian Forces reserves and being in Ottawa is a huge advantage to them.
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Posted: 7:04AM April 21, 2012 UTC
If he is looking to go in to policing, then I would recommend Guelph-Humber. Their degree+diploma curriculum offers both a theoretical and practical experience, and that's what most employers are looking for. I myself want to go to Guelph-Humber in the coming Fall.

Also, in the third and fourth year, he'll partake in two different placements. With the 100 hours of experience each placement supplies, it'd be a great way to have experience, and that would be an excellent advantage against other applicants.

I'm not sure about Ottawa University because I have no insight on their program, but I'm sure it is great as well. 
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