HELP! SFU School of IS or UBC IR?

Posted: 7:09AM September 19, 2012 UTC
So I come here in a desperate attempt to see if anyone on here has any insight on either of these programs (I don't know anyone in real life who's knowledgable enough to help me decide). 

All I know is that the cut - off for UBC IR keeps growing year by year (78% in 2012 I believe). Adding injury to insult, the program only lets in 125 students in a school pertaining of over 40, 000! SFU is a bit more lenient with a 3.0 GPA but I really like UBC as a school and I'd love to go there if I knew what my IR chances were...

FYI: I'm currently a second year student at Langara so I'll have to decide fairly quickly. My CGPA is 3.16 which I should be able to raise considering my first semester at college didn't go so well.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! :chef: 
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