can I enroll in an ilc (ONLINE) course if i'm taking the same one in day school?

Posted: 7:10AM October 12, 2012 UTC
I was wondering if I could do advanced functions through ILC or an online school if I'm taking advanced functions in day school?

Do schools permit that?

Thanks in advance!
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Posted: 7:10AM October 30, 2012 UTC
If you're in the TDSB you cannot. You can try, but it is your guidance counsellor's obligation to reject your application.  
However i do know one person who is taking english in nightschool and day school at the same time to get a higher mark. 
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Posted: 7:11AM November 07, 2012 UTC
how my school and the ocsb work with ilc is you can only take a course if it's not offered at your school, or if you have a full timetable and need the class. You can try asking, but i'd doubt they'd let you do the same course twice
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