First year (mechanical) engineering summer job

Posted: 7:12AM December 06, 2012 UTC

I'm in the first year in Aerospace Engineering in Ryerson, and thinking about summer engineering job anywhere in this country. I've been googling and googling and all I've found is Plains Midstream's 1st year exclusive job and Husky's jobs... 

Can anybody tell me other first year engineering summer jobs? I know for many engineering positions require students to have at least 2 years of study, but I'm desparate in looking for jobs, let alone after graduate. Some general ideas about this topic are also welcome.

 I'm looking for a job preferably in mechanical related engineering, and in fact thinking about transferring to some mechanical engineering so I bet this frame of mind makes sense for you. I'm thinking about this because I'm an international student and do wanna get a job right after graduation, with a lot of practical knowledge.(I will add that I read the past related posts, just in case)

If you have something in mind, just write it down.

Thanks in advance.

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