OSAP Restriction Removal/Income & Credit Check Inquiry

Posted: 7:07AM July 19, 2013 UTC
Hi all, 

First post so please bear with me:

1. I had an overpayment to OSAP and Academic Probation from 2005. I have paid back the overpayment in full and they received confirmation last week from NSLC; My Academic progress documents were approved on 06/25/13 and the Academic Probation Restriction was lifted, but does anyone know how long it takes for an Income Variance Restriction to be lifted? (My application for summer 2013 OSAP was submitted on June/4/13).

2. Does anyone know at what point the Income & Credit check is completed?

Thanks :)
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Posted: 7:08AM August 15, 2013 UTC
Income variances mean that you under reported your income to OSAP.   You received more OSAP than you were entitled to.  Depending on how how much you may find that it will not be lifted.

But income and credit checks normally don't take more than 4 or 5 days.
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