McGill Early Admission Offers??

43 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi I think we're all here in the waiting game excited to hear back from McGill Uni and other schools we've applied to. I'm looking to get into their Life Sciences program...

If you get an offer, please be so kinda as to letting us know when you received an offer, for what program and your percentage.

This way, we can all go through this process together so best of luck! I hope everyone gets in :) And for those who got in, congrats!!

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Chances of UBC Acceptance (Gen. Science)

9 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi guys,

So, just recently, I've begun stressing over my chances of being accepted into my preferred choice (general science) at UBC. I have been reading a lot of threads and there have been a variety of responses. Some getting in with low 90s, other not getting in. Some saying they had excellent PP's yet were denied. I know that not everyone can be trusted but I would like to hear what you think are my chances of getting in.

Grade 11 Marks:
Bio 11 -94%
Chem 11 (honours) - 96%
Physics 11 - 91%
English 11 - 92%
Pre-Calculus 11 Honours - 90%
Socials Studies - 93%

Grade 12 Marks
Biology - 95%
Chemistry - 95%
Calculus 12 - 95%
English 12 - 90%
AP Calculus - 93%
AP Chemistry - 94%

EC's include Captain and MVP of two different sports team at school, founder and coach of my own basketball association, tutoring all grades other than grade 12, main member of a club that specializes in making sure everyone in school is treated with respect, kindness etc. and grad council in which I create event, create proposals for teachers to decide on the event, and run events for the entire graduating class.

Any feedback would be great,
Thank You!
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Admission Questions? Ask a Current UBC Student!

323 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Jane C
Hi guys,

I always remember finding this forum really useful back when I was applying for universities in 2012, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to actually get some hard knowledge about admissions rather than just hearsay.  Though I'm in Sauder, I can answer any questions regarding direct entry to all UBC programs, Sauder transfer applications, and general university stuff.

You should all also take a look at the holy grail of UBC admissions, specifically table 18 where all admission averages for all programs for entry in 2013W are outlined.

Hope to see you all at UBC in September!
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Waterloo Software Engineering/ Computer Science

13 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Who applied to/ has received an offer for Computer Science (co-op) or Software Engineering at Waterloo? :) What are your averages? 
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Deferred to UTM from UTSG Life Sci

3 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Murray Alatassi
Hey guys,  I applied to life sci at UTSG but found out that I was deferred. I'm honestly really confused because I have an average of 94%... however, my calculus mark (which is a prereq) is 73%. The 94% includes my calc mark. Could this be the reason why I was deferred?

At my school, calc is exceptionally difficult. All of my other marks since grade 8 are high. To me, it just feels like a misunderstanding.

Is there anything I could do to get reconsidered?

Thank you
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When will Computer Science(coop) acceptance be released? (BC curriculum)

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
I am currently in BC curriculum, my average is around 93% for now, I am wondering if it is possible for me to get an early decision.
English 12 81%
Pre-calculus 12 100%
Physics 12 95%
Chemistry 12 98%
Calculus 12 IP
Does anyone have any idea of when will Computer Science acceptance be released?
In addition, if Calculus 12 mark is not available now, will it cause delay of admission decisions?
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How much time does it take for a high school girl to put on makeup?

3 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Jane C
How much time does it take for a girl to put on makeup?
And what time do you guys get up to put makeup on?
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UTM Studies in Management?

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
I initially applied for UTM Commerce (I got Rotman Commerce and UTM Commerce mixed up) and was alternately admitted to UTM Management. I did some research and couldn't find much info on it - it seems like it's not a very well-known program.

Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/experiences they can share regarding this program? I'm a BC student also applying to UBC, SFU, McGill, and Queen's for commerce/management programs.
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Offer Conditions

3 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
What were your guy's offer conditions? Did anyone else get the vague "maintain your current academic standing"?
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McMaster Health Sci

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Has anyone here been through Mac's health sci program?
How was your experience there?
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Sauder Chance?

6 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Jane C
Hey I have applied to Sauder this year!  I have an average of 96%  And EC's that consist of 
 1)Playing soccer for 8 years and acted as captain 2) Volunteered at many imstitutions (Summer Camp leader) 
3)school head member of kindler society 
4)leader of the me to we club- generated about $6000 for sierra leone 
5)and talked about the jobs I have had  
 What are my chances to get into sauder
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what do ghosts say

2 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
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Is automotive engineering a good career for a car enthusiast?

4 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
My name is Seth and Im a young car enthusiast. Im looking at careers that I will like, Im really wanting to work in the car industry and I was thinking an automotive engineer would be not too bad of a choice. Is it a good career for a die hard car enthusiast? Would it be fun? I also wish to make good pay so that I can spend it on my own cars. Im not saying making millions a year because I know automotive engineers wont really make that much, but hopefully something like 70k-80k (Canadian) and up so that I can live comfortably but also have enough to spend it on cars of my own. So would an automotive engineer be a good choice as a career for me or could you guys possibly name some alternative careers for a car enthusiast. Keep in mind that I will be studying in Canada.

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Should i take data management if I'm going into math?

2 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I'm planning on either majoring or minoring in math because I'm very good at it. I got amazing grades in advanced functions and calculus but don't really want to take data management. Is it ok that I don't? Will I be able to take university math without it? Thanks
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Rotman Vs Queens

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Which is the better? What is the employment percentage of rotman commerce graduates compared to queens? what are some pros and cons?
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Ap Credits? Engineering

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
ok so they won't allow AP students to skip first year courses for engineering... 

are there other benefits for having AP credits? I may take the Calculus AB and English Literature & Composition exams. I want to go into mechanical/mechatronics/biomed.
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Tips on Handling Money Wisely from Cathford Group Credit Inc.

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Aloha Andrea
Remember that movie with Will Smith in it: The Pursuit of Happyness? Many of us can relate with the feeling the character had in being jobless and penniless. The sense of powerlessness can be totally depressing and energy-sucking. On the other hand, people who have no money shortage tend to be sociable, confident and level-headed, as opposed to commonly lonely, diffident and irritable "poor" souls. This holds true in many cases that we know, if not from personal experience, at least from our close relations.
The National Foundation for Credit Counselling in the US did a survey which showed that almost 80% of people claim they lose sleep from money problems over other issues such as their marriages, kids or job security. It seems, therefore, that those many sleepless people in our midst comprise a big bulk of unhappy families.
In general, we agree that genuine happiness does not come from our material possessions but in the intangible things that truly matter in life. However, being able to handle money wisely can add much to the level of contentment and confidence that people have in life.
Understanding the principles that govern the dynamics of money would greatly enhance our capacity to maintain a meaningful and comfortable life. But handling money requires knowing several powerful tips you can learn to develop, namely:
Unlearn bad habits through the power of self-forgiveness. Habits have a great influence on how we control money. Our early home-and-school training somehow predetermined our ability to make money work for us. Many keep falling into the financial trap of overspending or borrowing to purchase lavish stuff because we learned it from someone close to us or someone we know in the past. Once it becomes a hardened habit, we will find it hard to escape the vicious cycle.
What to do then? Forgiving yourself for your failures is the way suggested toward reversing this trend in your life. It is the proper way of dealing with the guilt that emanates from the bad habit. Sacrificing instead of always looking for the easy way out can break that cycle of emotional and financial slavery to your weaknesses.
Know how you behave with respect to money. Our early years, especially our formal education, molded the way we think and act in relation to other people and material things. Even the kind of music we listen to, sing or download online is controlled by the upbringing we had as well as the environment we lived or live in.
Getting to know how you handle money will help you understand yourself more. With a clearer appreciation of how money affects you, you can learn to control you tendencies in order to benefit you financially. Perhaps, some of your habits or patterns of spending and borrowing can be traced to past experiences which were stressful. Knowing that you now have enough experience to control your emotions, you can then adjust and create a better way of handling money so that you do not end up in the same rut as before.
Knowing yourself, as the wise Marcus Aurelius said, is the key to defeating the worst enemy you have, which is often no one else but yourself. "Conquering yourself" should be the better motto to keep from now on.
Seek professional help if nothing else works. A financial counsellor has the experience and ability to help you understand how your financial habits are influenced by your emotional conditions. Possessing positive money habits can be developed as we can see in some cultural environments which engender respect for and skill in handling money beginning in childhood.
Yet, the best way to develop good money habits is learning from those who have the experience of creating wealth – the business-people. They are the ones who spend their whole life making money and making it grow to benefit not just themselves but others. Perhaps, for most people, bad money habits may have come about not just from lack of discipline but lack of appreciation as to what money can do for themselves and to others. Spending money unwisely may have come about because it was earned without effort early in life. Going into business and "making hard money" may be the only way for many of us to finally appreciate the real value of money – not its worth but what is can do to better people's lives.
The feeling of being debt-free can be truly liberating. But it comes with seriously considering the above steps toward setting yourself free of the negative and unproductive thoughts and attitudes we have with respect to money. In the end, happiness does not depend on having so much money; neither are your troubles due to the lack of money. We make ourselves happy by how we deal with what we have and what we do not have.
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The Woo Group Review RBC Wealth Management - Canada wirtschaft

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Der Bericht weist darauf hin, daBB nach mehreren Jahren der Export das Wachstum vor allem aus den Sektoren Energy 2014 markierte einen Wendepunkt mit der gestiegenen Nachfrage fur nicht-Energie exportiert. RBC sieht dies eine Erweiterung in der Exportnachfrage zu immer weiter beschleunigen im Jahr 2015 unterstutzt durch erhohte US-Investitionen in Maschinen und Ausrustungen, sowie die steigenden US Auto Sales und Wohnungsbau.

Canada's Wohnungsmarkt weiterhin Kraft in 2014 durch Verkauf und Preise steigen. Gehause einem Ganstigen Preis in den meisten Market ist nur mit leichten Anzeichen von Stress wie niedrige Zinsen und Erhohung von Einkommen haben weitgehend kompensiert den Einfluss steigender Home Preise in den meisten Stadten. Im Jahr 2015, den zu erwartenden Anstieg der Zinssatze wird Herausforderung Erschwinglichkeit was einen milden Ruckzug in Vertriebsaktivitaten.
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U of T - Life Science Program ...admissions details please

2 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Firstly, I was wondering what kind of an average would somewhat guarantee you admission into Life Science(Human be specific (if that matters)) ...I have checked the website and all but I feel like I'd be more comfortable with feedback from people that have gotten accepted, already.
Secondly, how do scholarships at u of t work ...I just dont get it due to it being so complicated on the website :/ ... I'd really appreciate some cut-off marks and some details on how much money you get for what cut-off...
Thirdly, I would also like to know about the residence scholarships at u of t and there cut-offs and money ranges.
Lastly, I honestly dont get it I've heard that universities only look at ur top 6 for grade 12... but what about grade 11(for early acceptance) is it also just the top 6 for it or is it all the grades(for grade 11). 

By answering these questions, you'd be relieving me of a WHOLE LOT of pressure...I'd appreciate every possible answer I get :) ...thanks a lot,much appreciated!!! 

Oh and by the way ...does taking the "recommended" prerequisites(like physics for example) help them consider you more any way :/ ...

St. George campus ...sorry forgot to mention that earlier
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UTSC vs Waterloo Computer science

6 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Abhi Mevawala
Hi guys
I have applied to UTSC and Waterloo (computer science (Co-Op))
Yesterday I got an offer letter from UTSC (still waiting for one from Waterloo)
I basically live in India so i have no location demand
Please help me with making a choice between UTSC and Waterloo

My dream to is work in a well known organization like Google, Facebook or Apple( and also want to get paid a whole lot of money)

Campus life is quite important for me. I like having many friends and cool professors who can help me anytime i m stuck in some problem.

Also i like places where i can get vast variety of food

Please help in making a choice
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Ap Credits? Engineering

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
ok so they won't allow AP students to skip first year courses for engineering... 

are there other benefits for having AP credits? I may take the Calculus AB and English Literature & Composition exams. I want to go into track one/mechanical/engineering science.
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UBC Engineering admissions & program questions answered here!

28 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Pickled Peppers
We represent UBC Engineering. You can ask us almost anything about admissions, our programs and student life! 

Join our mailing list to stay updated on events relevant to you:

Our team will monitor this page and respond to comments within 24-48 hours Monday to Friday. If you have an urgent question about admission, please call the Undergraduate Admissions office at 604-822-9836 or 1-877-272-1422.

To protect your privacy, please do not disclose personal information, such as an email address, home address or phone number for yourself or others. You do not need to tell us the name of your high school or university. For example, “an American high school with an American curriculum” is fine. Remember—the information you post here is visible to everyone.
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UBC Engineering and Ap Credit?

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
I don't get what it says on their website... so does AP Calculus (AB) and AP English count for credit? Does a sufficient score mean I can not take the first year courses? Or does it mean I just get some unassigned credits... and what does that mean? what? x_x
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UBC Arts Transfer

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
I am a first year university student looking to transfer into second year UBC Arts, what would you say is a competitive GPA for Arts transfer? Thanks :)
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1st year UBC student! Ask me anything!

29 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Theodora Giovannelli
I'm finishing up my first year at UBC as a Health Science student in the Land and Food Systems faculty. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:
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