Class of 2020 Computer Science FB Group

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Is there a FB group yet? Ill make one if there isn't...


Anybody who's applied needs to join!

Edit2: Whoops deleted the group, new link works.
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McMaster Applicants 2015

83 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Kastler J. Louis
Wanted to post this thread for everyone who applied to Mac this year!

If you get an offer from mcmaster, let us know when and what program

I applied for physical sciences and life sciences.
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McMaster Acceptances

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Please post your average and the program you have been accepted to for McMaster
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Did TD scholarship contact all the finalists?
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Will IB economics prepare me?

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
So I'm inclined to major in economics in UofT and like the title says, will IB economics HL prepare me well for the upcoming courses such as ECO100 or so? Ive been hearing alot from other IB eco students that they found their eco course relatively easy at university. However, a lot of people say that economics at UofT is very hard and that concerns me
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Entrance scholarship

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
I received an entrance scholarship ($2000) from UTM. Is there a possibility that I may receive one from UTSG or UTSC too? 
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Brock, Mcmaster..I need some help!

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I am currently a grade 12 student,  & I need some help and advice towards choosing a university! 

For Brock: How well is the business program WITHOUT coop? Is it possible to switch into it/transfer to it while in university? 

For Mcmaster: How well is the business program? Is there coop available? 

Which would be the better choice? Brock no coop, or Mac? 
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I just accepted my offer to WLU and now I am trying to decide on which residence I should stay at. I want the apartment style so I don't know if I should go for kings court or bricker? 
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Not authorised to applicant center

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On mosaic it shows that I am not authorised to applicant centre so can anyone help me
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is the University of Waterloo or the University of Alberta better for Engineering?

1 reply • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Nathan Lu
Hi everyone,

I am currently in grade 12 and was accepted to both universities of Waterloo and Alberta for engineering however I couldn't decide which is better... I am currently accepted as general engineering in Ualberta and environmental engineering in UWaterloo. I want to look for a balance between student life and academics with a nice environment of a community and I highly value co-op programs as well. I don't want engineering to be stressful and torturous (although, lets admit it, it kinda will be) and i want to remember the great memories I would have at University.  

I know that they all have their flaws and advantages but are there any experienced engineering graduates, current engineering undergraduates or anyone who can give a bit of insight into both schools in regards to academics, ranking, social life, co-op, and maybe the best thing about both universities versus the worst for the two universities? which one would you guys pick and why? 

Also,Do you guys think that first year general will be more useful than going straight into a program? I'm not entirely sure if I will like environmental engineering.

Thanks in advance :)
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McGill Early Admission Offers??

52 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi I think we're all here in the waiting game excited to hear back from McGill Uni and other schools we've applied to. I'm looking to get into their Life Sciences program...

If you get an offer, please be so kinda as to letting us know when you received an offer, for what program and your percentage.

This way, we can all go through this process together so best of luck! I hope everyone gets in :) And for those who got in, congrats!!

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IVEY AEO first round of acceptences

9 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Maksym Kryworuchko
Hey guys, doesnt the first round of offers come out at march 31? Yet i see people posting their acceptences. Should i be worried?

And can you please tell me my chances. No sugar coating

My EC's are 
1. Main supporting actor in my schools annual play
2. Helped in organizing a national charity event.
3. Head of a team responsible for fund management in a foreign NGO
4. Assistant manager and participant in a program with schuitema

My work experience is book keeping and occasional waiter at my family friends resturant.

I got in western 14 days after i uploaded my grades. This AEO thing is killing me.
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What commerce undergrad program is best?

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
I'm transferring into third year. I took first year Social Sciences at UVIC and had a 3.7 GPA there, and this year I took 2nd year commerce at UNBC and had a GPA of 4.0 in the first semester. I already have gotten early admission acceptance into U of A and U of T Missauga for Commerce. I also got early admittance into SFU but its for Economics cause I'm missing some pre-requisite courses for third year commerce. Essentially if I chose SFU I'd have to take the business courses I'm missing and apply for internal program transfer. I also applied to Mcgill and UBC, but my application hasn't been review yet for those two. I live in Prince George, so Northern BC, and I have family in Vancouver so the most convenient place would be UBC for sure. I was wondering though which program is the best for Commerce? It is impossible to transfer into Rotman Commerce at U of T which is part of the main St. Georges campus, but from what I've researched U of T Mississauga provides the same education, even shares some of the same profs and still earns you a U of T degree. Still just looking for outside opinions. 
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McMaster Application - Problems with MAC ID?

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
I sent in my McMaster application a while back... but I forgot to write down my MAC ID, so I tried the "forgot MAC ID" option. However, using the information given by the applications information email, it kept returning authentication failed... so I tried to "activate MAC ID" again. Logging in with this newly activated username/password, I can't access the student center, I don't have the permissions. 
.. Do you think my application got deleted? I guess I'll call them tomorrow... Has this happened to anyone else?
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Someone HELP ! I am so confused with the self reporting.

4 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Here's what UBC says about uploading your marks: 
"If you have second-semester courses in progress, report the course names and leave the grade fields blank. If there is no grade on your report card, do not predict one." 

This means they will only look at my 1st semester marks on my report card and not see the marks on my interim which I am getting in a few days !!! 
The problem is that my second semester grades are substantially better than my first, and I have no chance with my first semester grades. Does this mean UBC will decide admission by only looking at my first semester grades on my first term report card?? 
This just seems unfair because I worked so hard in the second semester thinking that I could up my second semester grades for self reporting in March. If you had half of the required grades in the second semester they won't look at them and decide admission? Someone please help. I'm stressing out.
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McMaster Nursing 2015

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
Hey! Has anyone gotten accepted to Mac Nursing yet? Mainsite? MoMac? Conestoga? If so, do you mind sharing your admission average and the average you gotta maintain by the end of June? Thank you so much!

- an anxious Mac nursing applicant D:
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Another one of those (What are my chances? posts...)

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
So yeah, it's one of these posts again. 
What are my chances of getting into the following:
Waterloo - Life Sciences & Honours Science
UTM - Life Sciences
Guelph - Biological Sciences
Laurier - Health Sciences
Western - Science (Biology)

I'm applying from Alberta. 
My completed marks are
English 71
Biology 83 
Math 73 (Redoing)
Social 73
In Progress - Chem & Calculus 
I applied to these programs in October when my marks were like 85+ with high hopes, now... well... yeah... 

Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated! 
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self reporting???

3 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
So I recently applied to a bunch of schools (KPI,UVIC,UBC,SFU) and as you all know self reporting is coming up real fast!

I attend a semester school, so we're literally barley one month in our classes and my marks are kind of meh because of the fact the few assignments we did are worth a huge chunk of our mark.

I really want to get into Beedie, and as you guys know their self reporting is due next week. So far I'm sitting with an 80 in eng12, precal12 and probably somewhere similar/higher for geog12. I may or may not be using the term being petrified as a hyperbole to describe how I'm feeling right now because an 80 is pretty low, but my dilemma is I know for a fact I can do SO much better as time progresses (always happens, starts off meh, ends off good)

So my question is, will they reject me based off of my self reporting mark in which I KNOW I can eventually bring up? 

my grades so far

sem 1
dance - 97
yearbook - 95
history - 91
peer tutoring - 90

sem 2
geog - 80~90??
precal - 80
eng - 80
yearbook - 95 (but this class is irreverent so w/e lol)

and my EC's are decent i think, i volunteered for Scouts Canada for a year, apart of IDEAS36 (leadership conference), a member of the Surrey Student Council, danced for five years and formed my own club.
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2015 Engineering Hopefuls

72 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Joe Chaudary
Hey guys :)

We are so close to applying.. and I saw similar threads to this over the past couple years and thought why not do it again?
So if you're interested in going into an engineering program...

1. What discipline(s) are you considering?
2. What schools are you considering? (in order if you'd like) 
3. What do you think your top 6 average will be?

Additionally, if you are in university right now for engineering and see this, please post about where you go, your program, the student life, and anything else you'd like to share, as well as what your average was when you were accepted! That will be greatly appreciated :)

1. Biomedical or Chemical
2. Waterloo, McGill, Queen's, McMaster
3. aiming for around a 95%, in the mid 94%'s right now!

Look forward to hearing from all you other engineering hopefuls! :)

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University of Toronto Engineering Student - Ask Me Anything

387 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Joe Chaudary
Hey everyone! I started this thread to answer questions from the potential class of 2017, and to keep all of the University of Toronto-related items in one place. 

I'm a first year engineering student at the University of Toronto and I'm currently studying electrical/computer engineering (same courses as TrackOne). I commute to school every day, so I can't really answer that many questions about residence, but I'm sure others will be willing to chime in on that. 

Without further ado, ask away!
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Laurier Side BBA/Bmath DD Acceptances

5 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by C H
Please post if you have been accepted to this program from the Laurier side and what your average is. 
Im between 94-95 and want to get an idea of when/if I should anticipate to hear from them. 
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got accepted to laurier's bba yesterday!!!

6 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
feel free to ask questions
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McMaster and Laurier Business

22 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Tanzeel sayani
Has anyone heard back from McMaster or Laurier? 
I have a 89.5% average right now based on 4u/m courses completed (finished adv functions and english + 2 other mixed courses). I was wondering if anyone got accepted to laurier or mcmaster with a average below mines?
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Chance me for laurier bba/UTSC bba

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC

International student 
interm grade- 93.1%

Do u think i will get in ? 
( UTSC essay are pretty good )
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Chances of getting into Ryerson Journalism??

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
Hi!!! :)   

English - 74% (redoing this semester)  
Tech Design (CyberArts) - 80% 
Art (CyberArts) - 84%  Literature - 80%   

Midterms are about to come out, so I have a good idea of what my marks will be:   
English - 90%  
Law - 87%  
Business - 80%  
Writers Craft - 85%   

Binded Portfolio:  
Essay: Charlie Hebdo Paris  
4 school newspaper articles 
1 FIT precollege blog article  
1 photojournalism spread for my school yearbook (probably should not have included this)   

Max was 6 pieces so I stopped there   
none of these articles were really "reporting" on news either, they were just general articles. like i wrote one on "the art of decision making". is this a problem 

 I feel super crappy because on the life and journalistic experience page, I didnt distinguish between the two, so I basically just wrote them in the same list (will admissions hate me?)  I write in cursive too so it might have looked slightly overwhelming lol  again, will they hate me???   

- head editor of school newspaper 
- wrote for fit precollege summer blog 
- involved in a gifted arts program (cyber arts)  
- executive photographer for the orbit (yearbook at my school)  
- involved in ambassadors club (where you help organize and plan school events)  - do the announcements every Tuesday 
- travel to new york quite often because my dad resides there  
- worked for a youth association for academics character development and sports  
- run a fashion blog  .... and i cant really remember anything else but i did write a little more!!! if only we got it back D:   

PLS HELP!!! im a heap of nervous energy right now and i need a little bit of insight   
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