Business School Acceptances Thread!

14 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Jonathan Orrett
Tell us what was your average and when you got accepted to the school you applied to!  
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Laurier BBA Acceptances?

8 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Jonathan Orrett
Hey, so awhile back I got an email from Laurier explaining that acceptances will go out in 3 phases, where the second phase happens in march/april based on a combination of Gr11/12 marks. I was wondering if its the top 6 marks out of the gr11/12 marks, even if let's say I have 2 maths in my top mark, will they count both or just one? Sorry if this is confusing to understand, lol 
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Anyone accepted to Laurier BBA?

3 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Jonathan Orrett
Has anyone received offers from March yet? If so, what was your average? 
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Currently finishing first year @ DeGroote School of Business. Ask me anything!

26 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I'm usually really busy due to school, but I will try and answer any DeGroote/Business/Application/Social/McMaster related questions based on my experience! I apologize in advance if I'm late or don't get to your question. Everything posted here are from my own personal experiences and it's my own opinion.  I personally feel that not a lot of DeGroote students uses this forum, and oftentimes we are being misrepresented. Therefore, I created this thread to clear things up and to provide advices from the actual experiences that I've been through. I'm not an official McMaster representative & do not affiliate with the McMaster admissions in anyway.
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Queen's/Rotman/DeGroote Commerce

6 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
What chance do I have to get into Queen's Commerce with an 89% average. My school isn't semestered so I cant wait till next semester to boost my marks..this is as far as it goes..I'm so worried. I have really good ECs though. I'm the secretary of CANFAR and United Way, journalist for the yearbook, Head of Publicity for the school drama festival, Events committee member for Leadership Council,  and I work at LDATD where I teach children with disabilities.

Any feedback is appreciated..
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UTM computer science and math

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC
Did any get accepted and what avg
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Ryerson RTA: Media Production 2015-2016

5 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Ananna Rafa
Hey guys! I just wanted to know anyone who applied to Ryerson's Media Production program. If so, what attracted you to the program? What other programs did you apply to? It would be cool to talk to people who could possibly be my new friends next year! We can stress about our nonacademic requirements and our interviews together! But I guess it's too early to be even thinking about that, yeah? :)
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Nursing Hopefuls 2015!

138 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Sally C.
Hey everyone! 

I saw this thread last year and thought it was worth while to do! For anyone applying to 4 or 2 year programs. 

1. Which school(s) are you applying to?
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What average are you aiming for your final year?
EXTRA - I want current Nursing students to be included as well! Tell us where you go, where you applied to and what your GPA in Grade 12 was or post secondary if thats what your doing right now. Also, a few pointers, tips and guidance is always great!:cheers: 

1. I want to go to McMaster (4 year), Queens  (4 year or 2 year), Western (2 year), UofT
2. Nursing, and nothing else!
3. I had mid 80's in high school and currently have a 3.1 from Uoft B.A second year

So common guys, reveal yourselves! ;)
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McMaster Applicants 2015

95 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Wanted to post this thread for everyone who applied to Mac this year!

If you get an offer from mcmaster, let us know when and what program

I applied for physical sciences and life sciences.
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Do universities look at your top marks?

3 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
For example if a university wanted 4 courses from you for a specific program does it mean that the uni will calculate the average of your top 4 approved courses?
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SFU offers anyone?

72 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
So Who has received an offer from SFU already for Fall 2014? Whose green circle has finally turned into a check?

I'm still waiting on my application to Faculty of Applied Sciences and Faculty of Sciences.
With an IB grade of 31, I'm here biting my nails over the application website. I'm very tempted to email them, but I know it's still quite early for Fall 2014 admission offers, but I'm a worrier, and waiting is driving me up the wall!
:bounce: :bounce: 
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Class of 2020 Computer Science FB Group

6 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by 3uler

Anybody who's applied needs to join! We may be planning a war against another group...

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yconic Updates and Releases

42 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Joel Hobson
Hi Everyone, 

This is a new thread where yconic Admin will let you know about the upcoming releases and enhancements to this site.  

My name is Nikki and I'll be sure to post below whenever a new change arrives on the platform.  Our goal is to make this space intuitive for our Members (you!), and a great place for you to find the help you're looking for, or offer fellow students help from your personal experiences.  

Along with updating you on the new feature changes and enhancements, I'll be sure to often pop in below, so please feel free to leave suggestions for the site, feedback and/or comments.   


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3rd Year Brock BBA/BAcc Co-op student, ask me anything!

39 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous

I'm basically always on here so figured might as well make one of these and help out any prospective students. 

- First 2 years spent as BBA Co-op student, secured first coop term through BBA
- Transferred into BAcc Co-op after 2 years
- Currently on co-op

You kinda get the best of both worlds since I have been in all (both) the programs offered at the Goodman School of Business!

And since I know these are gonna be popular Qs:

- Avg (both major and overall) ~80%
- ECs: Leadership position in a club, some entrepreneurial stuff, sports stuff
- Work XP: General accounting internship at no-name organization doing very basic stuff, manual labour

Since attending Brock, I have received interview requests from (in no particular order):
RBC x2, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Imperial Oil (Alberta), Ontario Securities Commission (CPA Approved), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Big 4 Audit (Toronto), Suncor (Alberta),, and CPP Investment Board.

Note: These were not all co-op positions, some were just summer internship interviews.

- Rejected from BAcc Co-op
- Accepted to BBA Co-op with 83.5% top 6

So feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to answer your Qs as best as I can!

*Even if nobody has posted in this topic for a while, feel free to do so, chances are I'm still lurking on here

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Sauder/MES & Science CSP - Ask Us Anything

14 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Prospective students! A year ago I recall being in your very shoes when I began applying for university. I know how overwhelming it can be so I'm just leaving this out here if anyone wants to ask me and my friend some general/specific questions about our experience. If you're not interested in Science or Commerce, you can still ask us some specific questions as we have friends in other faculties. 

A little about us:

We are high school friends from Surrey, BC who were not part of any IB/AP program other than an AP Calculus course we took. We had fairly high averages and decent extra-curricular involvement (won't go into details for now), but we also know some friends who did not have either and still made it (don't fret!). 

I only applied to SFU and UBC. For UBC, I applied to Sauder with Engineering as my second choice and I was accepted into both. It was a tough decision choosing between faculties and I did a LOT of research so if you have any questions about that I'm your guy. I had received a scholarship from SFU at the time also, but I ended up picking Sauder simply because it felt like the right fit for me. Two weeks later I found out I won the Major Entrance Scholarship which was very cool and unexpected. 

My friend was accepted into UBC, McGill and SFU. He plans on entering med school and knows quite a bit about the process. Currently he is in CSP (Coordinated Science Program) and he's also working a part time job.

We're both living on residence (Totem, HMSM) and have friends who commute so we can give you some insight into both.

Hopefully we can be of some assistance to you guys. 
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IVEY AEO first round of acceptences

10 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Fraz Ali Khan
Hey guys, doesnt the first round of offers come out at march 31? Yet i see people posting their acceptences. Should i be worried?

And can you please tell me my chances. No sugar coating

My EC's are 
1. Main supporting actor in my schools annual play
2. Helped in organizing a national charity event.
3. Head of a team responsible for fund management in a foreign NGO
4. Assistant manager and participant in a program with schuitema

My work experience is book keeping and occasional waiter at my family friends resturant.

I got in western 14 days after i uploaded my grades. This AEO thing is killing me.
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Will I get accepted?- Business- Rotman Commerce/ Waterloo AFM/ Schulich/ Queens Commerce

2 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi I was wondering if someone could help me get an idea of where I stand for the following programs:

Rotman Commerce
Waterloo AFM
Queens Commerce
Schulich BBA

My grades are as following:
Advanced Functions: 91
Accounting: 94
Data Management: 94
Business Leadership: 99
English: 90 
(Average= 93.6)

Currently in second semester:
Calculus- 96
Economics- 99

I am hoping for a projected average of 94/95%

I also have excellent EC's including:
Chair of President's Council
President of Mayor's Youth Council
President and Board Representative of ESP
Debate team co-founder and president
DECA member
Minister of External Affairs for Student Council
Writer for a local newspaper
Part- time job
IPP- Student Representative

Thanks in advance :)
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Not authorised to applicant center

2 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Karan Cheema
On mosaic it shows that I am not authorised to applicant centre so can anyone help me
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My questions arent getting answered here? Is there another forum that I might get quicker answers

2 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
please help! 
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UTSG Social Science acceptances 2015

6 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Have any of you received an offer from UTSG for their SocSci program? If so, what was your average?
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Waterloo Engineering Admission 2015

440 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hello fellow prospective Waterloo students!

My name is Bo and I'm a first-year Software Engineering student and Engineering Ambassador at the University of Waterloo. I know many of you are keen to study at Waterloo. I hope this thread will be very useful for you guys. I also started my blog: to write about my first year experience. I'll also be writing about the University admission process, and specifically for Engineering programs! 

List any questions below! I will try my best to respond to your questions daily.

Admissions 2015: How it's going to work by Prof Bill Anderson

Useful Links:
Professor Bill Anderson's Blog on Waterloo Engineering Admissions
Waterloo Engineering Shadow Program
OUAC Important Dates
Which Engineering Program is right for you? Quiz
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2015 Engineering Hopefuls

73 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hey guys :)

We are so close to applying.. and I saw similar threads to this over the past couple years and thought why not do it again?
So if you're interested in going into an engineering program...

1. What discipline(s) are you considering?
2. What schools are you considering? (in order if you'd like) 
3. What do you think your top 6 average will be?

Additionally, if you are in university right now for engineering and see this, please post about where you go, your program, the student life, and anything else you'd like to share, as well as what your average was when you were accepted! That will be greatly appreciated :)

1. Biomedical or Chemical
2. Waterloo, McGill, Queen's, McMaster
3. aiming for around a 95%, in the mid 94%'s right now!

Look forward to hearing from all you other engineering hopefuls! :)

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3rd year u of t student

3 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Ask anything!
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are midterms even relevant

1 reply • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
so, ryerson journalism does a huge wave of accepting in march, however my midterms get sent to the ouac by may 1st. what if i am heavily depending on midterms? will they dismiss my application and just accept people that have the necessary marks from first semester
i mean its 2 months later ?? 
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McMaster Acceptances

16 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 05, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Please post your average and the program you have been accepted to for McMaster
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