Current UBC Student- Ask me anything

119 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Theodora Giovannelli
I'm a second year UBC student. I took first year sciences, lived in rez, and have since transferred into Engineering. Have a question about rez life, science or transferring? Ask away!
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First-Year English for Engineering?

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Anybody know if an English course is mandatory for first-year engineering (mechanical/mechatronics/biomed)? Just wondering if I should try for AP or not...
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English for First-Year Engineering?

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Anybody know if an English course is mandatory for first-year engineering (track one/mechanical/engineering science)? Just wondering if I should try for AP or not...
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Dal nursing 2015

2 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
If anyone has been accepted for Dals 4 year nursing program already, what was your average? If you were accepted last year the input would be also appreciated.
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Waterloo or Laurier?

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
I am currently in Highschool. I have been accepted to Laurier for BSW which is at the Brantford Campus. I am currently waiting to hear from Waterloo for the Social Development Studies program. Anyone have any opinions on which is a better program? Which has a better social scene and where is ultimately better. I do not plan to live on residence and I live in Cambridge. About 20 mins to Waterloo but 35 - 40 minutes to Brantford.
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Ivey AEO New Thread About Leadership Profile

6 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Carlos Sanchez
Hey guys, I didn't lie however one of my referees disagrees with one of the few points i wrote for one of the additional extracurricular I listed on Ivey's leadership profile. What's the impact of this? is this an automatic denial? 
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Spring term??

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Hello all, is there anyone among you who has taken introductory stats in the spring/summer term in uni?? I'm contemplating on whether i should take it in during the regular fall/winter or in the spring because I've been hearing from friends how hard it is and all the lab assignments...any advice/personal experience would be extremely helpful! thanks!!
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Civil Engineering Waterloo ask!!

3 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi guys! I have applied to Waterloo, Mc Master, York, Western, UofT for Civil Engineering! Here are the summary of my academic marks:
 Grade 11: Function 100; Physics 95; Chemistry 93; English 86
 Grade 12: Advanced Function 98; Physics 96; Chemistry 97; Calculus 98; Data Management 95-97 ( not complete) ; English 83
 But the most important thing is that i just got 5.5 Ielts ....
 I'm very nevous about my chance of getting accepted to these universites ... What do you guys think?! 
 All responses are appreciated!! Thanks!

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Wilfred Laurier: Waterloo vs Brantford?

4 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
What do you like about the two campuses? What do you not like? They are a pretty equal distance from where I live now, and I'm just curious as to which people prefer.
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Brock Medical Sciences

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Anyone else accepted into Brock's medical sciences?
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1st year UBC student! Ask me anything!

28 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I'm finishing up my first year at UBC as a Health Science student in the Land and Food Systems faculty. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:
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BMOS, AEO 2- ask me questions

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Carlos Sanchez
Giving back to the young souls worried about getting their Ivey AEO status (which means nothing btw) but nonetheless, here to help. 
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Upcoming Waterloo Math Acceptances

24 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by 3uclid
Within the next week or two, UW is going to be making it's first round of acceptances for the math department. Discuss and share averages here if you're one of the students shooting for a round one acceptance into a math department program!

Good luck!
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Tips on Handling Money Wisely from Cathford Group Credit Inc.

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Remember that movie with Will Smith in it: The Pursuit of Happyness? Many of us can relate with the feeling the character had in being jobless and penniless. The sense of powerlessness can be totally depressing and energy-sucking. On the other hand, people who have no money shortage tend to be sociable, confident and level-headed, as opposed to commonly lonely, diffident and irritable "poor" souls. This holds true in many cases that we know, if not from personal experience, at least from our close relations.
The National Foundation for Credit Counselling in the US did a survey which showed that almost 80% of people claim they lose sleep from money problems over other issues such as their marriages, kids or job security. It seems, therefore, that those many sleepless people in our midst comprise a big bulk of unhappy families.
In general, we agree that genuine happiness does not come from our material possessions but in the intangible things that truly matter in life. However, being able to handle money wisely can add much to the level of contentment and confidence that people have in life.
Understanding the principles that govern the dynamics of money would greatly enhance our capacity to maintain a meaningful and comfortable life. But handling money requires knowing several powerful tips you can learn to develop, namely:
Unlearn bad habits through the power of self-forgiveness. Habits have a great influence on how we control money. Our early home-and-school training somehow predetermined our ability to make money work for us. Many keep falling into the financial trap of overspending or borrowing to purchase lavish stuff because we learned it from someone close to us or someone we know in the past. Once it becomes a hardened habit, we will find it hard to escape the vicious cycle.
What to do then? Forgiving yourself for your failures is the way suggested toward reversing this trend in your life. It is the proper way of dealing with the guilt that emanates from the bad habit. Sacrificing instead of always looking for the easy way out can break that cycle of emotional and financial slavery to your weaknesses.
Know how you behave with respect to money. Our early years, especially our formal education, molded the way we think and act in relation to other people and material things. Even the kind of music we listen to, sing or download online is controlled by the upbringing we had as well as the environment we lived or live in.
Getting to know how you handle money will help you understand yourself more. With a clearer appreciation of how money affects you, you can learn to control you tendencies in order to benefit you financially. Perhaps, some of your habits or patterns of spending and borrowing can be traced to past experiences which were stressful. Knowing that you now have enough experience to control your emotions, you can then adjust and create a better way of handling money so that you do not end up in the same rut as before.
Knowing yourself, as the wise Marcus Aurelius said, is the key to defeating the worst enemy you have, which is often no one else but yourself. "Conquering yourself" should be the better motto to keep from now on.
Seek professional help if nothing else works. A financial counsellor has the experience and ability to help you understand how your financial habits are influenced by your emotional conditions. Possessing positive money habits can be developed as we can see in some cultural environments which engender respect for and skill in handling money beginning in childhood.
Yet, the best way to develop good money habits is learning from those who have the experience of creating wealth – the business-people. They are the ones who spend their whole life making money and making it grow to benefit not just themselves but others. Perhaps, for most people, bad money habits may have come about not just from lack of discipline but lack of appreciation as to what money can do for themselves and to others. Spending money unwisely may have come about because it was earned without effort early in life. Going into business and "making hard money" may be the only way for many of us to finally appreciate the real value of money – not its worth but what is can do to better people's lives.
The feeling of being debt-free can be truly liberating. But it comes with seriously considering the above steps toward setting yourself free of the negative and unproductive thoughts and attitudes we have with respect to money. In the end, happiness does not depend on having so much money; neither are your troubles due to the lack of money. We make ourselves happy by how we deal with what we have and what we do not have.
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0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
What are the pros of going to rotman rather than going to places like queen and western? What is the employment for graduates like
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Ivey HBA (not AEO) 2015-2017

4 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I have my AEO status, and I think I'll be meeting all the progression requirements... am I guaranteed in? I know Ivey has the right to revoke any acceptance. But, AEO is technically a "conditional offer". Anyone know anything about this?
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Queen's Commerce Acceptances

11 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
One of my teachers said Queen's is unique to other business schools and they send out majority of their Commerce acceptances in late February. Chances of getting in after that is slim. My problem is that I have an 83% average first semester but I'm convinced I can raise that to a 90+ by second sem mid terms. Is this true about Queen's? 
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Ask anything about AFM or SAF here!

45 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hello potential future AFMers. I am an undergrad in AFM and I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding to AFM, SAF, Coop, CPA, or any question you have about Waterloo!

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UBC Engineering Cut off??

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by PS Man
What's up guys...

So I've applied to UBC Applied Sciences Program, and like a lot of other people.. I was wondering my chances of getting in. I hear from a lot of people that UBC doesn't care too much about your personal profile but rather your academic standings. I was hoping you guys could give me some input.

So far I got my Term 2 grades (linear school)
Pre-Calculus 12: 97%
English 12: 94%
Physics 12 (Final): 88%
Chemistry 12: 84%
Which basically leaves me at a 90.75% Total Average.

I hear that if one course is much lower than the rest, that can really hurt your profile, and in my case, is my chemistry 12 grade too low?

So far.. I think I have a great Personal Profile.
- Top 3 in Provincials for Volleyball, while i compete in many other sports
-Duke of Edinburgh Award
- Very active in my community, I start a lot of programs with various community centres
- Work 2 jobs with a single mom
- Participate in school clubs
- Also I listed how I overcame adversity, and show how I became a stronger person overall through that.

Those are most of the key points I listed on my personal profile.

So to put this in a lot simpler form...
90.75% avg with a strong personal profile.

What do you think my chances are of getting in??
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Laurier vs Schulich

20 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I've been accepted to the BBA at Laurier and I applied to iBBA at Schulich, can someone tell me the pros/ cons for these programs?
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2015 Management Engineering Hopefuls!

7 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by altamash porbanderwala
Hey guys I created this post for people who applied to Management Engineering at Waterloo. Please share your grade 11 average and expected grade 12 average, and if you got accepted what average did you get accepted with? 

My grade 11 average was 86%, and my expected grade 12 average is 85%. I hope to get accepted in the first or second round of offers.
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Victoria college pros and cons?

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Title says it all.
Is it sociable?
Are there parties?
Are there pretty girls? LOL
Academically rigorous?
What exactly is vic one? i know theres a website but i want to know from people who have taken it. is it worth it?
by the way, I plan to take school seriously but of course, want to have fun. is victoria college the best choice for me? 
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York University first year residence options?(What to choose!)

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Hi! I just been accepted to York University, Liberal Ats&Professional Studies. I'm planning to live in on campus residence! I want to live in Pond residence, but apparently, it's best to live in traditional residence than in suites. Which is the best residence in York for undergrads?


Which is the best out of these residences?
Thank you :))
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Arch. vs Industrial Design!

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Two of the universities I have applied to are Waterloo for arch. and Carleton for arch and industrial design. I am interested in both fields of study and am not sure which one to choose if im accepted into both. I have read that if I do Arch I can still get a job in ID and it is easier to switch to ID during uni than vice versa. But by taking Arch, I will be losing what I would have learned in ID. I like product design and marketing but Arch is a a more reputable field and I can still do lot's besides arch with the degree. I will see what anyone thinks with the info I have given. Please give ur opinions!
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Chances of gaining admission into McMaster Nursing?

9 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by pj ng

I am a grade 12 student currently attending a semestered Ontario high school and have applied to Nursing at McMaster University. My first semester finals are as follows:


My grade 11 finals in other required subjects are as follows:


I have also completed MDM4U1 and SPH4U1 in my grade 11 year with final grades of 90 and 75 respectively.

My projected courses for second semester are SCH4U1, MCV4U0, and ENG4U1.

According the the McMaster 2013 viewbook, the anticipated admission average for the program in question is in the high-80s. However, I am questioning the reliability of this information and wish to confirm whether I should consider myself "on the safe side" with my current average over 90. 

I am also looking to gain insight from those who have a better understanding of the nature of the program.

Thanks in advance!
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