First year Queen's commerce student - ask me any questions!

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Hey guys! I just finished my first semester at Queen's in the commerce program so feel free to ask me any questions about Queen's, the commerce program, the social life, res, or anything else you can think of!
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Would switching schools from grade 11 to grade 12 affect my chances at Ivey/Queens?

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Hi, I am currently in the eleventh grade and I really want to go go back to my old school for grade 12. However, I would not make the change if this affected my chances for university acceptances. I have a few questions pertaining to the issue. 

1.) Would Ivey or Queens see my transfer from grade 11 to 12 and find me unfit for the program and see that I am not committed? 
2.)I have personally started the Relay For Life event at my new school and its a huge event celebrating life and the end to cancer. I got the idea myself from being a part of it in grade 10 at my first high school. Would I still be able to put that on my essays if I was back at my old school?

Sorry if it's a bit confusing. I just think my old school was a better fit for my academically and socially. Thanks!
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mcgill desautels commerce

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC
Hi! I was just accepted to the commerce program and I don't really know anything about it. I was just wondering if anyone in the program could share a bit about it such as what the classes are like, how hard it is, how much flexibility you have to take the courses you want, and anything else you would find valuable to know. I have heard McGill is impossible so I am really worried about going! Thanks in advance. 
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UBC Arts Transfer Fall 2015

7 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi Everyone,

I'm a transfer student currently finishing second year at the moment. I've applied to UBC Arts, and my application status has been saying my file is ready for an evaluation for the past week and a half or so. Has anyone transferring received any word back from UBC Admissions? If so, would you mind sharing your average? :) 

My average is sitting at approximately 77% based on my last 30 credits. Does anyone know what the usual cut off average is? I would also really appreciate any insight as to whether my average will be competitive for a third-year transfer or not? I've heard a lot of mixed claims, with some saying low seventies is all you need.

Thank you everyone!
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1st year UBC student! Ask me anything!

47 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I'm finishing up my first year at UBC as a Health Science student in the Land and Food Systems faculty. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:
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Upcoming Waterloo Math Acceptances

52 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by 3uclid
Within the next week or two, UW is going to be making it's first round of acceptances for the math department. Discuss and share averages here if you're one of the students shooting for a round one acceptance into a math department program!

Good luck!
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McMaster and Laurier Business

14 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Has anyone heard back from McMaster or Laurier? 
I have a 89.5% average right now based on 4u/m courses completed (finished adv functions and english + 2 other mixed courses). I was wondering if anyone got accepted to laurier or mcmaster with a average below mines?
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Brock, Mcmaster..I need some help!

1 reply • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by John Young
I am currently a grade 12 student,  & I need some help and advice towards choosing a university! 

For Brock: How well is the business program WITHOUT coop? Is it possible to switch into it/transfer to it while in university? 

For Mcmaster: How well is the business program? Is there coop available? 

Which would be the better choice? Brock no coop, or Mac? 
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do i have a chance to get in

5 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi I'm a student who's hoping to get into Carleton (its my first choice ) for computer science .
first semester didn't go so well and I ended up getting a 53 for my only top six course I had that semester (philosophy) . But I have the other five this semester and so far i have been 80s and ninetys .will The low average I had in grade 11 and first semester affect my chances of getting accepted
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Ask Me Anything: Ivey + AEO

11 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
A bit about me: I'm currently in my first year in the Ivey HBA program. First two years of university I was in the BMOS program at Western with AEO status out of high school. Ask me anything you'd like about the admissions process, classes at Western, the Ivey program, etc. Happy to help out potential incoming students!
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Entrance Scholarships (Is it possible to receive a higher amount with final marks?)

5 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
So I received an offer of admission awhile back in early January. With that, I was offered a scholarship. Is it possible to receive a higher amount with my final marks? I was accepted based on my grade 11 marks so is it possible for me to increase the scholarship money? I know that my marks are better this year. They're in the low 90s, and I predict that they'll stay that way till 2nd semester finals. BTW i received scholarships for 1,000 per year. Is it possible to increase it to 3,000 per year? 
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International Business or Business Leadership?

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC
I plan to take one of these in day school next year, has anyone tried both or even one? And if so, how was your experience? I'm looking to pursue the option with lesser work load and obviously the one that's easier. 
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Ask anything about AFM or SAF here!

64 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hello potential future AFMers. I am an undergrad in AFM and I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding to AFM, SAF, Coop, CPA, or any question you have about Waterloo!

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10 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I recently applied for McMaster Nursing. I am in grade 12 currently. Do I require a sup app?
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IVEY AEO first round of acceptences

4 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Fraz Ali Khan
Hey guys, doesnt the first round of offers come out at march 31? Yet i see people posting their acceptences. Should i be worried?

And can you please tell me my chances. No sugar coating

My EC's are 
1. Main supporting actor in my schools annual play
2. Helped in organizing a national charity event.
3. Head of a team responsible for fund management in a foreign NGO
4. Assistant manager and participant in a program with schuitema

My work experience is book keeping and occasional waiter at my family friends resturant.

I got in western 14 days after i uploaded my grades. This AEO thing is killing me.
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0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC
I have not heard anything from queens, i applied to artsci and my average for first semester was an 84%. Do you think that ill have to wait for mid terms to come out, because i know a lot of people got acceptances to arts and science last week.
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McMaster Applicants 2015

26 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Wanted to post this thread for everyone who applied to Mac this year!

If you get an offer from mcmaster, let us know when and what program

I applied for physical sciences and life sciences.
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Chances of getting into Queen's Commerce, Rotman Commerce, Schulich BBA, Ivey AEO and Waterloo AFM?

2 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Neetya Sarin
Hey everyone! I know there's a lot of these posts but I'd really appreciate it if people could provide input! 

As you can tell from the subject line, my top choices are Queen's Commerce, Western BMOS + Ivey AEO, Schulich, Waterloo AFM and Rotman Commerce, and I'm wondering what my chances are with my marks and ECs?

I've already been accepted to Ryerson for accounting/finance, University of Toronto Mississauga for commerce, Western for BMOS (still waiting on AEO status though) and Laurier for BBA, but obviously, I want to get into my top choices.

CURRENT MARKS (as of January report card): 
Economics: 92
English: 90 (completed in summer school) 
Advanced Functions: 88
Calculus and Vectors: 91 
Accounting: 91 
Business Leadership: 91
French: 84 :(
TOP 6 AVERAGE: 90.5%
OVERALL AVERAGE: 89.5714286%

*My marks are crap, I know. I'm trying to bring them back up to the 92 I had in November.

-Honour Roll/Honour Roll with Distinction recipient
-DECA Ontario: Top 10 Oral Score in Finance (2012) and Top 10 Written Score in Finance (2014)
-Highest Academic Standing in Grade 11 Environmental Science 
-Highest Academic Standing in Grade 11 Business
-Lifesaving Society: Bronze Cross certification 
-Canadian Red Cross: Standard First Aid certification 
-Lifesaving Society: Swim Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor and First Aid Instructor ceritifications 
-Lifesaving Society: National Lifeguard Service certification 
*As you can see, a lot of my time commitment has been for swimming and lifesaving haha


-Envision India - Co-founder (a charitable initiative which provides art supplies to underprivileged youth in India)
-Charity Week Committee - Assistant Head (plan activities and events as part of a week of student-run events -- pretty big thing at my school, we raise anywhere between $30,000-$50,000 for charity within the week)
-Wellness Committee - leader/ambassador (lead initiatives throughout the year to reduce stigma surrounding youth mental health) 
-School newspaper - Editorial Board - Copy editor (write and edit articles)
-Free the Children - member 
-Remembrance Day and Anti-Violence Assemblies - member
-Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs) - help make transition for new students to the school in grades 9-12 easier

200+ volunteer hours earned to date 
-Leading to Reading - tutored kids from new-immigrant families English (grade 9)
-Assistant Swim Instructor (volunteer) at a community centre (start of grade 10 - end of grade 11) - taught swimming to underprivileged children
-Camp Counsellor at day camp (summer 2013) 
-Swim Instructor/Lifeguard at the same day camp (summer 2014)
-Swim Instructor at a local swim centre (January 2015 - present)

So, what are my chances of getting into my choice of commerce/business programs? If you think I can get in, around what time during the year can I expect an offer?

Any help would be super appreciated! :)
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Grade 12 Course Selection Help

4 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hello! I am planning to take kinesiology in university and these are the courses I have chosen at the moment but I am not really up to taking calculus/vectors.. what do you think should I? Plus, calculus/vectors is not required for kinesiology. Also, is it a good idea to take an easy course like gym in grade 12 to bump up my average?

1. English
2. French
3. Advanced Functions
4. Calculus and Vectors
5. Chemistry
6. Biology
7. Exercise Science
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Civil Engineering Waterloo ask!!

8 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Ludwig Van
Hi guys! I have applied to Waterloo, Mc Master, York, Western, UofT for Civil Engineering! Here are the summary of my academic marks:
 Grade 11: Function 100; Physics 95; Chemistry 93; English 86
 Grade 12: Advanced Function 98; Physics 96; Chemistry 97; Calculus 98; Data Management 95-97 ( not complete) ; English 83
 But the most important thing is that i just got 5.5 Ielts ....
 I'm very nevous about my chance of getting accepted to these universites ... What do you guys think?! 
 All responses are appreciated!! Thanks!

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McGill Early Admission Offers??

49 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Monica Vella
Hi I think we're all here in the waiting game excited to hear back from McGill Uni and other schools we've applied to. I'm looking to get into their Life Sciences program...

If you get an offer, please be so kinda as to letting us know when you received an offer, for what program and your percentage.

This way, we can all go through this process together so best of luck! I hope everyone gets in :) And for those who got in, congrats!!

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Any disadvantages to Track One at Uoft?

5 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Ludwig Van
I feel like I'm pretty sure about what discipline I'd look to go into for engineering (mechanical), but of course, a lot could change in the coming months/years…so Track One is beginning to appeal to me. 

Just wondering: can anyone think of any disadvantages to Track One? Are there any real, tangible benefits to starting in one of the regular engineering streams? I mean, all of the classes are basically the same, right? 
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Chances of Getting into Mechanical Engineering

0 replies • Posted: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC
What are my chances of getting in?

Semester one marks:
Advanced Fuctions-78
Calculus and Vectors - 96
Physics - 80

Projected semester two mid-term marks:
English(taken online) - 90
Chemistry - 95
Computer Science - 95

The average works out to be around 89%

I think I did well on the supplementary application portion as I had >10 prominent extracurricular activities listed and the video response went well too. However, I'm worried about U of T's policy on taking online courses as they don't state it on the Faculty of Engineering website.

Does anyone have any experience with applying with online/evening courses. Also, what are my chances of getting an acceptance in my current situation?
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4 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
ok so these are my couses for grade 11  
functions 11 
English 11 
introduction to anthropology, sociology and psychology 11 biology 11 
chem 11 
 gym 11  
ok so i have one more course to add and i dont know whether i should choose physics or grade 12 advanced functions i want to get into a life science/health science program at u of t/mcmaster and physics isn't required HOWEVER it is recommended. so does that mean i should take physics or not???   i dont really want to take it if it isnt a must but if it helps my chances than i dont mind. 

but if i take physics, i cant take advanced functions 12. I dont want to drop gym or introduction to anthropology, sociology and psychology, even though it wont help me for university. I still need a somewhat fun/easy course.   so, 

physics pros and cons:  
1.recommended for university,  
2.dont want to take it if its not a must, 
 3.its hard,  
4.i'll have to take 2 maths in grade 12 and no social science, cuz my schedule will be packed   

grade 12 advanced functions pros and cons: 
 1.i'll get 2 spares in grade 12, 
 2.might regret not taking physics  

 SO SHOULD I TAKE PHYSICS 11 OR  grade 12 ADVANCED FUNCTIONS IN GRADE 11?? i dont think i can handle 3 sciences and 2 maths. IS PHYSICS USEFUL FOR LIFE SCIENCE/HEALTH SCIENCE? its not required its only recommended, so should i take it?
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want to become a teacher but dont know what courses to take in grade 12

4 replies • Last reply: 7:03AM March 03, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
i want to become a teacher but dont know what courses to take in grade 12 someone help??!
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