Ivey HBA (not AEO) 2015-2017

4 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I have my AEO status, and I think I'll be meeting all the progression requirements... am I guaranteed in? I know Ivey has the right to revoke any acceptance. But, AEO is technically a "conditional offer". Anyone know anything about this?
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Queen's Commerce Acceptances

11 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
One of my teachers said Queen's is unique to other business schools and they send out majority of their Commerce acceptances in late February. Chances of getting in after that is slim. My problem is that I have an 83% average first semester but I'm convinced I can raise that to a 90+ by second sem mid terms. Is this true about Queen's? 
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Ask anything about AFM or SAF here!

45 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hello potential future AFMers. I am an undergrad in AFM and I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding to AFM, SAF, Coop, CPA, or any question you have about Waterloo!

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UBC Engineering Cut off??

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by PS Man
What's up guys...

So I've applied to UBC Applied Sciences Program, and like a lot of other people.. I was wondering my chances of getting in. I hear from a lot of people that UBC doesn't care too much about your personal profile but rather your academic standings. I was hoping you guys could give me some input.

So far I got my Term 2 grades (linear school)
Pre-Calculus 12: 97%
English 12: 94%
Physics 12 (Final): 88%
Chemistry 12: 84%
Which basically leaves me at a 90.75% Total Average.

I hear that if one course is much lower than the rest, that can really hurt your profile, and in my case, is my chemistry 12 grade too low?

So far.. I think I have a great Personal Profile.
- Top 3 in Provincials for Volleyball, while i compete in many other sports
-Duke of Edinburgh Award
- Very active in my community, I start a lot of programs with various community centres
- Work 2 jobs with a single mom
- Participate in school clubs
- Also I listed how I overcame adversity, and show how I became a stronger person overall through that.

Those are most of the key points I listed on my personal profile.

So to put this in a lot simpler form...
90.75% avg with a strong personal profile.

What do you think my chances are of getting in??
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Laurier vs Schulich

20 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
I've been accepted to the BBA at Laurier and I applied to iBBA at Schulich, can someone tell me the pros/ cons for these programs?
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2015 Management Engineering Hopefuls!

7 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by altamash porbanderwala
Hey guys I created this post for people who applied to Management Engineering at Waterloo. Please share your grade 11 average and expected grade 12 average, and if you got accepted what average did you get accepted with? 

My grade 11 average was 86%, and my expected grade 12 average is 85%. I hope to get accepted in the first or second round of offers.
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Civil Engineering Waterloo ask!!

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Hi guys! I have applied to Waterloo, Mc Master, York, Western, UofT for Civil Engineering! Here are the summary of my academic marks:
 Grade 11: Function 100; Physics 95; Chemistry 93; English 86
 Grade 12: Advanced Function 98; Physics 96; Chemistry 97; Calculus 98; Data Management 95-97 ( not complete) ; English 83
 But the most important thing is that i just got 5.5 Ielts ....
 I'm very nevous about my chance of getting accepted to these universites ... What do you guys think?! 
 All responses are appreciated!! Thanks!

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Victoria college pros and cons?

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Title says it all.
Is it sociable?
Are there parties?
Are there pretty girls? LOL
Academically rigorous?
What exactly is vic one? i know theres a website but i want to know from people who have taken it. is it worth it?
by the way, I plan to take school seriously but of course, want to have fun. is victoria college the best choice for me? 
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York University first year residence options?(What to choose!)

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Hi! I just been accepted to York University, Liberal Ats&Professional Studies. I'm planning to live in on campus residence! I want to live in Pond residence, but apparently, it's best to live in traditional residence than in suites. Which is the best residence in York for undergrads?


Which is the best out of these residences?
Thank you :))
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Arch. vs Industrial Design!

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Two of the universities I have applied to are Waterloo for arch. and Carleton for arch and industrial design. I am interested in both fields of study and am not sure which one to choose if im accepted into both. I have read that if I do Arch I can still get a job in ID and it is easier to switch to ID during uni than vice versa. But by taking Arch, I will be losing what I would have learned in ID. I like product design and marketing but Arch is a a more reputable field and I can still do lot's besides arch with the degree. I will see what anyone thinks with the info I have given. Please give ur opinions!
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Chances of gaining admission into McMaster Nursing?

9 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by pj ng

I am a grade 12 student currently attending a semestered Ontario high school and have applied to Nursing at McMaster University. My first semester finals are as follows:


My grade 11 finals in other required subjects are as follows:


I have also completed MDM4U1 and SPH4U1 in my grade 11 year with final grades of 90 and 75 respectively.

My projected courses for second semester are SCH4U1, MCV4U0, and ENG4U1.

According the the McMaster 2013 viewbook, the anticipated admission average for the program in question is in the high-80s. However, I am questioning the reliability of this information and wish to confirm whether I should consider myself "on the safe side" with my current average over 90. 

I am also looking to gain insight from those who have a better understanding of the nature of the program.

Thanks in advance!
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McGill Early Admission Offers??

41 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi I think we're all here in the waiting game excited to hear back from McGill Uni and other schools we've applied to. I'm looking to get into their Life Sciences program...

If you get an offer, please be so kinda as to letting us know when you received an offer, for what program and your percentage.

This way, we can all go through this process together so best of luck! I hope everyone gets in :) And for those who got in, congrats!!

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Laurier BBA / Waterloo BMATH

2 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
So I've been recently researching this program and found it to be really compelling. However, I've heard that this is a hard program to enter, and if you do enter it, it is hard to  balance your work, let alone your personal life. Has anyone know someone or is in the program? If so, what were their averages? And how do they find it so far?
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Chances of getting in to Desautels

13 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
My average is 93.5 

Do i still have chances of getting in to desautels ?
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Just got waitlisted for sciences at UBC... is it all over? (IB)

5 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Leo Huang

I've had my heart set on UBC for quite a while now, and then just this afternoon I got the news that I was waitlisted on their student portal.

"We have evaluated your application and due to the competitive nature of your program, we are not able to offer you admission. Your application is currently wait-listed. Any changes to your application and wait-list status will be noted here and a final decision will be available to you by June 15th. Please note that a large number of wait-listed candidates do not receive offers of admission, and we encourage you to make alternate plans accordingly."

I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what my chances are of getting accepted, if at all. I'm a IB diploma student with a total predicted mark of 33. My predicted mark breakdown is:
6 - Chemistry, Geography
5 - Math, Spanish (final), English
4 - Physics (Trying hard to bring this up - is this mark the main cause of me being waitlisted?)
with 2 Predicted marks for TOK & EE. 

Does anyone know of IB students who got accepted with around a 33 predicted? I realise that their website has listed a "recommended" average of 29-32 for admission, and I'd like to think my PP was strong (Good ECs, but who knows, since it's relative scoring). My waitlist message doesn't even say the "Strong candidate", which it appears a lot of others have. 
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Laurier BBA to Schulich?

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi Im currently a first year Laurier BBA student, and I was wondering what I would need to do to transfer to Schulich BBA second year after this year?
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How Could I Go About Becoming A Pharmacist?

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Leo Huang
I was recently accepted for Biochemistry at the University of Windsor. I'm wondering how I could go about getting into Pharmacy school. Would I need to complete an undergrad in Biochemistry and then apply for Pharmacy? How long would it take? 
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2 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Hi! So i was previously creeping on the Schulich 2014 acceptances thread here on SA (or yconic now), and I saw that some people had their top 6 and it did not include calc, even though it IS a pre-req for the program. This was for first round of acceptances.

anywho, I was wondering what the first round of acceptances were based on? I go to a semestered school and i am currently taking only 3 courses as i have a spare. They are: adv functions, english and religion. So i am quite confused on how these people from last year already had their top 6 before midterm marks came out (this was in March and midterms come in May). 
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Who has Schulich as their first choice?

5 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
Anyone who will definitely go to Schulich if they get acepeted? If you are what are your averages so far and how are you doing in school? Just checking the competitiveness
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Current Second Year WLU BBA W/Co-op

6 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by North .
Hello guys,

I am a second year BBA W/ Co-op with plans on majoring in finance and minoring in economics. I will be working at a top ranked asset management firm on bay street as a part of my co-op program, this up coming summer. Feel free to ask any questions regarding why I choose Laurier, why I think its a better choice than other schools ( of course this opinion is biased) or any other questions regarding school life etc. 
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uOttawa - International Management

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Anyone have any thoughts on the International Management program at uOttawa? I got accepted a while back, but couldn't find much information online. It's the CO-OP program that I got accepted to! 
Thanks in advance! 
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Shad 2015 University Campus Choices?

12 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Anonymous
So.....Shad applicants... which campuses do u wanna go and why?? Which universities focus on which parts of STEM? Like Waterloo on mathhh and etc
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Waterloo SAF Networking Reception

2 replies • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Luuhuy Pham
Hey yall. 

I was wondering how many of you got this email from Waterloo inviting you to their SAF Networking Reception. I heard last year they only invited about 50 applicants but I have no idea this year

So if you have gotten an email from Waterloo inviting you to this event, feel free to drop a comment down below (and if you plan on going or not!). 

I'm contemplating going or not depending on how many people were invited and what it is about. Does anyone have any experience with this Networking reception and can shine some light on it?

Thanks guys, and good luck AFM hopefuls!
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Rotman Vs Queens

0 replies • Posted: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC
Which is the better? What is the employment percentage of rotman commerce graduates compared to queens? what are some pros and cons?
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Residence offer

1 reply • Last reply: 7:02AM February 27, 2015 UTC by Kaz H
When exactly does UofT send residence offers? Is it specifically after we accept our UofT offer or after we have confirmed our interest in residence and ranked our residence options? 

Furthermore, I've been admitted to St Michael College and so, my options for residence were St Mich., Loretto and Chestnut. I really want to avoid Chestnut due to its price and location on campus. However, I noticed on St Mich.'s website that I have to complete my res application on sth called Star Portal and apparently, this application only lists Chestnut, Innis and Woodsworth and no St Mich. which is concerning ._.
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