About Us

Who We Are

yconic is the leader in understanding and building meaningful relationships with millennials and students. Our social platform makes life easier and less stressful for students pursuing higher education by providing them with help that they want: authentic, social, and peer driven.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most valued and trusted global youth partner.


What We Value

yconic has built a culture that attracts team members who share our passion and our core values for authentically helping others.


How We Do It

We have become the "go to" thought leader on millennial and student behaviour because of the key insights we are able to obtain via our platforms, including the largest youth-focussed consumer insights panel in Canada, with over 550,000 young Canadians aged 13-30 participating in online market research. We also partner with select brands, institutions, educators, and their agencies who share our values and want to better understand, hire, and authentically build loyalty with our youth and student audience.

Leadership Team


Rob Henderson

President & CEO, Board Director

Proven track record leading and building great teams that excel in the youth and digital marketing space.

Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and how yconic creates better futures for others.

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Jon Kamin

Managing Director

Proven track record building successful digital businesses from the ground up.

Driven by delivering exceptional value for our partners, while maintaining a strong relationship with our deeply engaged student members.

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Tushar Singh

Chief Platform Officer

Proven track record creating engaging communities including those for youth, students and businesses.

Driven by a passion for innovation that connects our members to the help opportunities they seek.

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Sandra Rayner

VP, Marketing

Proven track record developing both B2B and B2C marketing strategies including youth marketing channels for brands such as Coca-Cola.

Driven by developing effective communication strategies that drive engagement through help for our members and partners.

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Kate Sanderson

VP, Partner Solutions

Proven track record identifying and developing mutually-beneficial relationships between authentic help brands and youth.

Driven by creating opportunities for brands who share our passion to provide students with help every day.

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Maria Popova

Director, Research Operations

Proven track record delivering successful online research and data collection projects and cultivating long-lasting partner relationships.

Driven by developing and delivering robust research solutions, helping partners better understand the youth and student demographic.

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Jennifer Falzon

Director, Marketing

Proven track record in marketing communications, project management, and navigating the company through a re-brand and evolved communications strategy.

Driven by exemplifying our help value proposition to our members, partners and each other through engaging storytelling.

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Board of Directors


Catherine Herring


HBA, Ivey School of Business, Western University. MBA, Harvard University.

Proven track record of value creation through corporate development and financial structuring at Parkview Capital, Vector Aerospace, Royal Bank Equity Partners, Bain & Company and Morgan Stanley.

Driven by creating value for shareholders and opportunity for our student members, corporate partners and associates.

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Donald Jackson


BA, University of Alberta. MBA, Ivey School of Business, Western University.

Proven track record of extraordinary value creation through a career spanning both entrepreneurial and corporate involvements, including Trimac, Laidlaw, Capital Tool and Vector Aerospace, where, through the 9 years that Don was Chairman, President and CEO, over $600MM of value was created for shareholders.

Driven by developing global best-in-class businesses and mentoring the next generation of impactful business leaders.

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