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Any chances of getting in one of these unis?

A photo of aznzwq aznzwq
I am a BC student, but not very good at English. (however, strong math and science student)

here is my courses that will be calculating average:

English 12 60% (like i said. crappy teacher plus ESL, no surprises)
Math 12 90%
Calculus 90%
Physics 95%
Chemistry 90%
Mandarin 90%

best i can get for 4 courses average: 83.75%

but i do have a really good reference from my math teacher who is pretty famous in Canada. he told me that he will do his best to communicate with all universities in order for me to get in.

i applied for :
UofT engineering (will be rejected for sure)
UofT Science
Waterloo engineering
UBC engineering
SFU science
SFU engineering
McMaster engineering
UofWO engineering

i know my english mark is going to be an restriction for any one of these universities, and i know probably i will end up doing college and transfer. but i'm just not like that one course, one teacher will make my dream disappear. (my dream is going to UofT.)

please, anyone could briefly tell me what is going to be the best choice for me to do or what will possibly happen to me in terms of university applications. Thank you all.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
The only thing that needs adjusting is your English mark.
You could try re-taking it online, but I think it may be a bit too late to sign up.
A lot of universities do have other alternatives for students who don't meet the English requirement.
I know some universities have some kind of exam you can take if you didn't meet the requirement for English and if you meet the requirements on that exam, you can still be admitted.
I don't know if U of T does the same, though.
You should look around on their site or send them an e-mail because your other marks are pretty good.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Like cyynthiia said, there are English proficiency tests you can take. You should search them up I'm pretty sure all universities offer alternative options. The problem is, the deadline to hand these in are approaching pretty fast and it might not be possible for you to hand them in on time.


I hate to say this but I think you might have to stay back a year. A 60% is quite low and most universities ask for at least a 70% in English. I wouldn't go to college and transfer to university, it's just a waste of money and transferring into Uni Engineering from college is probably really hard to do.
Also, if you stay back a year and get high 70s to low 80s in English, you have a good chance of getting into UT :) So don't be discouraged by the idea of staying in high school for one more year.
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