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Courses for Grade 11?

A photo of SimpleThings SimpleThings
[size=6]I'm planning to study Business after high school. My course selection is due tomorrow.

These are these courses I have selected for Grade 11:

English [ENG3U1]
Functions [MCR3U1]
Accounting [BAF3M1]
Economics [CIE3M1]
Law [CLU3M1]
Communications Tech. [TGJ3M1]
Advanced Functions [MHF4U1]
International Business [BBB4M1]

(I'm fast-tracking Adv. Functions so if I do get a low mark, I can re-take it in grade 12.)

Are these good/Bad choices?[/size]
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
looks good to me, the only thing for MHF4U..work your ass off and do your homework everyday ;)
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