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James Ready Campus Ambassador - Queen's University

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James Ready is looking for a campus ambassador at Queen's University for the upcoming school year!

Info from James Ready:
With your help we will recruit J.R. campus ambassadors to conduct weekly stunts and/or tasks throughout the upcoming school year. These stunts/tasks will be fun and engaging with the aim of generating awareness for our brand by adding buzz, energy and excitement to the university campus.
Our program approach is anything but ordinary - we’re not just handing away swag or promoting an awesome party, we’re adding to the university experience of students. So the type of people we’re interested in having as our ambassadors are people who care about their school as much as they care about having fun…on a consistent basis!
The tagline for our program is “The Awesomest Job On Campus” and that’s because we really think it is. Campus Ambassadors will have very real responsibilities but can expect to do some pretty awesome stuff, like:
• Social media blogging
• Dealing with J.R. beer groupies that will undoubtedly flock their way
• Handing out free stuff
• Working with local bars and restaurants
• Creating video content
• Organizing events

The position lasts a full semester and consists of about 5 hours per week.

Link to the application: http://jamesreadyjob.com/

More details about the job: http://jamesreadyjob.com/eligibility.html
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