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$@*! My Teacher says

A photo of cara184 cara184
My calculus teacher this year, and math teacher for the past 4 years always gets mad when we complain about our work load.
She will look directly at the complainer and say "It's not $#!T, it's math!"
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A photo of downfallofparis downfallofparis
I have a teacher who is honestly a manchild. He likes to tell people that he went back in time and married Napoleon after he slept with Catherine the Great, as well as jokingly insinuating that he was Shania Twain's infamous stalker.
He also has a tendency to call kids 'jackass' or 'retard,' and if you ever get into a one-on-one conversation with him about politics, you should count the number of F-bombs he drops. His record so far is 12 in 30 seconds.
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