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Nursing (BScN) at Ryerson or York University! HELP NEEDED!!

A photo of amyohh amyohh
Hey guys~

I was studying computer science at UTSC till this fall term in 2011 but I found out that it doesnt really suit me immediately after the midterm. So I decided to switch my program to nursing but unfortunately UTSC didn't have nursing program.
Then I decided to withdrew from the school for this year.
and re-apply to other universities with my high school grade from upcoming September 2012. (cuz i only took 2 courses so i didnt have enough transfer credits. Also, my GPA at UTSC was HORRIBLE since I decided to quit school for nursing.)
So, I am trying to go to school near Toronto GTA area.
My first choice is Ryerson, and second is York. But I found out that I didn't take Biology 12 class at the high school.. So I applied to the community college to take Bio 12 course from February. But the problem is that this biology class starts from February till May..
But the deadline for the program is March 1st, I don't think I can send my midterm mark before the application deadline. Furthermore, York's application deadline is February 1st, there's no way I can proove that I will get Biology done.. What should I do?? I need some help.. :'(Anybody can help me? I need some HELP!!!! I am so lost right now...

PS. My high school marks are like this:
English -80
Gr.11 math marks - 92
Chemistry - 84
Environmental Science - 95
Law - 91
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A photo of ktel ktel
E-mail Ryerson and York and ask. Simple as that
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A photo of jkast jkast
you can apply to nightschool through tdsb. http://www.tdsb.on.ca/wwwdocuments/programs/continuing_education/docs/WinterBrochure2012web1.pdf
your midterm marks would be sent to the university.
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