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105d transcript

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Graduated last year and am currently taking a year off. Sent in my application for next september for some universities, but I have a question related to transcripts. I'm sending them in, having gotten them from my old school, and I've read that I'm suppose to put on my student number. But which student number? The ID I got from the schools I've signed up for, or my OUAC number? Both? Do I just write it on the top of the letter, like: ouac number: blah blah.

Little paranoid because I dont want my transcripts to be lost or otherwise disregarded on some technicality.:!:
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A photo of napinhei napinhei
Are you applying from outside of Ontario? The reason I ask is because I find it very strange that you have your transcript and are sending it yourself. I'm in the same situation (not applying directly from high school), but I haven't had to get them and mail them myself. All you have to do is call up your school's guidance office and tell them you would like your transcripts forwarded to whatever universities you have applied to. They do all the work for you. That way you don't have to worry about them getting lost or what to write on the envelope.

Also, are they sealed in an official envelope or do you just have the transcript and are putting it in your own envelope. If they are not sealed in an official envelope, I'm pretty sure universities will not accept them.

That being said, I would imagine you write the ID you got from the schools, but if I were you I would call each school directly and ask what to do. You wouldn't want to send it and be wrong since it could also make sense to use your OUAC number.

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