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1st Semester Midterm Marks?

A photo of jaymeshaughnessy jaymeshaughnessy
Do first semester midterm marks get submitted onto OUAC for unviersities to look at?

On the OUAC website, the approximate dates for final first semester marks, Second
semester midterm marks and second semester final marks are posted, but it doesn't say anything about first semester midterm marks.

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A photo of Toronto12 Toronto12
I can't remember but they do get submitted however first semester marks
aren't usually the only indicator of sending out early missions (They may for
smaller programs and universities). However first semester final marks
are critically analyzed by the admissions officers for sending out early offers
from Jan-March. If you did poorly on first semester, don't worry because the final
grades are more important. Also even if you received an acceptance letter during
school (feb), you should continue to work hard until the very end. Most students
neglect any care or effort near the end of the second semester and do grades drop
which ultimately revokes their offer.

Good luck
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
The midterm marks for 1st semester last year did not go up on OUAC, so I suppose they won't this year either. OUAC will send you an email titled "OUAC marks processing" every time your grades are posted. You'll know if you get that email.
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