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1st Year Biology @ UWO

A photo of phosgenic phosgenic
I'm wondering what the differences are between these two first year bio courses at UWO:

Biology 1001A- Biology for Science I/Biology 1002B- Biology for Science II and Biology 1201A- General Biology I/Biology 1202B- General Biology II

Because I'm not enrolled in the faculty of Science I believe that I have the eligibility to enroll in the General Biology course(s)... I'm in the Faculty of Health Sciences (Kinesiology).

The only reason I would want to do so is if it's a lot easier... but not at the expense of learning, because I know that I will need Bio for the MCAT. So if this General Bio will not prepare me as well for the MCAT, screw it. But if it can prepare me reasonably well then I don't see why not.

Thanks everyone, your feedback is much appreciated. Cheers!
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A photo of qszwdxefc qszwdxefc
Depends on your learning style, 1001/1002 focus on critical thinking exam questions while (I think from what I've heard) 1201/1202 focus more on fact recalling.

To me 1001/1002 were easier, which is what I took. I studied the day before exams and since they were mostly critical thinking questions I just went through the material quickly and I pretty much had to figure out all the questions on the exam anyways. Also, 1001/1002 has recorded lectures online so if they continue to not use clickers you don't even have to go to class. As of last year 1201/1202 didn't have recorded lectures.

As for MCAT prep they say that 1001/1002 are better not because of the material but because of the critical thinking questions which are also how MCAT questions are structured.
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A photo of TheLaw TheLaw
i took 1001/2 bio; one of my friends in kin took the 1201/1202. the latter is much simpler than the former, however 1001/2 prepares you better.
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