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2nd Year Early Childhood Education diploma student graduating in April looking for options

A photo of Toronadian Toronadian
I posted this on another forum but I thought I would get some opinions here:

Alright, so a little background info about me. I'm currently in my second year of the Early Childhood Education Program and will be graduating in the upcoming April. I've been thinking of pursuing further education in getting an university degree. The problem is that at the moment I do not know exactly what I want to get into (which I guess is somewhat of a big issue). The ECE diploma program so far has been alright but I don't think moving onto an ECE degree program is my top choice; though I do want to pursue a degree that is towards getting a child-related and working with children. Being a teacher has passed my mind a few times (which I realize I need to get a degree, then get into teachers college) but I realize right now there is a surplus of teachers. It is still an option though.

Does anyone have any suggestions for university programs that would suit what I'm looking for? I know what I wrote above is a bit broad but I was hoping if anyone had any suggestions nonetheless. If there are any questions to get me to be more specific in order to help me, go ahead and ask them. As I'm situated in the GTA, my preference in terms of universities would perhaps be one that is not in Toronto and out of town (though if any suggestions you give are one of York, Ryerson, or U of T; still go ahead and name it). My reason for this is because I feel it will force me to be a bit out of my comfort zone and the need to mature myself. I have had previous experience going out of town for school, as I was at UWO for Business (not Ivey) for one semester before I decided it just wasn't for me. My time at UWO was short but I do feel being away from home helped me "grow-up" a bit. Also, for applying, does anyone know the deadline to apply for a September 2011 (or perhaps even Summer 2011) start in general? It's been 3 years since I last applied through OUAC and that was for the 101 form (straight out of high school) and I believe this time I'll be needing to use the 105 form since I'm a college grad?
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I'm a 3rd year student in ECE and i graduated from George Brown and got direct entry into Ryerson. I can definitely identify with what you're saying. Being here at Ryerson has open my eyes a little bit more as to what is of interest to me and the options that i have. If you like working with children, but don't see much of a future in ECE you might like Child and Youth Care, Child and Youth Worker, Psychology - specializing in children. Those are the few that i'm being exposed to right now and i think they're great options. Also a child life specialist (don't know too much about that - i think it's working with sick children, and in hospitals, you can google it thought)

Hope that helped.
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A photo of Sarra Sarra
I totally get your frustration first hand!(I have decided to change educational paths from ECE also...) Since your going to be graduating very soon, why don't you look into your school's specialization programs? Some post-secondary schools offer 1 year certification programs that let you specialize to work with autistic children and other disabilities. If you are thinking university options and are willing to do approx. 4 years, you could get a BA in Health and specialize in therapy for children with disorders(ADHD,developmental delays, etc.) or become a speech pathologist and work in the school board/hospitals. If you're thinking abroad you should look into Griffith University in Australia which has a 2 year BA for ECE and Teacher's College together! The possibilities are endless but you really need to do the research in what your interests are so that you are committed with the change. I hope this helps in getting the ball rolling for you and wish you the best of luck with your decision!
As for applications...individual universities have different deadlines but you would be under "College/University Transfer Student" regardless of which program you choose to enroll. But generally your looking at deadlines starting from FEB 15 (or a bit earlier) till about first week of March but look into it with every school! Use the 105 Application through OUAC
Good Luck!
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A photo of Toronadian Toronadian
Thanks for the replies from the 2 of you. A little update from me. I finished my final placement and now have 7 weeks of class before I'm done (in my original post, I did forget to say where I'm currently going; George Brown College). Also, I don't know if it makes a difference but I'm a guy (from reading another thread related to teaching, it seems this benefits me if I was to go for the teaching route since apparently there's a huge lack of male teachers). I've applied to the following programs since my post for Sept 2011 entry:

Ryerson - Social Work (having to do a supplementary form, references, resumes, and other stuff, also an earlier deadline; was a pain and tedious just for applying not straight from high school)
York - Social Work
Brock - Child & Youth Studies
Guelph - Child, Youth, and Family Studies

I have a slight preference for the programs at Brock and Guelph right now. Sarra, you suggestion of going abroad would be a nice option but I think at the moment it is just too expensive for me (being out of town like I said I somewhat prefer but even that I'm just getting by with just enough to pay for if I do end up choosing a school out of town), but still thank you for bringing that up to me; could be something I can do possibly later on. If there are any additional suggestions for programs, please feel free to add or just any general tips, etc.
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