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2nd year Industrial engineer interns/co-op

A photo of rachel2011 rachel2011
I am going to second year industrial/systems engineering in the coming fall..and I was wondering what kind of interns or coop do people usually get during their first year/second year summer? And I am also looking for information on where I should be looking for such opportunities..... Approximately when should I start looking in order to get a intern/coop for the summer?

Thanks in advance for any help/information :albino:
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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
If this is your first thing it will probably lean more to the administrative side of things. Its really difficult to say you will get job x, because there are so many different opportunities. Try looking at talentegg.ca or indeed.ca. You should also try your career centre. Try looking around December-January, but if you don't get anything keep looking. Even though I have a summer job already I ended up having another interview just this past week (the job was more interesting, but the pay cut was substantial so I turned it down). Good luck!
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