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2nd Year Residence?

A photo of biosci biosci
I am in first year and my plans with friends really didn't work out. My one friend's parents are buying a house and renting it out to us but you have to sign a 12 month lease at $450.00/month. I am not paying for the 4 months I am not there in the summer...that's insane.

The second friend is living with 5 other girls and she is a girl as well. I can't live with 6 girls I will go insane.

So what should I do? I can't really afford residence again next year...
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A photo of threepointonefour threepointonefour
There are lots of options. If you really want to live in the $450 a month house, see if you can find someone to sub-let it to for the summer. Offer them a discount, say $410 a month...or you could try and get $450. That way, you aren't really paying for it while you're away.

I assume you have no intentions of staying for the summer, but you could always just get a summer job and stay...

Say thats not an option. Check with your SU. I know mine has a website on which people can pay to advertise off-campus housing. Many of them have rooms for rent instead of entire houses, and those people are much more willing to simply rent for 8 months.

Another option is to try and become a community advisor/residence advisor or whatever the job title is exactly in residence. I know that in our residence, each floor has a second or third year student who is in charge of everything, and their res is basically paid for.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo

@biosci wrote
I am not paying for the 4 months I am not there in the summer...that's insane.

That's what most people do. Even at $450/month for 12 months, it would still probably be cheaper than rez. And it's convenient that you don't have to move all your stuff out for the summer (and store it, if you have a mattress, TV, computer, couch etc...).
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A photo of tylerkading tylerkading
you can look for adds on kijiji and craigs list but be careful! there are a TON of scams on there. a lot of people will say they'll mail you the keys once you mail them a check. obviously don't do it!

If you go to your student association or student union they will often have listings there you can look at.

you can also look in the newspapers and renters magazines to find apartments or student houses.
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
If you work out the cost of res into ho wmuch time you'll actually be there you're paying almost a thousand dollars a month.. It'd be cheaper to get that house. From what Ive seen from looking around that's not a terrible price. Also, it looks like most leases are 12 months - no landlord wants to leave a house empty for 4 months when they could have people paying for it
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