yconic - 2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!
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2nd year UBC student! Ask me anything!

Contact: elizabethsflower@gmail.com 

In second year at UBC as a Health Science (FNH) student from LFS. 

Want to know how I got in? What UBC life is like? General advice about gr. 12/senior year, study tips, and applying to universities? I'll try my best to answer any of your inquiries (:

See you at UBC in September!
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I really don't mind if I get waitlisted, but my first choice is UBC science at Vancouver and my second choice is UBC science at Okanagan
My top 4:
Physics 12: 90
Pre-Calculus 12: 89
Law 12: 93
English 12: 85
(Term 1) I know UBC looks at term 2 and I hope to get my average to at least 91% for term 2 and 3. 
My ECs are decent??? I have volunteering at Canadian Blood Services, Kick Boxing since I was 11 and still ongoing (I also help instruct classes as well), Job Shadowing at a dental office, volunteering for community parades and at the local temple.
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I’m very similar to u bro let’s hope we come through !!!
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Hey, I’m currently an SFU student thinking about transferring to UBC arts. My grades are fair at SFU(tbh not that good which I think is not competitive enough at all) but I’ve heard SFU grading system is stricter, and I still want to try transferring to UBC. I was wondering how high should the grades are they looking for? How competitive for the faculty of Arts is?
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