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$500 "Ultimate Study Tip" Community Contest

Contest is now closed. Watch this space to see if you're a winner!  

Love them or hate them, exams are a part of student life. We want to know what your "ultimate study tip" is that helps you get through (and ace) them! 

Essentially we’re looking for some inspirational advice that will help other students have an amazing academic year. Whether it’s “Don't leave it to the last minute” or “Memorize facts with a song”, we want to hear from you. There’s a $500 cash prize up for grabs!* 

How to Enter: 
Simply comment below using your real name with, “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” followed by the piece of advice you think will help other members as they prepare for exams.

Deadline to enter is January 29, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m. ET.  

How to Win: 
Encourage your friends to vote your comment as “helpful”. The comment with the most helpful votes at the end of the contest period will be awarded the $500 prize.* 

Only friends that have an active yconic profile will be able to vote. So connect and make new friends in the yconic Community or invite your friends to join http://yconic.com for FREE today. 

Please note: Anonymous or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated nor entered into this contest. Good luck! 

*See full rules and regulations ( https://support.yconic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119646--Ultimate-Study-Tip-Contest-Rules)

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I always make sure I listen to the same music as I study with during the exam. It helps relax me and also jogs my memory!
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My ultimate study tip is to first of all to have a balanced life. Your university offers so many opportunities such as clubs, sports, events and other activities to get students to destress and have fun. Best of all this is almost all covered by your tuition.  This forces you to make a flexible schedule and to be more organized. Definitely be sure to form study groups in the beginning of the year. It is such a helpful way in studying for exams and I made many of my friends through my study groups. Meeting up outside of class every week to discuss about weekly readings and assignment really gives you a head start in preparing from the exam and to definitely ease the stress of studying alone. Maintaining a Facebook page where they can share their thoughts and insights allows conversations when you are at home. I agree with the idea of listening to music as I do so all the time, and specifically classical  music seems to help! Spreading your studying evenly is the best way to study as last minute cramming is almost always going to lead to a much lower mark. Remember, your exam preparation starts on day 1 of class!! Get involved and have fun! Good luck on your exams, shoot for the stars :)
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My ultimate study tip is: Start your test/exam reviews multiple days in advance. I know so many people who start their reviews the day right before or the day of, and every single time they do it, they regret not studying for longer. Yeah, sometimes studying is boring, but would you rather be comfortable when writing your test or scrambling to find the answers? It helps you build a better work ethic, which will be extremely useful for your next steps in education as well as future employment. Best of luck to all of you!
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My ultimate study tip is to listen to classical music. I personally listen to The Best of Bach when studying for exams. I know that there is no beat drop but I promise it will automatically help you focus. Studies show that classical music such as Bach, Brahms, Mozart
 and others are effective aids to pay attention. Your welcome friends and happy studying! :)
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My ultimate study tip is, I write out answers then type out answers to related questions etc, I find it starts to sink in and my memory starts to absorb the info
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My ultimate study tip is removing all distractions from your study spaces. This includes your phone and all forms of social media. I have found apps such as cold turkey are helpful for this as they can block social media and other distracting websites for whatever time you need as your research and study.
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My ultimate study tip: 
- Make a to-do list 
- Make flash cards of problem terms or equations and review daily until you get them
- Highlight in multiple colours and create a legend to refer back to during studying
- Listen to music to help you focus and keep your mind going
- Get up and stretch every hour to get the blood moving
- Drink plenty of water and tea
- Take short naps every 5 hours if studying for multiple hours
- Make small games, rhymes, or songs to help you remember easier during the exam
- Be in a non-cluttered space to stay focused
- Lastly, get lots of sleep before the exam to keep the mind relaxed and prepared.
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(Vanessa Li) My Ultimate Study Tip Is: Don't let your anxiety rule your life! I have been dealing with anxiety disorders on and off for years, and at the end of the day the one area of my life that was most affected by it was my education. Your anxiety conflates what grades you want/expect, and you'll never be satisfied! It's okay to accept the fact that you're facing anxiety, be proud of who you are, and have a healthy amount of stress, but never let it get in the way of your work. It is more destructive than constructive, and your anxiety and work can coexist without it ruling your education. Anxiety isn't necessarily controllable, but recognizing where it affects you/your education and working towards balance is better than focusing on it and letting it destroy you. tl;dr Anxiety isn't always controllable (especially in the case of disorders), but don't let it control YOU. You're capable of so much, even with it present.
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My most helpful study tip would be to study with someone in the same class as you. Bring your notes and theres and ask each other questions from each others pages, if they do not have what you have they may learn. The best way is also to teach by teaching them what they don't know and vice versa you will absorb everything better. As you teach something you are more likely to be able to answer this question more accurately on a midterm or exam. Another tip I have is to create a game, I am in my third year and working at a coffee shop i asked my boss where to get the crayons they write on the cups with and used these on our living room window and created group games on the window to study at night with treats. This helped me and made studying more memorable and less boring. Hope this helps!! Cheers!
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This post was deleted

To keep it simple, My Ultimate Study Tip Is:
(*wait for it*)

To relate the subject you are studying with something you know.  

For example, 1982 is the year that the CCRF is created.  News Talk 1010 talks about politics and rights.  
1+9   8+2
10   10
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My ultimate study tip is to prepare yourself mentally and physically for your exam date. Physical preparation, such as playing sports and working out has been scientifically proven to help students study better and aids in memory retention. In addition, consistently sleeping eight to ten hours a day and eating a healthy diet will insure that your body and mind are in peak form, so you can study longer, retain more, and understand more. The last component consists of the formula for exam success is to create a plan for the number of hours you will study for each and every test and STICK to it. This insures that the exam date does not show up and you find you have not cracked open your textbook. Lastly, remember to take breaks at least every hour when you study and to always think positively. Taking breaks allows you to retain memory better and thinking that you will do very well will actually influence you subconsciously to do everything within your power to do very well. Employ this formula and YOU WILL SUCCEED. Remember, this is the FOUNDATION OF YOU FUTURE and by employing the right techniques YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING.
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Artem Iermak. “My Ultimate Study Tip Is:” 
-Drink coffee and eat chocolate when you are sleepy;
-Delete current and download new music at least each 2 weeks;
-lisеen teachers and ask them smart questions;
-do your homework intime;
-communicate with your classmates and faculty;
-after heavy week go on fresh air: hiking for ex...
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My ultimate study tip is to take advantage of everything your school offers! Take initiative and join clubs, study groups and intramural sport teams. The more you enjoy your time at school the easier it is to study and do well. Be interested and get excited! University years are among the most fun and rewarding you will have in your life. Don't be afraid jump in feet first!
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My ultimate study tip is... breathe. Far too often we get caught up in the stress and anxiety associated with writing an exam. We begin to think of our future and how it would play out if were were to get a certain mark on this test or that test. We begin to form not so great habits, like not sleeping enough and eating poorly. This distracts us from the here and the now. So again, my ultimate tip would be... relax, tackle things one problem at a time and most importantly, don't forget to breathe. Good luck with your academics everyone!
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My Ultimate Study Tip Is: to eat healthy food, drink lots of water, start preparing well in advance and have a great rest the night before! More importantly take deep breaths, let the oxygen come into your brain, breathe out the anxiety and do what you gotta do to get those grade! Don't give up!
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My Ultimate Study Tip Is: 
- Reread your notes every chance you get
- make studying fun (make easy but simple games to keep your mind entertained)
-When you think you're about to give up take a second and keep going exams are a hard mountain to conquer but once on the top and everything is done its a beautiful view)
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My ultimate study tip is creating a table of contents and keeping it updated throughout the course and when it's time for exams, it's easier for me to find all my information without getting confused what is in what chapter, etc. I usually study a few nights before, right before I go to sleep so it sinks in better. When i'm sitting there waiting for the exam, I just explain to myself that I know this stuff because I have learned it before. Confidence is key!
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My ultimate study tip is to PREPARE! Do your readings, write out all of your notes instead of typing them out as I find it improves memory and start this process at least 3-4 days in advance. Study the hardest things first, and then move on to the easier concepts. Also, I find reading your notes out loud helps -- as if you're trying to explain it to other people. Coming up with acronyms to remember different concepts or terms will make it a lot easier for recall too!
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My Ultimate Study Tip IS: make sure you sleep; you remember things when you reach REM dreaming because the short term memories you learned during the day move to long term memory to be recalled for forever (well, until you have Alzheimers) . Don't pull all-nighters because you won't be able to reach this precious cycle of sleep.
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My Ultimate Study Tip is: Always plan ahead and never procrastinate. Take careful and detailed notes and review your notes weekly. This would make it less of a workload when your test/exam comes up and when you feel like giving up remember what you're trying to accomplish (your goals) and above all sleep; sleep well.
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Could that possibly turn the memory into state dependent though?
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My Ultimate Study Tip Is: Love to play music while studying? Play a video game soundtrack. They are designed to work as background music and not disrupt your focus.
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My ultimate study tip..... SLEEP! If you're exhausted you can't remember or retain anything and focusing is the hardest thing in the world! Get your zzz's in!
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My Ultimate Study Tip Is:  
- Never procrastinate; other class assignments and tests will be added throughout the time leading up to the test date which will lead to more stress than necessary.
- Start making study notes of everything you learned.
-Take a break to get a tea or snack. Sometimes working out or just relaxing for an hour is needed to refresh your brain and allow everything you learned to absorb.
 -Make more generalized study notes. Include only the important details; try to make sentences or sayings that you can relate, this will make memorizing terms easy. For example, to memorize mitosis use the beginning letter of each phase (IPMAT) I remember this by; I'll, Pick, Many, Apples, Tomorrow, simple and easy to remember. 
-After the notes are finished you can take a break for the night.
 -But, if you still have more time than you can also go back and reread your study notes to try and understand them better.
 -After a couple more days of studying your notes and taking quick breaks when needed, you will ace your test!
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I posted mine, but I can't find it so I'll just reply. Sorry.

If you have spare time during school hours, do what you need to do, do your school work. You can do it after eating, on the way or going back. USE TIME WISELY.. IT WILL BE A BIG DIFFERENCE do it and you will see how many hours of fun times you can have.

If you want to play games do it AFTER doing your work. If you do it first nothing will stop you in your fun times.

It will help you understand everything to be honest. That's what I do and I understand the lessons.
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My ultimate study tip is to first of all to have a organized life.Don't leave everything till the last minute. Set out a timetable for your study. Write down how many exams you have and the days on which you have to sit them. Then organize your study accordingly. You may want to give some exams, more study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with. When you start studying speak out loud instead of simply reading . It is pretty weird reading out loud but you can remember a lot when you say it out loud. Another method that I do is teach someone what I've just learned. If you are able to teach it to someone else then that means you've learned it. Make sure to get a good night sleep before you write your exam,getting a good night’s sleep will help you remember those pesky maths formulas you need for your exam.
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You can listen to music as you do your exam? We'd get our exam taken away and have a 0 put on it if we ever had our phones with us in the exam room.
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My ultimate study tip is to inject adrenaline and use ritalin or adderall. Haha just kidding! It is to study in 30-60 minute bursts/breaks and to have consistency over the long term. I also like to get my blood pumping and run or do something that inhibits cardiovascular system to get the juices flowing.
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My Ultimate Study Tip is: for every test and quiz write out your notes on q-cards to help memorize vocabulary words or have questions with them on the back and their answers on the front. When I study for upcoming tests and quizzes I get bored and tired of just reading over my notes page by page, so making q-cards help me study because it's a way of entertainment and helps me memorize. Also, the q-cards come in handy when studying for exams because when you make notes before hand for tests and quizzes you can just use your notes and q-cards to study later on and it saves a lot of time.
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most of the time, we are not allowed to listen to music while in the exam. this "tip" is not helpful if its breaking the rules.
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My ultimate study tip is to go to a quiet place. Nothing is worse than having someone talk to you or distract you from your thought process. The best way to do well is with focus, which is much easier to do when there is silence. Additionally, use the pen and paper method. This forces you to think about what you are writing and it may seem cliche, but all my professors have told me to do this and I find it works. Best of luck studying :)
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According to Psychology of learning: quizzing yourself is way more effective than rereading and memorizing notes. Therefore: index cards work and so do quizzes you find online about the content or making ip your own quizz. ALso, try to make as many connections in your brain as you can to connect new knowledge to already existing knowledge. The deeper you encode information through such semantic connections, the easier to remember...AND: memorizing takes way longer than really taking the knowledge in and understanding it. This works for almost all information!
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Leia Toppozini
My Ultimate Study tip is to always have gummy candies. I also believe that you need to write your own notes, read them, spend time memorizing them, and then be able to write it out. 
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I wish my school let us listen to music during exams...
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My Ultimate Study Tip is: Lots of coffee, and by that I mean Tim Hortons. Studying and preparing is a lot easier with a warm Double-Double or an ice cold Iced Cappuccino in your hands!
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what kind of school you go to that lets you write an exam with headphones on lmao
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My ultimate study tip is to get enough sleep (7 to 9 hours) and eat healthy foods. Feeling hungry or sleepy will distract you from studying as you will not have enough energy to focus. Ensure to have proper meals and get well-rested as that will provide you with energy to work on your assignments, presentations, and tests
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How to Ace an Exam: actually study, don't just play Candy Crush
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My Ultimate Study Tips Are:
-Start studying as soon as you can, and don't think it's ever "enough" .
-Highlight in multiple colours to help you refer to things more easily.
-Study in an organized and non-cluttered area.
-Remove all distractions from your studying place.
-This includes your phone, TV, Netflix, pets, books, and other negative influences.
-Join a study group to make sure you don't get distracted easily.
-Eat healthy, balanced meals; don't take any dietary shortcuts when it comes to studying.
-Make sure to get lots of sleep; I would suggest taking short naps during the day to make sure you aren't sleep-deprived when it comes to the actual exam.
-Don't forget to take breaks every now and then! Studies show that frequent and regular breaks can help you remember things more efficiently than just 24/7 cramming.
-Listen to songs without lyrics ex. instrumental covers, orchestral soundtracks, classical music, hip hop, metal, dubstep, electro, EDM, trap, glitch hop, dream wave, trance, chillstep, bounce, DNB, future bass, house, etc.
-If you're allowed to have headphones in during your exam, make sure to be listening to the same music as you were while studying. Studies show that being in the same state during an examination as during an exam helps you retain more knowledge as a result of the constant stimulus (state-dependent learning: it's a real thing, trust me).
-Spread your studying evenly and obviously don't leave it till the last day before the exam.
-Don't stress too much or let anxiety get in the way! If you try your best then your hard work will ultimately pay off! Thank you, and good luck! :)
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My Ultimate Study Tip Is: To put gummy bears (or other snacks) on study questions, and you are NOT allowed to eat it until you complete the question with the correct answer. This also works with reading long textbook paragraphs! Happy Studying :)
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My Ultimate Study Tip Is: First, make a schedule and stick to it. Blocking out a time to make study sheets and work on sample problems is critical for me or else I will avoid studying altogether. Also block time off to watch a show, go for coffee, whatever works for you. I like to think of it like a shift at work. Work hard and when the time comes take a break. It helps for me to be able to check the clock and say okay, one more hour to go for today. This also helps me stay calm and avoid the stress that exams often bring.

Second, I find it helpful to write things down. And rewrite them. When I type things I don't remember them as well. I always hand write all study sheets, definitions, formulas or whatever it may be.
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My ultimate study tip is: Never, ever leave studying for the night before. I personally have had many experiences of overwhelming stress because I thought I would be fine leaving studying an entry unit for the night before a exam or test and instead use all my time given to study on other things which is never wise. No matter how much you lie to yourself, you CAN NOT memorize everything in such a short time. Your mind needs time and patience when learning. I suggest making cue cards and test yourself little by little before you go to sleep every night leading up to your big exam, you memorize a lot more this way.Make connections, simplify meanings and abbreviate things when studying. Your mind is much better remembering small little phrases in your own words then a paragraph from a book. Studying is something that should not be thought of, so much as a chore but as a daily task. Most people live very business and hectic lives constantly on the go,the lack of time for preparing to do well causes overwhelming stress in many students. This is where you need to remember the rule of priority.You have to prioritize what needs to be done for each date .When you have a lot on your plate all at once it can become very confusing and stressful deciding how to use your time effectively. This is when you need to plan your days out, decide what needs to be done first for each deadline. This will be very helpful when it comes to multiple deadlines in a short period of time. Overall stress is a huge part of learning and its an recurring obstacle  but it is something you need to overcome. Preparing, keeping a positive attitude and getting lots of sleep are crucial for succeeding!
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Hi, I'm Jessie Thompson-Figueiredo and my ultimate study tip is to not over-think whatever it is that you're studying. I've seen myself and many of  my peers do poorly on tests and assignments purely because we think about it too much. We spend days stressing and panicking over school work. We end up sacrificing our health - both mental and  physical - just to get a good grade.
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My ultimate study tip is: To love what you are studying. If you don't love what you are doing, no amount of Pomodoro Timers, exercise breaks, gummy bear rewards, or studyblrs will help you stay motivated enough to study efficiently and long enough to get the grade you want. Realistically, you will have at least one course that is not nearly as fun, interesting or inspiring as your others, making it a little difficult to focus. To battle this, find intrinsic value in the course so you can feel motivated to study actively and long enough in order to do well. For example most of your courses in your field of study will be related to each other, so find the through-lines and connections between subjects or find interesting articles that make the course seem more interesting. Engage in your studies, enjoy gaining knowledge and understanding of your course material and you will see the results you want. Good luck :-)
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I am like soft music
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My ultimate study tip, especially when one doesn't feel like studying, is to review lessons in chunks of time. Start with 25 minutes, take a 10 minute break, and study again for 25 minutes.
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My ultimate study tip: is to find a study buddy and you help each other learn. What I mean is that you both go into an intense and independent study session. For example you read the chapter you are focussing on by yourself until you feel like you understand. In the meantime, your study buddy is doing the exact same. The key to this is to then take the time and discuss what you've both read and the content. This is useful to me because it helps me get another point of view on the same topic so I get a deeper understanding of the material. Additionally teaching someone else or talking about it will either help you feel confident about what you know or help you find the areas you still don't know well enough. By doing this chapter by chapter the content will be a breeze. It's gotten me and my study buddy A's thus far! Good luck guys!
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Write out question and answer you are studying and you will remember what you wrote during the test.
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The study tip that will ultimately change your life: delete your Netflix account. 
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My ultimate study tip: Write each small section of notes in a different color. I connect ideas and corresponding information easier if I remember reading or writing the words in a certain color.
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My ultimate study tip is to clear your mind and relax before studying for anything & to listen to music. Music is used to help your memory in a way, and is also another way to help you calm yourself down from being stressed about exams. I recommend choosing your favorite songs to study to, reason being that you most likely know the lyrics to that song off the top of your head, so when exams roll around, when you think of that song you'll start to remember everything you've studied which leaves you feeling a lot less stressed.
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My Ultimate study tips. It’s quite simple: STUDY, STUDY, and STUDY! And I don’t mean sitting around with friends and a pizza. I mean the traditional way, with paper and pencil. The most important key to studying is that you need to willfully not get distracted. No electronics and no breaks. Its brutal but it works. When I really need motivation I remember what my principal once told me “You don’t ask your fireplace ‘Give me heat, and then I will put the wood in’ ”. In order to succeed you must put in the time required.
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My Ultimate Study Tip(s). It might sound a bit cliche, but I have a few study tips. Here they are!

Chewing Gum: When I study, I like to chew gum, and during the test I chew the same flavor gum. I find that the taste allows me to remember what I studied earlier. 

Studying Periodically: Another really helpful study technique I use, is that I like to study in periods. I will typically study intensively for 35 minutes at a time, and then take a five to ten minute break. By doing so, I get time to refresh, relax, get a drink of water, get a new piece of gum and get right back at it! 

Find a Good Study Area: Probably my most effective study tip. By studying alone I am able to rid myself of any distractions that my mind off of studying. I find that typically the best places to study are quiet, and in isolation. I usually just turn off all the lights in my room and use the light at my desk. However, people are different some like to study where there are a lot of people. But, you should find a place that is just right for you!

These are my best study tips, I hope everyone finds them as effective as I do!
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My Ultimate Study Tip Is:

Actually do it.
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My Ultimate Study tip is to do all that you can to give an honest 'yes' to these questions before any major test or assignment:

- Did I attend every class and actively participate in class discussions?
- Did I ask my instructor or peers for clarification when I was having trouble understanding a difficult concept?
- Did I complete every homework question and make a genuine effort to understand what was being asked of me, as opposed to simply finding the right answers?
- If I had difficulty with the homework, did I seek guidance?
- Did I make every effort to find solutions on my own before collaborating with peers?
- Did I make sure to study with/discuss homework problems with my peers?
- Did I make thorough use of my study guides/practice tests? Was I convinced that I understood everything?
- Did I attend every additional review class available to me?
- Did I get a good night's sleep before taking the test/writing the assignment?

Studying needs to be an ongoing priority from day one of class; there aren't many honest ways around that, unfortunately.
Be encouraged that tests themselves are extremely valuable to learning! They force your brain to make a uniquely focused effort in recalling all that you can without that handy answer key safety net. So prepare, and show what you know.
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