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6U/M Course Transmission Question

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Hey everyone,

I'm a grade twelve student at a public TDSB high school.
This year I'm taking
at my day school (non-semestered)

In addition, I am also taking ENG4U at night school this semester and BBB4ME-10 as elearning in TDSB elearning. Also I'm planning to take EWC4UE elearning through the Catholic school board.

I already have a BAT4M1 credit at above 90%, do the marks earned through other agencies adversely affect my being accepted to U of T, commerce program?

thank you

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The only thing that I know U of T actually cares about in their commerce program is whether or not you repeated a course, in which case will only consider first attempts. I really doubt they care about online credits and credits from other schools.

Edit: Wow, I somehow posted this at exactly 7:30 p.m.!
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