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A Bachelor of Arts degree at McGill?

A photo of chouk87 chouk87
I unknowingly (I know...) applied to the General Arts program at McGill and got accepted. I don't know much about the program nor do I know what future options I might have if I do complete their 3-year program. Does anyone know more about the program? I love the whole vibe of Montreal and McGill's got a really good reputation, so I am definitely considering it. (Btw; my interests are humanities & social sciences)

Thanks :compress:
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A photo of JohnMolina JohnMolina
All first year arts students do a general, and then second year they declare their major. So pretty much you go through the general arts freshman program and then choose any major in the arts I suppose.
I'm hoping to do the same, and then second year choose psych as my major.
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