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A couple Physics Questions [Mechanical Efficiency]

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
We have a lab in which there is a ramp with one end on the floor and the other end is on top of a few textbooks. Therefore, it has a slope, and an object is lifted using the ramp.

What can we do to this set-up to increase the efficiency, OTHER THAN INCREASING THE HEIGHT.

2. Relevant equations
Efficiency = Eout / Ein
Eout = mgh
Ein = Work = FD

Also, in this situation what makes Efficiency less than 100%. Why can't it be greater or equal to 100%. I know its impossible but can i have a logical reason to it LOL
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W = Fd cos theta
(LOL don't pay attention to this I'm bored.)
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increase the mass
edit: also, efficiency cant be greater or equal to 100 because Ein > Eout
Ein = Fd
Eout = mgh
only in a PERFECT scenario, where theres no friction or air resistance acting against an object, will Ein = Eout. (fd = mgh)
energy is lost through heat, friction, sound, etc. if Eout was greater than Ein, it wouldn't make sense. where would the energy come from? get it?
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