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A few questions regarding Bioinformatics Programs

A photo of zacharyyoung zacharyyoung
I would like to get accepted into med school, but I also wanted a degree that would have job security. I don't mind doing graduate level work either. Biology and Life Science interests me...but there's not a whole lot you can do with a biology degree unless it's graduate level.

I just recently discovered the Bioinformatics field, which deals with Biology, which I love, and computers/technology, which I'm also very interested in.

I have a couple questions:

-Would this be a good undergrad degree to pursue before med school?
-What schools would be good school to apply to in this subject? I live in Alberta, so naturally U of A and U of C are on my list, but I was also wanting to apply to a couple out east.

My average will be in the 88-91, I expect.
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A photo of ForeverPi ForeverPi
althought i'm still in high school, i believe bioinformatics is a good choice for an undergrad degree. Mainly because it incorporates computers/technology. My computer science teacher always love to emphasize the job security of being a computer programmer since it's really unsaturated atm.
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