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A few questions

A photo of Matthew Matthew

I'm not entirely sure whether I want to go into financial analysis or Investment Banking, but either way, I'd like to do some sort of math heavy business.

I'm applying to:

Queens Commerce
Western science degree major in financial modelling+AEO
Rotman Commerce
Waterloo general math
Waterloo FARM
Waterloo/Laurier Math+BBA
Laurier BBA
Degroote commerce.

I expect to graduate with a 88 or 89 average. My ECs are:
Robotics executive member/team leader
Part time job as a ski instructor
Volunteered at a summer camp in the summer
Member of my schools GSA(Gay straight alliance)
Not sure if this counts for anything, but I have my NLS and First Aid and everything. I can't really put anyone as a reference for that though.

My questions are:

Which of the schools I'm applying to do I have a chance of getting into?

And, for all the trash-talking everyone does about schools, will any of these schools/programs not help me get into the career path I mentioned earlier?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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You should be competitive for most. Try and push your average up over 90, as your ECs aren't amazing (better than mine :colours), then you will have a better shot for Ivey and Queen's and DD.

Queen's and Ivey are the best for IB. I hear Rotman is alright (UofT name), but not nearly as good as Queen's/Ivey.

Laurier and Degroote are not good for IB (and I really love Laureir and am planning to go there, so I'm not bashing it without cause)

I am really not sure how the math programs would be really. But Queen's and Ivey are definitely be the top two for IB.
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A photo of Matthew Matthew
Alright, thanks for the help!
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A photo of noble11 noble11
If your into "heavy math business," then the waterloo/laurier DD would be suitable. If you like long hours good pay, then give IB a shot. In the end, graduating from any of the aforementioned programs will be good and all are related to your desired career path.
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