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A Nursing Hopeful With A Few Questions

A photo of timvasquez timvasquez
Today I've received a letter from Ryerson indicating that I have cleared the admission process and that I am officially in the program. I am enrolled in the collaborative nursing program with Centennial College. Now I have a few questions in regards to a broad array of topics. Hopefully answers will be given in this thread and will be able to not only help me but other nursing hopefuls with similar questions.


I have made the $1 000 deposit already. I have applied for OSAP and have been approved of approximately a $4 000 loan. I am confused in regards to the payment to the rest of the tuition. I am unsure but OSAP pickup is not until late fall and I'm also unsure when the rest of the tuition payment is due. Is there a way to structure the tuition payments through installments or does Ryerson require you to pay the rest of the tuition at once?


I've been informed that a CPR certificate is required, as well as a police check. If there any other non-academic requirements please let me know and the exact deadline date in which they are all required. Also, are there any forms that I need to fill up in order to be cleared for placements and/or to be eligible to be in the course altogether?


I've been informed that there are restrictions in regards to selecting electives. The specific details of these restrictions I am not aware of, please let me know. I am unaware where to actually do these course selections, when to start doing them, and if there is a specific deadline date.

That'll be all for now. I appreciate the help that I'll be receiving and that you should know that there are other people out there with similar questions, you are not only helping me but others as well. You better believe that when you fall sick later on and you come to my hospital I'll take care of ya. :tongue: That's how much I'll appreciate your help.


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A photo of jreed0502 jreed0502
Hey Tim,

I'm a current nursing student at UWO... The programs are obviously a little different, but I can try to draw on some parallels.

1) For us, our tuition can be paid in two installments. The second installment usually happens after the OSAP pickup, but if not, my recommendation would be to get an appointment with a financial counselor at your school and work something out. The sooner the better, as many students will be booking appointments around this time.

2) For Western in our first year, we needed to have:
- Emergency First Aid
- CPR Level C with Health Care Provider specialization (HCP)
- Updated immunizations
- A two-step TB Skin test
- A police check
- We also needed to be fitted for an N95 respirator
- Eventually around November you will also need the flu shot to enter your placements

Again, the requirements may be different, but you should be able to find this information in any program guides you have received. If not, contact your nursing guidance counselor immediately as often these requirements take some time to get.

I'm unsure of your third question because nursing schools have very different academic outlines. It seems like you need to get in touch with your first year coordinator or academic counselor.

Hope this helps! Good luck with nursing, you've picked a gem buddy.
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