yconic - A question about acceptance timing for top tier business programs (and poorly hidden chancer thread)
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A question about acceptance timing for top tier business programs (and poorly hidden chancer thread)

A photo of AtomicMantis AtomicMantis
So this is my third chance/something else thread in two years, but I have finally got my confirmed marks and ECs for the Feb. uploads next week.

Top 6: 93.5-94.5 (Top 6 with Adv. Func./Top 6)

Captain of a school sports team (4 years)
Secretary of Student council (1 year and a few months)
Secretary of Model UN and Speaker of the House (4 years)
Treasurer of Env. Club (2 years)
Featured columnist for school paper (2 years)
Nominated as a member for the school's 5 person Engineering team (2 years)
Student rep. for a parents committee (1 year)
Employed by the Elections as a Tab. Officer (..1 day)
~120 volunteering hours at various charities and local cleanups
a few honour rolls and some other stuff i can't remember right now

Programs applied to: Schulich, Queen's, AFM-PA, Ivey AEO, Laurier BBA, Brock BAcc

I was wondering what the time period was for the bulk of acceptances for these programs, and when people got their's for any of these programs, as I was planning to slack off a bit after the Feb. uploads, believing them to be the more important uploads. Can I expect acceptances before the April uploads with these marks? Do the April uploads matter more than the Feb. ones? I had been hoping to get some early acceptances with a 91 Gr. 11 average, but I guess not ;_;

In addition, I was wondering if anyone can speak about the BMOS program at Western, as that is the program I have applied to. I have recently heard people saying that it rapes your soul. Is that true?

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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
I think Schulich and Ivey start in March. Queen's has accepted (very few) people already but I don't know when the majority of their acceptances come out. Laurier's started already too, and I think AFM is in April-ish. No clue about Brock.
With those marks you should get into pretty much everything assuming you can write a half decent paragraph or two about yourself :)
And people seem to dislike BMOS for a variety of reasons lol
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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4
congratz on th marks and ec's :P

laurier acceptances: january -ongoing
schulich acceptances: early/mid march
ivey -march i believe
waterloo -afmaa first; they sshould start giving invites now tho
queens -april i think

brock-no idea

as for your chancing: you defs have good stuff to work with- as long as ur pse's and apps were good -you should be in.

..ur scaring me with the bmos thing :P 0_0

^never heard that fact before.. i actually heard bmos was easy.. 0-----0
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A photo of cliffhanger33 cliffhanger33
I just hear the BMOS is boring as f*ck. I dont think its difficult, just lots of reading. What's difficult are the pre-Ivey courses you take in your first two years.
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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4
ooh kk
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