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A Realistic Goal

A photo of MadSalty MadSalty
Hey im in grade 12. I plan on applying to only Schulich, Rotman and Ryerson. Im not sure which school is the best for finance (want to become a financial advisor).

My classes:

Advanced Functions - 88 (FINAL)
Data Management - Currently 100
English - Currently 90
Physics - Currently 98
Computer Science

I know it is early in terms of marks, but I was wondering if getting into these schools is a realistic goal?

EDIT: I have 1000 hours in terms of ECs btw.
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Yep, definitely realistic. For Schulich, make sure you maintain that 90 in English (or get an even higher mark). Also would be nice if your Calc mark is higher than your Adv. Func. mark. Nice EC's..make sure you have proof to back it up though (ie. two good reference letters).
As for the other two..if you can get into Schulich, you can get into Rotman and Ryerson. For finance...I think you should consider Schulich or Rotman. Schulich has more prestige and an awesome career center, but it's not too strong in finance. Rotman is downtown and known internationally, but it's more costly + higher drop out rate + larger classes etc.
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A photo of AhFu AhFu
Nah, no chance at all. Just go to Lakehead or Guelph.
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A photo of brandonholmes brandonholmes
I definitely don't want to sound like a Western fanboy, but if you're looking at finance, why not apply to Ivey? With those marks an EC's, you definitely have a fair shot.
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A photo of Nick0rz Nick0rz
You can do a helluva lot better then a financial advisor.
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Based on the schools you've listed, it seems like you want to stay within the GTA so you have the ability to commute to school. Is this a fair assumption? Between those three universities, I would say Schulich > Rotman > Ryerson for both overall business as well as for finance.

Outside of those choices though, you should consider places like Queen's or Western if you actually want to do finance.
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