yconic - A Slight Dilemma: Queen's Science or Concurrent Education (Arts)?
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A Slight Dilemma: Queen's Science or Concurrent Education (Arts)?

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Hey guys,

I was waitlisted by con-ed arts awhile ago and thought I wasn't going to get in, so I accepted their science offer. Today I got an email from them saying that they'll be making me an offer for con-ed arts. But after a while, I'm not so sure that I want to go to con-ed arts anymore. Which program is better, or is it not comparable? Please help. Thanks in advance. :cheers:
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It all depends on what you see yourself doing in a few years. If you see yourself teaching in four years, I say take up the offer now. If you're still not sure, that's okay. Do your undergrad in science, and see if any careers in the sciences interest you more than teaching. If not, you can always take an additional year in consecutive ed. to obtain your teaching qualifications. Bear in mind that it is probably harder to get into a consecutive ed. program than it is to get into a concurrent ed. program. Also keep in mind the job market, and choose your undergrad courses wisely so that you'll have marketable teachables.
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In the con-ed facebook group, some of the upper-years said that you can basically switch from arts to science with no problem as long as you take the right first year courses. So you really only have to choose between con-ed or no con-ed, if you were worrying about that!
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