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A special diary

A photo of drkim drkim
When I used to work at a movie theatre,
I was able to earn about $500 per month.
Despite the income I gained, I was never able to save up a penny in my account.
I thought something was extremely 'crossing the line'.
I decided to buy a diary to write a list of my incomes/outs.
It was always helpful to recieve all my reciepts to record the correct amount of money I spent, as well as to indicate the exact dates.
I figured out that once I was able to calculate the exact amount of money I spent,
it displayed that I should save up some money rather than becoming a 'minus(-$)' at the end of the month.
This strategy totally worked out for me! :)
It IS a little annoying at first to record everything to a diary but once you get the hold of it, it'll work out fine.

It never hurts to try,
and just to let you guys know,
diaries are really cheap at the dollar store
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A photo of give give
I'm extremely frugal, but I've never thought about recording EVERY single purchase. I've kept receits but only for return purposes.

This would go great incorporated with a food diary; (I'll leave the healthy eating aspects for another forum) You'll see which foods you eat most of, and realize that you don't need to buy frozen steaks in bulk.

Also you'll ask yourself if that $6 sub sandwich REALLY tastes better than the ones you make.
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A photo of laurelwoods94 laurelwoods94
this is a brilliant way to keep track of your money...
but what i did is opened a telephone banking account. that way all you have to do is make a phonecall and they'll tell you how much you have in your account as well as how much you spent last, or like ANYTHING. it also helps sincei have two bank accounts i can put 3/4 or whatever into my saving and a /4 or whatever into my spendings, all on the phone! its super easy! i love it so much.
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A photo of StudentAtStPats StudentAtStPats
I used to do food journals in FitnessPal (Iphone app). After a week, it got too annoying to do it EVERY single little food so i just quit...
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