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About My situation, Need Opinions

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Ok i wont make this to long.

In 2009 or 2010 i decided to take college over university even though my high school were pretty good, as a fool i was back then i decided to take Game Design at George Brown College, a college here in Toronto.

As the two years slowly i notice i wasn't doing to well in the program due because i didn't have materials that were needed and requested by the coordinator. Like the USB drive to load up your work and the tablet that was needed for the 2D Graphic class.

The art class was pretty rough, the art coordinator was pretty much critical of everyone's art work and most of the students in the class didn't like that, some didn't have a problem with that.

There was this student who had a pretty rough heated exchange with the coordinator and ever since then i haven't seen him returned to the class.

Now its 2012 i tried applying for york university and they refused me because i failed college.

So now what i know since there are changes of me going back and try to re apply for a university.

Over the phone and in person the persons both told me i should upgrade my Academics.
If true then i want to know.

Which program should i do? should i re take on what i failed? or try a different program?

Looking forward to the replies.
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Sounds like that mustn't have been fun!

Well, I think you should totally try to get higher marks if you're really determined to go to Uni. Two of my three siblings did the same thing after several years of not going to school, and you can go to adult high schools or do your courses online, so long as you return to your previous school board and re-enroll yourself as a full-time students (or part-time if you're working to save up money, though I think full-time is better, because it's easy to fall behind when working on a job).

It's never too late! Universities accept special students all the time, it's just marks that they want to see to know that you are hard-working!

Best of luck! :colors:
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Thanks for the reply.

Sounds like that mustn't have been fun!

No it sadly wasn't lol it was a pain for me, even though i do like the subject matter that i took, but sadly the program that i took wasn't what i was expecting of.

adult high schools or do your courses online

I was thinking of returning to college with a different program.
And a program that wont last long.

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Well, we're lucky that we live in an era where opportunity is abundant, and there's always a way to get back right on track, wherever that is for you!

I wouldn't really know which is best, returning to college or going back to high school, but what I do know is that high school is free (for now at least, the provincial budget suggests otherwise, capping every student at 34 credits before charging moderate fees per course), but while it is, I'd say to do that, if you're going to university! Unless it'll give you an advantage of sorts. Not too well-versed in this area.:cyclops:
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