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A photo of CBerard CBerard
Long story short: Three years ago I was accepted into a Bachelor of Arts psychology program. My overall high school average was in the mid-high 80s. In my first year of university my marks were mixed, some great and some awful, and in the second year I was placed on academic probation and dropped out in the first semester due to, well, coming to loathe my program and handling it like a child. Since then, after some thought as to what I'd like to do, I've decided to pursue an education in science and have returned to high school studies to obtain these prerequisites. I've been consistently achieving marks in the mid-high 90s and I'm hoping to raise my admissions average to a 90+. I applied to U of T Mississauga for Chemical & Physical sciences.

I checked the admission averages on the site and my high school marks seem like more than enough to allow me entrance, however I'm seriously worried about my past experience in university and how it will affect my chances of being accepted. Considering that U of T tends to accept late (or so I've read), I'll be waiting for some time on the final verdict. Has anyone here had a similar experience? Neither of my parents have been to university and I really don't have anyone to talk to about it. : \ Are these fears warranted or do I honestly have a shot at this?

Thanks for your time

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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
I don't think you'll be disqualified for your previous attempt. I don't know anything about UoT Miss. though. Is there a supplemental application that you could explain your troubles with your previous program on?
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A photo of CBerard CBerard
Unfortunately there isn't, or at least none that I know of. On their site where I can check the status of my application it says they have everything they need to make a decision so I'm assuming they're not looking for that kind of thing : (
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A photo of alyciap alyciap
Most Universities ask for your mark in ~5 separate courses at the 30-level to get into a science degree.

For instance, my physics mark was less than stellar, so I did not include it in my application to University. I used Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Math 30, Social 30 and English 30. Yet, I was still able to use my physics mark as a prerequisite.

Since the degrees are vastly different, I am sure you won't be penalized. Most Universities know that the first year is difficult, in fact, and often don't look at it. For instance, grad programs will use your last two years (or three years) of your undergraduate at the university I'm in, and even Medical schools (University of Alberta) will drop your lowest year in terms of GPA when looking at your application.

You should be fine!

But it's always good to ask an adviser. Universities will have drop-in science advisers, and even emails you can contact, quite easily.
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A photo of Nahal Nahal
They cannot "shun" your application just because of your previous experience. I mean, you did bring your average up significantly higher than when you last attended university (admission-wise). They should take into account your determination to go back to school and that you took the time to increase your marks and take high school classes again. I wish you luck

Personally, I would have applied to various universities, just so that if one does reject, then at least one of the others would accept me. Its possible to transfer between universities later on.

I hope this helps...
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I'm glad you've finally found something you're passionate about and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
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