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Acadia, Dal, Queens, Bishops, UVic.

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These are the schools im mostly considering...

I am applying to Arts and maybe Con-ed for the few that have that program...

I reallllllyyyy want to know more about bishops, also would love to hear about other schools. I like smaller schools mostly, I know Dal, UVic, and Queens are kind of big but they still seem so nice :)

just anything you know about these schools would be much appreciated :) :cat:
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I heard that Acadia has a unique educational experience as its setting is so rural.

Dal has a good reputation but I heard that its atmosphere is cold. However, Halifax is the most friendly city in Canada in my opinion.

Queen's has a good all-around reputation as well that encompasses its Arts and Con-Ed programs. I heard that even though Queen's is a medium-sized school, it feels like a smaller school because of its tight-knit community.

I heard that UVic is filled with rabbits and that their students are quite often stereotyped as hippies (not that environmental consciousness is a bad thing). Sorry, that's all I know about UVic.

As I live in Quebec, I know a lot about Bishop's. It is quite possibly the craziest party school in Canada. It is a very small school with 2,000 students and as a result, has a tight-knit community. It is best known for its psychology and teaching programs (elementary and secondary school education). Even though it's in Quebec, it's an English school in an English area.

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