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(Acceptance after expiry allowed)

A photo of Linday19 Linday19
I was on my OUAC today and for UofT it said offer then below (Acceptance after expiry allowed. Before it said the my UofT offer would expire June, 2nd just like my other offers. I had an offer at Queen's that I did not accept and it said expired. Why is the UofT one still there? How long do I have before it expires?
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
the same thing happened for me. my ottawa and lakehead offers say that the acceptance is still allowed. my guess is that they have spots open and so they are extending their expiry dates so people can still accept their offer and fill the spots. however, my laurier one has expired for good, probably because the program is full.
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A photo of Omok Omok
Yeah...i just checked, all of the competitive programs that i applied to, they are all "offer expired" and the one that's less competitive still have its offer up. O:
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