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Acceptance after final mark in June/ summer

A photo of nanaosaki nanaosaki
I applied to 2 universities. One of which i got accepted to, however since it's in a different city and pretty far i just really wanted to stay here in ottawa since everything expenses, housing will be much easier. but i haven't received a response from ottawa uni yet :( i feel like it might be becos my mark is the bare min to get in (85%). I know if i try real hard i can maybe raise it up to the 90's but i have to accept my other offer by June something D:

So i guess what i'm saying is, do uni's still accept people after June? I don't wanna risk losing my acceptance becos i want to stay here, but it will be significantly better if i attend uni in ottawa.
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A photo of zefyre zefyre
nop but you might be put on the waiting list. last day for unis to send an offer is end of may =\
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
it is possible to get an offer after june 2 when they tally up all the spots they have left but highly unlikely
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A photo of Tee604em Tee604em
Most likely what will happen is that they will reevaluate your mark around mid-may and you will hear the absolute answer.
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