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Acceptance Help for Commerce!! (87% average, yet failing a course..)

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I am a BC student and have applied for Commerce for five universities (UBC, SFU, Queen's, UWO and UVic) so far but haven't yet received an acceptance from any of them yet besides UVic. My current average is 87% and was wondering what my chances are for the other four institutions? I think my supplementary application was decent; included all the EC's I was involved with in the past few years, many forms of volunteering experience and have joined almost every school club there was.

Also, I'm worried that my Calculus 12 mark will lower my chances because I'm currently getting 48% and it states on my official transcript, an "I". Once the admissions team looks at my marks from the Ministry of Education website, it will state I'm not passing the course as of right now, but all my other courses are above 80%. Will this have any effect on whether I get accepted or not? I've browsed around the university websites but none of them state that students need to be passing all grade 12 courses in order to be considered and I'm not using it as a course needed to calculate my average either.

Will taking an online course have an affect on things? It's because I'm enrolled in Biology 12 Online and I'm using it as one of the four courses used for my admission average.
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87% is a bit low for UBC. I think you'll have a better chance at SFU. Ultimately, it will come down to your EC's and how the universities decide to value it.
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May I ask where you guys are taking your online courses from?
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Wow, you sure finished the online Writers' Craft course quickly!
Hopefully the online course will be beneficial like what you said because I heard a few people say universities might even look down upon it somehow compared to courses taught during school hours (?)..
Thanks for the good luck and reply, differentusername!

Yeah, 87% is quite low for Sauder, but I'm hoping to at least get accepted into UBC Arts and work my way around there since I still don't know what to do with my life yet (haha).
What are the chances of that, anyway? I mean, being accepted to Arts as my second choice? Most people probably chose Arts as their backup anyway, even those with a higher average than I do. Sigh. Luckily, my supplemental application will be useful in this circumstance!
If not, SFU is my second priority.

I'm currently enrolled in my online course through Vancouver Learning Network (VLN).

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